Top 10 Best Baby Play Yards in 2019 Reviews

A play yard is a newer term for a playpen where the baby can play within boundaries. The portable models can easily pack for traveling. Some have wheels that make them move conveniently like a suitcase.

How beneficial are play yards? The best play yard will keep the baby in while you go about your chores. Leaving the baby around may be unsafe hence the need to keep them in a contained environment. When in the yard, you can keep an eye on him as you do your stuff. This will hinder them from causing destruction or harming themselves in the house.

1 Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard

This Pack n Play Playard is a very convenient place when the little one needs a place to nap. It has durable frames for traveling while the push-button fold allows you to break it down for packing quickly. It features automatically folding feet and wheels to make it amazingly compact. It stands up to any travel plans you may have, and the durable construction will ensure it packs into a car trunk or minivan for the road trip. All sides have an airy mesh for ventilation and visibility. When folded, it fits the provided carry bag for convenient transportation.

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2 Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

Summer Infant Pop N' Play Portable Playard

Within no time, you can create a safe and reliable play area for your child with this portable playard. It is ultra-lightweight and folds into a portable bundle that is easy to carry. You can break it down in seconds and be on the road without wasting any time. Enjoy your freedom when you use this model at home, at the day park, or a weekend at the beach. Its floor is water resistant, so your baby will be dry no matter the ground condition. The airy mesh sides provide adequate visibility and ventilation, and it folds into the provided travel storage bag.

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3 North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard

North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard

If you want the best solution for creating a safe play area for the kids, then this is it. It works both indoors and outdoors and features a quick access door you can open with just one hand. It is 26 inches high and encloses up to 18.5 square feet. A separate two-panel extension can help you increase the play area.

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The six interlocking panels are already connected, so you just need to pull them out of the box, unfold and connect the ends. Its convenient carry handles make it even more portable. The skid resistant pads keep the yard from slipping on the floor. Use it for children aged 6 to 24 months. The model weighs only 21 pounds so you can carry it anywhere. It assembles and disassembles easily and also comes with an instruction manual.

4 Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre

Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre

This playpen will stand sturdy even on slippery floors due to the rubber base. Once the yard is set, sue the safety locks and go about your chores with peace of mind. The child will play and rest in a safe environment and within bounds. The material used are all high-quality and non-toxic to the baby. It is molded in a way that makes the structure durable and stronger for years. The enclosed area is large enough for play, and the fence is high enough to keep the baby from crawling out.

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5 ANTSIR PlaySafe Playard Surround 6-Panel

ANTSIR PlaySafe Playard Surround 6-Panel

ANTSIR baby playard is an easily detachable product for portability. The material used is non-toxic for the safety of the baby. The Oxford cloth net is breathable and transparent so you can see the baby as you go about your activities. It is easy to clean to ensure a sanitary environment for the little one. The size is adequate and is light enough to carry when moving from place to place. The product has anti-skid features and has a solid construction.

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6 Costzon Baby Playpen Kids

Costzon Baby Playpen Kids

Your baby’s safety and comfort come first at home and away. This is a great option to keep the baby contained while playing to give you time to do other things. The materials used are non-toxic while the construction is stable. The 8-panel design allows you to set it into any desired shape that will fit your available space. Its swinging hinged door has a safety lock to keep the baby inside.

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7 Regalo My Play Portable Playard

Regalo My Play Portable Playard

The Regale Six panel is a portable yard that offers both safety and convenience. It takes just seconds to set the play area at your chosen location. It will serve you at home while traveling or at the park. It is lightweight and foldable hence its excellent portability. It measures 48 inches wide and 26 inches high and is built with strength and durability in mind. It has soft ventilating mesh sides and a nylon bottom and will accommodate kids from 6-24 months.

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8 Growthpic Kids Playpen

Growthpic Kids Playpen

Get your baby this cartoon-themed playpen for indoors and outdoors use. It is suitable for two kids who can play inside with toys while learning independence and coordination. It is easy to clean and very durable. It is suitable for babies below five years and can be used for child-parent bonding. It is large enough and folds into a compact package for storage or transport.

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9 Best Choice Products 8 Panel Multicolored Wooden Baby Playpen

Best Choice Products 8 Panel Multicolored Wooden Baby Playpen

Give your little one a colorful place to play anywhere you go. Its eight multicolored panels will stimulate the baby’s imagination, aid color recognition while keeping it safe. It measures 85.5 inches in length, 77.5 inches width, and 27.5 inches high. This is space enough for the kid to play and keep inside. The doorway measures 22 inches in length. You will love the weight at just 23 lbs; you can carry it anywhere. This product is recommended for kids from 3 months old. Your little one will be in a safe environment that is ASTM-certified.

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10 JAXPETY Baby Playpen

JAXPETY Baby Playpen

Your baby will over playing inside this safe play yard. It is also an engaging area with a play telephone, ball spinners, and a picture house. The door is lockable to keep the baby from leaving while you are not watching. The vibrant colors will keep the child engaged as it plays. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move from place to place. You can adjust the size and shape with the six interchangeable panels.

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Baby play yard buying guide

There are a few things you should consider before beginning your shopping for the best baby play yards. These will help you make the right decision and take home the best model for your baby.

Features to look out for


These and changing table inserts are useful features for babies. Just ensure you do not leave the baby unattended within these two devices. The bassinet may feel comfortable on the baby, but it needs a full-sized crib. When the child begins to move around it may fall out of the bassinet or changing station.

Bassinets are a great place for newborns to nap, it should fasten securely to the play yard so older children cannot dislodge it. When the baby reaches the manufacturer’s recommended weight, stop using it.

Changing stations

Some changing stations attach to the longer rails, so you have to remove them if you want them out of the way. Other designs simply rest on the longer rail but hinged on the shorter side rail. When not in use, it is safer just to remove the changing table. For safety reasons, it is crucial to have some active form of attachment to the frame.


Most play yards can fold for traveling and come with a case that makes them easy to carry when traveling from home. If you intend to travel a lot, consider a model that can be checked as baggage when flying. The weight and durability are crucial when considering portability. The fully-featured types can be a bit heavy and not convenient for traveling. Choose a model that feels solid, and you will enjoy its service longer.

How you will use it

How you plan to use the play yard will determine the model to purchase. If all you need is a safe place to keep the baby while you take a shower, then a basic one is adequate. Those with multi-level homes may need a play yard with bassinet and changing stations to save you from making trips up and down the stairs. For travelers, the best play yard should have relevant accessories and be portable. Since play yards are not required to meet the same safety standards of regular cribs, it is not recommended that you keep the baby in it as you would a full-time crib. You have to monitor the baby closely.

Safety Standards

The play yard should comply with the US safety standards that went into effect in 2013. They must meet the requirements for stability, structural integrity, entrapment, and minimum side height that will keep toddlers from climbing out.

Convenience Is Key

Newborn babies come with lots of responsibilities and attention that can wear you out. The right play yard can simplify your life. It is crucial that you pick one with the features you need to make your life easier. Check out how it folds and how it will fit the available storage. Will it fit through the doorway or do you need a smaller size or narrower design? Do you need caster wheels to move it from room to room? If you need storage rooms, check if the model has some.

Lights, Sounds, and Motions

To make it an entertaining play area, pick a play yard with built-in soothing systems. It can have simple electronic lullabies or lights. It can even come with jacks that allow you to play the favorite sounds from your MP3 player. Some play yards have mechanical rockers to sway and soothe the baby to sleep. These functions consume batteries so prepare for recharging or buying new batteries depending on the type.

Some feature a mobile with suspended toys, baby gym and other wonderful features for the baby to enjoy. Keep in mind that the more the features, the higher the price and weight of the product.


Play yards come in different colors, styles, and designs. You can coordinate it with your home décor or the kid’s bedroom with a cartoon-themed color and style. Some models have wooden frames instead of plastic to appeal to your traditional furniture style. If you prefer modern designs, then go for the sleek ones.

Age and Weight Limits

Consider the weight and age limit when selecting a play yard. Most of them have limits that should not be exceeded for safety reasons. Compare the weight limits of the changing tables and bassinets too when checking the accessories.


Babies are always making messes wherever they are, even in the contained spaces like a play yard. Some models come with detachable sheets that zip off for washing while others easily wipe off clean. If you want to buy extra sheets, then consider the size of the play yard so the sheets will fit well.


Play yards vary in price depending on brand and features included. The more the features it has, the higher the price. Some have luxury fabrics and sturdy construction that make them pricey than the others. If you are on a tight budget, then the features may not matter as long as you get a place for the baby to hang out.


If you plan to travel a lot, then a play yard that easily folds and reassembles is your best choice. A model with folding feet and wheels is compact enough for traveling.

Wheels or Casters

A product with wheels or swivel casters makes moving it from place to place easier. Choose a model with lockable wheels for safety. Designs that still roll when folded are even better since you do not have to carry them instead just roll them.


Consider a play yard with a canopy to shield your baby from harsh light. Some canopies are removable for when you do not need them. Others have attached toys to entertain the baby.


If you want a place to store toys and other baby items, then a play yard with storage is recommended. Some have zipped pockets, hook-on storage pouches, fabric shelves, or clip-on parent-organizer bags. These features may not be necessary, but if you want them then look big enough storage.


These are the best play yards to consider getting your baby. They are safe, secure and durable models that are also pocket-friendly. Do not let the fair price make you think they are low quality, they are constructed of a high-quality material and designed to keep the baby entertained and safe. Use them indoors or outdoors and travel with them easily to your next destination.

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