Top 10 Best Drywall Lifts in 2019 Reviews

In the construction industry more and more people are turning to dry construction to conserve time money and to make building house more and more easier. In dry construction the use of drywall panels is advisable on wall construction and ceiling construction.

If the use of said panels is employed the drywall lifts are used to get the walls and panels high up as the wall is being constructed or to get to the ceiling.

A drywall lift is a device that can be used to lift panels used in construction through an hydraulic or mechanical process. This allows for one person to be able to construct a ceiling on their own increasing the pace of project completion.

1Arksen drywall panel.

Arksen drywall panel.

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This type of panel is used to hoist drywall panels. It is adjustable and lockable. It is easy to operate and setting up the tools is quite quick. It has several security measure against self injury when using the device. It has rubber caps that protect the materials and hooks in place to support the panel from damage. Hands are protected since it includes brake and a capped handle. It ensures that the floors are not damaged since it contains non-marring caster. The device has oversized nuts that assisti9n ensuring the position is secure before mounting so that it does not move.

2Troy- Troy DPH11 Professional series

Troy- Troy DPH11 Professional series

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It has a capacity of about 150lbs. It can hoist panels of about 4ft by 16 feet without is easy to assemble and also to disassemble. It includes a full warranty and a factory warranty as well. To store it one needs to disassemble it. It has caster wheels for easier navigation and also enables one to stop it and keep it in one place while working. It is a very important tool for construction industry workers.



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This device is very easy to assemble as a matter of fact can assemble and disassemble it in a matter of seconds which saves on the time.

It contains a crandle that can tilt and bring load down for easier installation to the walls. The load can be brought down up to 34 can be transported in the trunk since it can collapse. The maximum amount of loading it can handle is about 150 pounds therefore making it strong enough to support the drywall easily.

4PARAGON Lock and safe

PARAGON Lock and safe

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It can hold a weight of about 150lbs. The device can be easily assembled without can hold panels of about 4ft by 16ft without collapsing. It is strong enough to hold the panels that are installed on the ceilings and the floors. It has a height of about 11ft. It can be easily assembled or disassembled without bringing up problems to those who are working with it. It is very useful since it can lift heavy panels. It can be locked protecting the materials from damage.

5Ironton Drywall and panel hoist

Ironton Drywall and panel hoist

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This device is unique in such a way that it has an extra accessory. One can buy a telescoping extensionbar that assist in adding a few more feet to lift. It can raise up to 11 feet but on the additional telescoping extension bar it can go up to 15 feet high.

It has locking triggers that aid in improving stability which increase the strength of the device. Another advantage is that one can apply numerous drywall panels ranging from 4ft to 16ft.



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It can be used in heavy duty steel construction and can handle up to a capacity of 150lbs. It can lift panels up to 4ft by 16ft measurement. Assembly of the device is very easy and does not require the use of tools. It has a built-in brake and can be locked to make working with it quite easy. It has caster wheels for easier movement by rolling and stopping also.

7FDW Drywall Panel hoist

FDW Drywall Panel hoist

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It can help one complete a small project all on their own since it does not require more than a person to operate can lift a load of up to 150lbs. It has a minumum height of 4 feet and a maximum of 11 feet thus can be efficient when putting up walls.



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It can lift up to 4ft by 16ft panels easily. It also hoists dry wall panels. It has an added advantage in that it has an included factory warranty and a full warranty. This makes it even more desirable than the other drywall lifts.

9PRO-SERIES Heavy Duty Drywall and Panel Hoist

PRO-SERIES Heavy Duty Drywall and Panel Hoist

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This device is well protected from rust because it is coated with a powder-coated finish. It has caster wheels which make movement easier and even the positioning of the device while working. It supports up to 150lbs and can lift sheets up to 16ft long.

10Buffallo Tools

Buffallo Tools

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This device can hold panels up to 4ft by 16ft long easily. It has a height of about 11ft. It can hold a weight of 150lbs. It has caster to help in rolling and locking. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble without much of a problem


The drywall or panel lift is necessary major construction since it saves a lot of time. It also enable a person to be able to do a job that could have been a two or three person effectively and efficiently. The devices are very necessary to the professionals who are willing to use small amounts of time on the given projects and complete them on time. It is a essential tool for any professional who want to complete a project within a short period of time. Lift help those using them to prevent inevitable back problems caused by lifting heavy weights on their backs. I would therefore recommend for anyone who is into the construction industry to get the device as it is of beneficial nature in the said profession. Most of the devices can work without moving about because they have caster wheels improving work.

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