Top 10 Best Electric Clothes Dryers for the Money in 2019

Are you looking for the best electric clothes dryers for the money? There are several brands of clothes dryers out there; few of them can meet your specific needs. It is necessary to compare the different dryers available in the market after which you can know the best. There are other people who have tried different clothes dryers, if you can get to hear what those people say about different brands of the clothes dryers, it will be easy to know the best units you can buy to enjoy drying your clothes fast.
Top 10 Best Electric Clothes Dryers for the Money in 2019

1. DryGuy DX Air Garment Dryer

It is a unit which can work on gloves, boot and garments. When drying the boot, you can utilize the provided removable extension tube. The tube can extend up to 16 inches hence making it possible to dry clothes from a distance. The rotary blower is whisper quiet hence you do not have to fear of unnecessary noise when using the dryer.
Heat produced can go as high as 40.5 degrees Celsius hence it is safe for clothes, liners and the boots. You can easily eliminate odors and development of bacteria upon buying the dryer. Clothes can be dried within less than 2 hours hence it is a quick air dryer.

2. Panda Compact Laundry Dryer

It is a compact unit which you can carry around and dry your clothes anywhere. The unit can be used in small spaces such as dorms, apartments, condos among other areas with limited space. Stainless steel drum makes it highly durable. If you would like to dry clothes during winter, the unit can work very well for you. The wall mount kit provided makes it easy to hang it on the wall from where you can achieve great success when drying the clothes.

3. Portable Clothes Dryer with Electric Laundry Drying Rack

It is an energy saving clothes dryer you can install in your home. You can enjoy drying clothes fast due to the different modes available. Other added advantages upon buying the unit are where it sanitizes clothes which are unlike other brands in the market. Application of the unit avoids your clothes the risk of being contaminated due to pollen, spores, mildew, viruses, and microorganisms among other dirt. It is compact and environmental friendly so that it can assure you the best clothes drying process. Smart temperature features makes it easy to use. You can closely monitor the temperature of your clothes as they dry using the smart features in the unit.

4. BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent Kit

Some of the features which make the unit stand out include dryer lint trap and energy saving mode. Fast operation ensures you can have your clothes dried up very fast. The indoor dryer vent lint is very effective. It can filter dust among other
pollutants in the air so that your clothes can dry clean. Easy to clean design
allows you to always keep the unit clean. Energy saving design allows you to
save a lot of money in the process. There is no water needed hence the unit avoids you the messy work. Safety alert feature ensures you are alerted before things go wrong.

5. Costway Electric Tumble Dryer

It is a compact unit which can serve you very well. Use of stainless steel parts
ensures it is highly durable. When moving around, the unit works very well. Its
compact design makes it an ideal unit you can have in places such as dormitories,
apartments among other small living spaces. With up to 850W, it is a powerful
clothe dryer you can have in your home. Multi-function features allow you to achieve different clothes drying needs. For example, the clothes can be dried without wrinkles. Quiet design ensures you do not disturb other people in the room as you try to dry the clothes. Use of stainless steel makes the unit very durable.

6. Panda Portable Spin Dryer

Some of the features which make it stand out include stainless tell drum and large capacity. You can apply it in your travel adventures, boat, RV, dorms, apartments among other spaces where you would like to apply the unit. It is a quick action unit which saves you a lot of time when trying to dry clothes. You enjoy economy, safety and efficiency when washing clothes. It utilizes gravity draining hence you can apply it anywhere without the need to connect it to a sink. You only have to place a bucket under the drain pipe and it will dry your clothes fast.

7. Panda Compact Laundry Dryer

It is a 3.75 cu.ft capacity unit which can be used anywhere. With plug and play design, you can enjoy drying your clothes from any location. Some of the features which make it stand out include its lightweight design. You enjoy great portability if you would like to carry it to different locations. Stainless steel drum and transparent lid makes it a durable unit you can ever buy. The unit releases warm air hence you can take advantage and hang it on the walls so that you can warm the room during winter.

8. Laundry Alternative Nina Spin Dryer

The vent less portable electric dryer comes with several features which makes it stand out. With up to 1800 RPM, it spins fast enough to produce the necessary force required to dry the clothes fast. The load capacity is up to 12 lb making it
ideal for family use. In less than three minutes, you will have your clothes dried up. It is a unit which you can apply at home to save on time.

9. Magic Chef Compact Electric Dryer

It has a capacity which can allow you dry up to 5.5 lb of clothes at a time. Stainless
steel tub is designed to assure you great durability. The see through window allows you to see the clothes as they dry. You can choose from the three provided
drying temperatures so that the fabrics can dry safely. Lint filter allows easy access when cleaning the unit.

10. Haier Compact Electric Vented Dryer

The clothes dryer has digital controls which makes it easy to use. 4 drying cycles ensures the clothes are dried perfectly within a short period. You can easily dry the clothes based on different time settings. If you have clothes which need more time, you can automatically select the time and the unit will run to have the clothes dried. Easy to install and use unit makes it among the best you can have as a starter.


The above are among the best electric clothes dryers for the money. You can compare the above brands and opt for one which can guarantee you value for money. They have different features hence you can easily compare the units before buying.

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