Top 10 Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids in 2019 Reviews

The experience of riding a dirt bike is very exhilarating to any kid. The thrill is unforgettable, and the challenges faced along the way will shape their skills for life. It creates determination and confidence in the kid from a very young age. This might also teach them a few things about competition.

Since gasoline dirt bikes are expensive, you can still give them the experience on an electric-powered dirt bike. These are a great alternative to the actual dirt bikes. It is also crucial to use this as a test unit to gauge the kid’s interest in riding before moving on to more powerful dirt bikes for the tracks and trails. So what is the best electric dirt bike for the kids? This guide has all the answers and guides to help you find the right bike for your kid.

1 Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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This miniature electric motocross bike is for those not afraid of the dirt. This scaled down electric dirt bike is the best way to introduce the young ones to off-road riding. It has a high torque motor with a sped of up to 14 miles per hour and large, knobby tires. The 12-inch pneumatic tires are geared for the dirt and maximum power transfer. The chain-driven powerful motor has a twist grip throttle control for very quiet operation.

2 Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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If your little one has an appetite for the dirt, then the Dirt Rocket MX650 is the best choice. It is powered by a high-performance electric motor and is equipped with supercross-inspired styling. The motor is high torque or a powerful performance. It delivers a comfortable ride due to the dual suspension system that makes it suited for the off-road experience.

Achieve speeds of up to 17 mph and get up to 40 minutes of continuous use. It has a reliable and durable steel construction, hand operated dual disc brakes and authentic bike frame geometry. The bike gives a thrilling experience due to the variable speed, high torque and motor driven design that gives a fluid power transfer. Its large 16-inch and 14-inch front and rear pneumatic tires make the bike perfect for the dirt. It is designed to carry up to 220 pounds of weight and has three 12V rechargeable batteries to power it along.

3 Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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The Razor MX500 dirt bike is designed for speeds of up to 15mph and can run continuously for 40 minutes before it requires a recharge. Its steel construction gives it excellent durability. The chain driven design gives it a high torque while the variable speeds contribute to better control. The twist grip acceleration control makes it look like a full-sized dirt bike in addition to the hand-operated dual disc brakes.

It has a retractable kickstand and folding metal foot pegs. The 16-inch front and 1 inch pneumatic rear tires are large enough to handle the dirt with confidence. It is powerful enough to climb hills and quickly achieve the top speed comfortably. The three 12V rechargeable lead-acid batteries charge for 12 hours and are durable for long service life.

4 Razor Dirt Quad – Black

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The new Razor Dirt Quad comes with fresh styling and design for the off-road experience. It features an authentic geometry and is powerful enough to handle the trough terrains and hills.
New and improved Razor Dirt Quad with fresh black styling and design the durable battery has 250 charge/discharge cycles as long as you do not store in above 75 degrees or below -10 degrees F. The rear suspension has terrain-tracing droop travel and coil shock to deliver a smooth ride. It is easy to handle given the twist-grip acceleration control, and hand operated disc brakes.

The 13-inch pneumatic tires are large enough to handle the dirt while the front brush bar and riser handlebars easily adjust to accommodate the kid’s height. It can carry up to 120 pounds and is recomn3ded for kids aged eight and above. It features a shatter-resistant plastic fairing and powder-coated tubular steel frame to handle all the weather conditions and give it durability. The chain-driven electric motor and variable speeds make it easy to climb hills quietly.

5 Razor MX650 17 MPH Steel Electric Dirt Rocket Motor Bike for Kids

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Kids will love riding this powerful dirt bike. It may be electric driven but is still powerful enough to handle those hills and manage speeds of up to 17 mph. The battery can power it to ride up to 40 minutes before it needs a recharge. It has durable steel construction and excellent safety features. The twist-grip acceleration control and hand operated brake disc make it easy to control. To achieve and maintain the powerful ride, the bike has a variable speed, high torque chain driven motor for maximum power transfer.

6 Vroom Rider VR098 6V Battery Operated Dirt Bike

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Give your kid the excitement they deserve by purchasing this bike for them. It is designed for kids aged 2-5 years and has a maximum speed of 2mph. It will carry a maximum weight of 55lbs. Set the bike’s backward and forward switch then press the foot pedal to move the bike in the desired direction. The 6V battery takes about 12 hours to recharge and be ready to power the little bike.

7 Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

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Give your girl the thrill of her life with this fashionable and powerful scoter.It combines a vintage style with excellent performance into a classic Italian scooter design. The bike can manage a top speed of 15mph and run continuously for 40 minutes. Its step-through steel frame suits it for girls who want the thrill. It has twist-grip acceleration control and hand operated rear brakes.
It has a high torque chain driven motor for a powerful ride on the 12-inch pneumatic tires. It features an under seat storage, bell and handlebar streamers and a retractable mount kickstand. It carries up to 170 pounds of weight. It is powered by two 12V rechargeable lead-acid batteries that take 12 hours to recharge.

8 Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike

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This bike is powered by a 250-watt high torque chain driven motor for powerful performance and a top speed of 14mph. It has a steel \trellis frame designed with a street geometry and features a low profile windscreen. The custom 10-inch 3-spoke wheels and street tires give the bike exceptional looks and performance in the dirt. It has rear suspension for a smooth ride and variable speed twist-grip throttle for easy control. The hand-operated rear disc brakes add to the comfortable control.

The two 12V rechargeable batteries have a quick charge compartment and can power the bike for up to 30 minutes. Its adjustable angle riser handlebars make it suitable for any child within the age range of 13 years and above. It has a hidden storage compartment, retractable kickstand, soft rubber grips, and folding foot pegs.

9 Razor Pocket Mod Vapor Electric Scooter

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Give your kid the hottest accessory on the block. The Razor Pocket Mod has both style and fashion styled in vintage Italian scooter design. It has a high-performance body and a chain-driven electric motor to reach a maximum speed of 15 mph. It has a pair of 12-inch pneumatic tires and a rear suspension system for a comfortable ride even on rough terrains. The safety helmet features 17 vents and an ergonomic interior to provide adequate safety while keeping the rider’s head cool.

10 Pulse Performance Products Chopster E-Motorcycle

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Make your kid the leader on the block with this 100-watt motor- powered electric bike. It has a variable speed throttle for instant throttle response. Bring out the rugged, tough look for powerful performance and excellent experience. It has high handlebars and fold out foot pegs and includes a sissy bar backrest for a complete look and riding comfort. The bike has two pneumatic rubber street tires for a smooth ride. The high-tensile steel frame gives it additional strength and durability. This bike is powered by a 24V rechargeable battery that can continually power it for up to 40 minutes. The bike is designed for kids eight years and above and carries a maximum weight of 120 pounds.

What to look out for

Do not go too big

Any parents get tempted to get their kids bikes that are sized too big. It is not right since dirt bikes come with age and weight limits. A bike that is not within the kid’s weight range may be uncomfortable to ride or be more than they can handle. Kids may grow fast and quickly outgrow their bikes; this should not make you get them a bigger one to grow with.

Get them a perfectly fitting bike with easy to reach handlebars and that which is easy for their feet to reach down. Most bikes have a higher end age limit to protect the manufacturers from liabilities even though kids aged three years younger can ride them.


The engine size of a dirt bike is significant. This applies to the gas powered engines. They vary from as low as 50cc to 150cc. As the capacity increases so do the power. Smaller kids cannot handle a lot of power since their muscles are not yet developed to handle much power. There is also a speed limit for different age categories. Anything higher will be uncomfortable and may cause accidents. It is crucial that you decide on the right engine capacity and speed for the younger kids.

Since electric bikes have become so popular and famous due to their simplicity, silence, and efficiency, it is necessary to choose the power carefully. Choose an engine featuring a mortar with just enough power for comfortable control for the kid’s age.

Suspension options

There is a wide array of options in kid’s bike suspensions. Some feature a suspension system while others do not. Those without a suspension system are priced lower than those that do. They are designed for the youngest kids who do not need to travel at high speeds. The advanced models, however, feature advanced suspension systems that suit them for rough terrains and higher speeds. You can choose a bike with a double suspension system to manage a smooth ride on bumpy roads.


The price is always a major concern and determinant of the type of bike a person buys. Most people will look to save some money on everything they purchase. Dirt bikes are available in moderate and expensive models depending on the size, features and other factors. If you are looking for the best in the industry, then expect to spend more. If you really want to save on good quality dirk bikes, then you may consider buying a second-hand bike or assembling parts on your own.

If you decide to buy a new one, then find the perfect balance between quality and features to get the bike at the price you are prepared for. Consider the additional expenses after the initial purchase. You will spend on helmets, gloves, goggles, boots and bodysuit before the bike is complete. For gas-driven bikes, you will have to spend on buying gas. Think also of the maintenance cost for the lifetime of the bike.


Your child’s safety is crucial when looking for the right dirt bike. Each bike is age specific and for the safety of your child, get them the right bike for their age. This will be easy for them to handle. There are many electric dirt bikes and different sizes for every child’s height and muscle weight. If the bike has speed adjustability, this will make it safer for them. Give them adequate safety accessories for a safe ride.

This can be the perfect gift for the little one. Your initial worries of allowing them to get behind an engine can be erased with the right dirt bike for their age. The benefits it brings the kid can override the fear. Since there are so many models on the market, you will need this guide to get the right product that will suit your baby and offer durability.

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