Top 10 Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids in 2019 Reviews

Top 10 Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

With the numerous electric bikes on the market, it can be overwhelming purchasing the right one for your kid. The main determinants of the best electric dirt bike are usually the age, weight, features, and budget.

When you get it right and buy your kid an amazing electric dirt bike, they will be thrilled and get plenty of outdoor entertainment and be the envy of neighboring kids. There are many options available that without the right guide, you will get confused. Here are some of the best selections and tips for selecting the best model for the kid.

1. Razor MX350 Electric Bike

Razor MX350 Electric Bike

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350W electrical motor
Two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries
Battery charging time: 12 hours
30 minutes continuous usage
Weight:70.25 pounds
Weight limit: 140 lbs

This chain driven motorbike is a single speed engine and operated quietly to a top speed of 12mph. The rear brakes are controlled by hand brakes and are suitable for riders 13 years and above. The bike can carry maximum of 140 lbs and operate for a continuous 30 minutes.

The 12 volt sealed batteries takes up to 12 hours to fully charge and can efficiently power the 350-watt motor that delivers an efficient high torque. It riser handlebars are adjustable for a comfortable ride. Its twist grip control gives the bike an authentic bike experience.

Bottom line: the bike is suitable for age 13 onwards and handles well in all terrains.


– Steel construction
– 90-day warranty
– Retractable kickstand
– Large knobby tires


– Takes long to charge compared to the small usage time
– No shocks
– No parent lock for the top speed adjustment

2. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Bike

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Bike

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Top speed: 17mph
40 minutes continuous use
Chain-driven motor
Twist-grip acceleration
16-inch front and 14-inch rear pneumatic tires
Maximum load weight: 220 pounds
Charging time: 12 hours
Three 12V lead-acid batteries.

Your kid will love the power of the Razor MX650 electric dirt bike. It has a compact design and can reach a maximum speed of 17 mph. Its 650-watt motor is powered by three 12V rechargeable lead acid batteries that can run for 40 minutes. It is suitable for riders 16 years and above due to the power level.
It features dual suspension and adjustable riser handlebars or a comfortable ride. Its pneumatic tires can handle rough terrains while the hand-operated disc brakes keep it in check.

Bottom line: get your teenage kid this powerful bike for a real-life motocross experience.


– 220-pound weight limit
– 90-day warranty
– Powerful enough for riding off-road and uphill


– Takes long to recharge
– Require some assembly

3. Razor MX650 17 MPH Steel Electric Dirt Bike

Razor MX650 17 MPH Steel Electric Dirt Bike

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Top speed: 17 mph
Running time: 40 minutes
Twist-grip acceleration
Maximum load weight: 220 pounds
Tires sizes: 16-inches front, 14-inch rear
36V batteries

For a teenage kid, the MX650 is the right bike for a thrilling ride experience. Once they have outgrown the smaller bikes, this is the best thing. It has a sturdy steel construction and can carry even heavy adults since its height is adjustable. The silent 650-watt electric motor powers the bike via a chain-pushed variable speed transmission delivering excessive torque.

The 36V batteries can power the bike uphill and can last up to 40 minutes on a single charge. The kid will love the twist-grip acceleration control for excellent maneuverability.

Bottom line: The MX650 is a powerful bike for the teenage kids and lighter adults for a fun riding experience.


– Dual suspension
– Adjustable handlebars
– Hand-operated brakes on both wheels

– Takes long to charge compared to the 40 minutes riding time

4. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500

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Variable speed motor
High torque
Operates for up to 40 minutes on a single charge
Top speed is 15 mph
Dual suspension
Riser handlebars
Large pneumatic tires
Hand operated brakes
Maximum load: 175 pounds
Three 12V rechargeable lead-acid batteries

Make your kid proud by getting them this powerful electric dirt bike. It can manage a top speed of 15 mph and runs for 40 minutes on a single charge. It has variable speed and a powerful motor for a thrilling riding experience for the kid. This bike can hold a maximum weight of 175 lbs and is recommended for kids 14 years and above.

Its adjustable handlebars and the dual suspension will give every kid within the recommended age a comfortable ride. The pneumatic tires suit it for off-road riding coupled with the hand-operated disc brakes.

Bottom line: with this kind of power and control, any kid above 14 will love it.


– Genuine dirt bike frame
– Sturdy frame
– Large Tires


– Does not speed up quickly

5. Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

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four strokes, single cylinder
125cc displacement
Air cooled
Max speed 55 mph
7500 rpm
4-speed manual transmission
Tires: front 17 inches, rear 14 inches
Non-adjustable suspension
Hydraulic disc brakes
Fuel capacity: 1.03 gal
Seat height: 36.5 inches
Gross weight: 180.8 lbs

The bike is so powerful it can be used by an adult. Its 125cc engine and the 4stroke, single cylinder make it a real dirt bike designed for any terrain. It features large front and rear tires that can handle any road surface and give the rider better control. The front and rear disc hydraulic brakes match the powerful engine when it comes to stopping power.

Bottom line: if you want real power on the road and off-road, purchase this bike for your kid.


– Air cooled engine
– Powerful torque with 7500 rpm max
– Large engine


– Maybe too powerful an engine for kids

6. Razor Miniature Electric Bike

Razor Miniature Electric Bike

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Carries a max weight of 170 pounds
Has a top speed of 15 mph
10-inch pneumatic tires
High torque motor
Chain driven motor
Hand operated rear brake
Twist grip throttle
Two 12V sealed lead acid batteries
Max 30 minutes operation time
Weighs 42 pounds

Kids of today are becoming smarter and require innovative machine and gadgets. Getting your kid this bike will thrill them, fulfill their expectations, and give them something to enjoy outdoors. This bike has an exceptional design and is recommended for kids aged 10 and above. It can manage a top speed of 15 mph and is easy to control. The twist throttle acceleration gives them a real dirt bike experience.

Bottom line: This bile is a powerful fun ride for young kids


– Super fast
– Durable and reliable
– Long lasting battery


– Size issues arise sometimes
– Safety is a major concern

7. Monster MM-E250-PR Electric Mini Bike

Monster MM-E250-PR Electric Mini Bike

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250-Watt size
Easy to charge
Polypropylene fenders
Powder coated tubular steel frame
Limiter switch between 7 and 11 mph

Give your kids years of fun and riding experience with enough power in their hands. There is so much fun and memories when the kid gets his hands on this bike. It is customizable to suit the kid’s abilities.

Bottom line: Monster MM-E250 is a perfect bike for young kids and has adjustable maximum speed.


– LED lights for safety
– Quality construction
– Affordable


– Requires assembly

8. Razor RSF350 Electric Bike

Razor RSF350 Electric Bike

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Maximum speed: 14mph
Operation time: 30 minutes
Throttle control: twist grip
Battery: two 12V lead acid batteries
Weight: 51 lbs
Fairings: shatter resistant plastic
Customization: adjustable angle riser and handlebars
Brakes: hand operated rear disc

This bike has a high performance 350-watt electric motor with high torque that delivers power via a chain to the wheels. It can reach a maximum speed of 14 mph to give an authentic street bike experience.

It has hidden storage compartment and has a strong trellis frame for safety and durability. With the great motor power comes a reliable disc brakes that are operated by hand. It is recommended for kids aged 13 and above and can carry a total weight of 140 lbs.

Bottom line: The RSF350 is what your kid needs for a powerful show and thrilling experience.

– High torque motor
– Steel Trellis frame chassis
– Rear suspension
– Adjustable handlebars
– Short battery operation time

9. Razor Dirt Quad – Black

Razor Dirt Quad - Black

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Battery usage time: 40 minutes
Fairings: shatter resistant plastic
Frame: powder coated tubular steel
Tires: 13-inch pneumatic
Rear suspension with a coil shock
Battery: two 12V lead acid rechargeable
Charge time: 12 hours

Get the kids out of the small backyard and onto the road with this powerful dirt bike. The electric powered four-wheel off-road vehicle is a dream come true for any kid. It has a twist-grip acceleration and hand operated rear disc brakes to counter the powerful motor. It has a space-saving design that allows for vertical storage. Recommended for 8 years and above and carries a maximum weight of 120 lbs.

Bottom line: a safe four-wheel off-road vehicle for the little ones to experience the outdoor adventures


– Sturdy construction
– Powerful motor
– Longer operating time


– The battery takes long to recharge

10. Electric ATV 4 Wheeler

Electric ATV 4 Wheeler

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Age recommendation: 3 to 8 years
Battery: 36V rechargeable lead acid
Transmission system: chain
Power: 500w with reverse
Recharging time: 6 hours
Tires: 6 inches front and rear
Top speed: 20 km/h with three speed
Brakes: disc

This kid ATV is the real deal when it comes to off-road adventures. The 36V batteries powers the 500W motor to deliver a powerful torque that can surmount any terrain. It has a sleek design just like the full-sized ATV. It has excellent sock absorbent suspension and all-terrain rubber tires for maximum comfort. It gives the kid maximum control and stability for a safe riding experience.

Bottom line: this is all that your kid needs for a fun-filled outdoor experience.


– 500w powerful motor
– All-terrain rubber tires for stability
– 3-speed governor with reverse
– Fast charging


– The same key for ignition is used for speed control

Buying guide

Do not go too big

It can be tempting to get the kid a bike sized slightly bigger than the kid so they can grow with it. This may appear wise but is a mistake. Each bike comes with a weight limit for a given age range, therefore, exceeding that will be putting your child at risk. Get them bikes that fit perfectly for a comfortable ride and to allow their feet to touch the ground when the bike is stationary.


It is crucial to consider the engine size of any bike you plan to buy your kid. They vary from 50cc to as high as 150cc as the engine capacity increases, its power goes up. Small kids may not have the ability to handle a lot of power in addition to the speed limits that are safer for them.

Choose a lower engine capacity recommended for every age group. Choose a motor with enough power that the child can control and they will have fun safely.

Suspension options

Even kid’s dirt bikes require the best suspensions for riding comfort. The models with no suspension are priced lower than those with some suspension. Those without suspension are not meant for traveling at high speeds and are for smaller kids. If you are buying an advanced model, consider suspension options since they will be ridden on rough terrains. Some come with dual suspensions for riding on bumpy roads.


For many people, the price is the major guide to the type of bike they buy for the kids. It is human nature to look for ways to save some money and still get the best model. It is advisable to consider the price after selecting models with the features that impress you and not using price as the main selection criteria.


Each electric dirt bike is marked for a certain age range. It is a risk to the child when you exceed the age range since there may be more power than they can handle or a bigger sized bike that is not comfortable to ride.


Bikes differ in their performance on a single charge. Some can go for more than 40 minutes while others cannot last that long. The motor size plays a major role in the play time and power. Consider the size of the tires and what terrain they can handle efficiently for a thrilling riding experience.


The safety of the rider is a key consideration since they are still young and may not have the quick response time as adult riders. The bike should have a design and construction like the professional motocross bikes that can handle the abusive terrains and riding styles safely. It should be appropriately sized and have the right weight for the kid to balance without much effort. Things like throttle and brake controls should be easy to manage.


Once you have adequate trust that the little one can go out on his own and ride an electric bike, you can purchase them the best model to give them a thrilling experience. As long as they follow the safety rules and wear all the recommended safety gear, your kid can have the best dirt bike for a great experience. The above selection and buying guides will help you get the best item appropriate for the kid’s age and strength.

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