Top 10 Best Electric Log Splitters for Sale in 2019 Reviews

If you cut logs with an axe, you need to know how difficult the task is. It takes a lot of vitality and time to split a record with an axe. Now, to make the work considerably less demanding and feasible, the electric log splitters are practical. An electric log splitter is almost the same as an ax that works with electricity to cut the wood according to your needs. Finding the ideal electric log splitter is a challenging task because there are many variants available in the market. As this is such an outstanding product, many companies manufacture their log splitters. However, not all this product can be trusted. So, it is good that you go through the following top 10 best electric log splitters for sale in 2019 review to understand the best products available and which you can trust.

Top 10 Best Electric Log Splitters for Sale in 2019:

1. WEN 56207 electric log splitter

The electric log splitter WEN 56207 featuring a stand has been designed to meet the needs of each person. This divisor can split logs of up to of 6.5 tons at a time. The log splitter has an efficient design, and its slim body facilitates its perforation and use. Besides, aluminum feet with a non-slip base make the equipment less demanding and never slip. The design is exquisite and comes with a comfortable grip for an ideal hold during work.

2. Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Sun Joe LJ10M is one of the most useful and durable loaders and hydraulics splitters on the market. Very affordable, this blade comes with a wood splitting capacity of 10 tons at a time. The log splitter has a green neon color. The slim and elegant design of this log splitter makes it extremely comfortable to use and meanwhile. The log splitter comes with a double handle that makes the work extraordinarily safe and avoids injuries to the user.

3. OrionMotorTech 2500W Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

The Powerhouse XM-380 log splitter has a splitting capacity of 7 tons at a time. Its use is straightforward and safe. The red log splitter looks excellent and has been designed for optimal user comfort. The log splitter has a handle to hold it during work so that it stays firm and does not slip. It also features two mobile wheels making it extremely portable.

4. RuggedMade Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

RuggedMade Horizontal is a Gas log splitter that has 37 tons of log splitting strength and is useful for cutting heavy logs at any time. The log splitter has an exquisite design and is difficult to hold and use by anyone. The slim design and aluminum feet make it comfortable enough to handle. Besides, it comes with a four-way blade which makes more effective in log splitting job.

5. Frictionless World 100950 Dirty Hand Tools Vertical/Horizontal Log Splitter

Frictionless World 100950 is a powerful Vertical/Horizontal portable and hydraulic woodcutter of 22 tons. It is one of the best log splitters that you will discover in the market. This easy-to-use portable splitter can cut 6 tons of wood at one time. The log splitter is black, and its design is so compact that it can be stored and used without additional effort by anyone at any time. Now you do not have to worry about hurting yourself when dividing the wood, because all safety features protect you from injury.

6. RuggedMade Gas Log Splitter, 301CC Electric Start w/Log Lift & Catcher

RuggedMade is incredible push-through log splitter option to buy if you need a 301CC Electric Start splitter with a tray longer than usual. The RuggedMade can divide 22 tons of wood at a time. It comes with a powerful 301 cc electric motor which gives it enough power to work all day long. The plate and the splitter support are long enough for a less demanding operation.

7. Powerhorse 3-Pt. Vertical/Horizontal Log Splitter

The Powerhorse 3-Pt has a capacity of 22 tons to split wood and manage business instantly. This electric hydraulic log splitter is available in three colors: silver, red and black. You can upload one according to your choice. There is no escape in the use of this splitter so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is straightforward to use, and no experience is required for it to work correctly.

8. Powerhorse 420cc Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter

The Speeco S40100500 special log splitter is a portable electric log splitter with a simultaneous split capacity of 35 tons of logs. The log splitter is orange and can be used effortlessly indoors or outdoors. The dispatcher is fully protected and guarantees user safety. It comes with 40-micron breather which prevents airborne contaminants from getting into the hydraulic splitter system.

9. PowRkraft PK65556 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter

The Pow’R’kraft electric log splitter is a Power Smart log splitter with a capacity to divide 4 tons of wood at a time. The log splitter is elegant and red. The operation of two handles facilitates its use and protects the user from injuries. The log splitter has a strong motor that can perform low to medium division work without effort.

10. NorthStar Deluxe Honda GX390 389cc Vertical/Horizontal Log Splitter

This 389cc NorthStar Deluxe wood splitter comes with a capacity of 37 tons to cut wood and make work extremely easy. The design of the log splitter is straightforward. There is a double handle function that does not give the user the opportunity to get his hands on the crush. That guarantees your safety and guarantees that you do not hurt yourself.

Best Electric Log Splitters for Sale Buying Guide

Having your record separator could be a good investment since the manual log splitting is a disappointment. But it is essential that you get the right type for your situation. Several factors must be taken into account when selecting the best one. They include:

Energy sources

The main thing to consider concerning the source of energy for a splitting system is whether you need to have at least one to start with since many manual splitting options in the market offer many benefits. Manual record separators are generally the less expensive options but furthermore the weakest since they expect you to utilize your solidarity to do things. You can locate two models that incorporate manual hydraulics to give an additional power, but will not come near to what you can get from other types of dispatchers.

Splitting power

The splitting power a log splitting machine can produce is usually measures in tons. A typical and manual log splitting machine is often 2 or 3 tons, while for an electric log splitter, it is 10 tons or more. These two options are typically sufficient for domestic chores in the house. Depending on the construction, the support can only contain trunks less than 2.5 meters long and cannot usually support objects that are too thick.

Portability options

In general, the more powerful a divider is, the more powerful it is. You will have to consider how long the dispenser will move and the amount of power it will need when it arrives. As you can imagine, a manual splitting will be quite portable. Some splitter models are mostly the extension of a broomstick, and that makes them easy to store.

Security concerns

When selecting a log splitting machine, safety is a must check. It is paramount when using a wood splitter since most of these splitter can cause severe damage if you do not use them correctly. Most models give importance to safety and incorporate a lot of features, like as safety controls near the bracket or actuator switches on the opposite end of the charger. Therefore, it is essential to find the unit that gives you the most significant security.


For every person who cuts and divides wood daily, a good log splitter is required. The characteristics of an excellent electric log splitter are that they should be light, easy to hold and have enough capacity to cut any log in a few moments. The electric log splitter should also be anything less challenging to use and should not require many restrictions to cut the wood accurately, according to the person’s requirements.

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