10 Best Electric Skateboards Under 500 For 2019 Reviews

If you are obsessed with skateboarding, I believe that you already know that electric skateboards are the trending type of skateboards while compared to the manual models. These type of skateboards offer a range of features allowing you to enjoy the means of transport and better yet, stay in control of cruise speed and functions of the skateboards.

Though the skateboards allow most people to enjoy riding on them, most of these units come at high prices which results in most users preferring to stick with the ordinary skateboards. If you can relate to this or are probably stuck to your old skateboard since you can’t afford the high-priced electric skateboards, today I will help you identify the best electric skateboards for people on a budget.

Read on so that you can discover the best electric skateboards under $500 and use the provided buyer’s guide to help you pick the right skateboard depending on your needs.

1. AC Electric Skateboard 350W Motor Longboard with Wireless Remote Control

Start riding or take your riding experience to the next level with the AC Electric Skateboard. Controlled remotely via a wireless remote control, this is one of the best skateboards for beginners and professionals alike. The wireless remote helps you accelerate, decelerate, reverse, or stop the skateboard for easy on or off. What’s more, it allows you to control the speed via three speed modes; high, low, and medium mode.

The AC Electric Skateboard features a 38″ x 9.5″ board size. It features six layers of maple wood deck sandwiched between two layers of bamboo to enhance flexibility and sturdiness. The board derives its power from a 350W Brushless Hub Motor. This motor enables it to run at a maximum speed of up to 17mph. Further, it allows the skateboard to operate quietly than boards ran by belt-driven motors.


  • Rechargeable remote control comes with a charging cable.
  • Concave shape maintains the rider’s feet in place.
  • Board supports a maximum weight of 300lbs.
  • 36V, 4.4AH Samsung Lithium-Ion battery pack provides a range of up to 10 miles after a full charge.
  • Skateboard comes when fully assembles to save you the time and hassle of assembly.

2. BACKFIRE New G2 Electric Longboard 2019 with G2T New Motors and ESC

Are you on a budget and looking for an affordable electric skateboard? Well, the Backfire New G2 is here for your taking. It includes a built-in advanced battery management system so that you can perform a high-speed hard braking without worrying about excessive reverse current on a fully charged battery. On top of that, its battery cells adopt a careful arrangement which prevents against shock damage when riding at high speed.

The Backfire New GZ features a durable construction since it is made of eight layers of hard rock maple that is not only flexible but also solid. More to that, the board is comfortable to ride due to the curved shape that absorbs most shock, and the internal metal ring located in the rear wheels that prevents vibration when riding.


  • The concave surface of the board provides great support to the feet when riding or turning.
  • Wide wheel base for stability.
  • Two specially customized in -hub motors provide a low center of gravity.
  • Independently-replaceable motors and tires enhance reduced maintenance cost.
  • Motor compatible with 83mm or 96mm wheels. 83mm wheels are suitable for faster acceleration while 96mm wheels enhance a comfortable riding experience on rocky roads.

3. Maxfind Max 2 Dark Wheels Dual & Single Motor Electric Skateboard

If you are reading this review with a mission of locating a perfect electric skateboard for beginners, I recommend the Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard. The board comes with a remote control that offers for two riding modes so that you can ride safely and easily with zero experience. It provides for a super-fast 23mph top speed whereas it includes a Manta drive power that takes you on the hills. The skateboard allows for a maximum range of 16.2miles on a fully-charged battery.


  • Independently replaceable motherboard, tires, battery, and motors guarantee a low maintenance cost.
  • Stiff deck flex enhances stability when moving at higher speeds.

4. Maxfind LG Lithium-Ion Battery DIY Electric Skateboard Kit with 500W Hub Motor Remote Controller

Electrify your ride with the Maxfind DIY Electric Skateboard kit. The electric skateboard conversion kit is compatible with almost any deck where you are required to screw the parts together, charge the battery, and go. The skateboard offers a maximum speed of 18-28km/hr depending on the road situation and user’s weight.

Further, it allows for a maximum mileage of 8-10km depending on the user’s riding skills, weight, speed, and road situation. The skateboard can support a maximum rider’s weight of 176lbs. It derives its power from a 2.2AH 36V Lithium-Ion Battery and a 90high-performance PU motor.


  • IP65 water-resistant battery protects against water damage.
  • Polyurethane (PU) wheels enhance durability and smooth riding experience.
  • Powerful single hub motor enables the skateboard to freewheel when the battery runs out.

5. Miageek Youth Electric Skateboard, 12MPH Top Speed, 250W Motor

Presenting the Miageek Youth Electric Skateboard, this is a durable skateboard designed to offer you a smooth riding experience for years. The skateboard features 7-ply Canadian maple wood designed to deliver extra toughness and elasticity. Further, it features a kick tail and concave shape for added control.

The skateboard offers a top speed of 12mph and a range of 10km depending on the rider’s weight and riding surface. It comes with a 2.4G wireless remote control that features four LED indicators to keep you informed about the skateboard’s battery status. On top of that, the remote control provides for the braking, speed, and cruise controls.


  • IP54 waterproof design protects against water damage.
  • Durable polyurethane wheels enhance durability and smooth riding experience.
  • Replaceable PU wheels enhance low costs of maintenance.

6. WOWGO 2S (38″) Electric Skateboard, 38Km/H Top Speed, Max Load 280 Pounds

The answer to a reliable electric skateboard is the WOWGO 2S (38″). Fitted with a significantly improved battery that features a double discharge rate than Samsung 22P cells, the skateboard can maintain high speeds with a low running battery.

Adding to that, the skateboard features advanced braking power which accumulates as the rider pulls the throttle wheel. Because of this, you can expect to feel the smoothness when slowing down for a smooth riding experience.


  • Wireless LCD screen remote control includes a speed indicator to enhance better control of the skateboard.
  • An LED battery indicator lets you know the battery status with a lot of ease.
  • Premium-quality bamboo enhances durability allowing for a load of up to 280lbs and a smooth ride.

7. H&A 28″ Electric Longboard Skateboard with 400W Brushless Motor

Designed to take it all, the H&A 28″ Electric Longboard Skateboard is one of the best choices whether it’s for riding over rough city streets, off occasional curbs, or through unexpected potholes. The skateboard derives its power from a 400watts brushless motor enabling it to race at speeds of up to 10mph.

It is made using nine layers of Canadian hard rock maple which is durable and sturdy to help it maintain the balance. The skateboard includes a 36V 2200mAh high-quality Lithium-ion battery designed to last up to 7 miles after a single charge.


  • 265lbs maximum load capacity.
  • Lithium-ion battery charges fully within two hours.
  • 2.5″ high-elastic PU wheels enhance stability and durability.
  • A responsive braking system helps you stop anywhere and at any time.

8. WOWGO 2S (38″) Electric Skateboard, 38Km/H Top Speed, Max Load 280 Pounds

Designed to bring joy and passion, youthfulness into your life, the WOWGO 2S (38″) Electric Skateboard is a perfect choice to the best electric skateboard designed to keep you happy for years. The skateboard derives its powers from a significantly improved battery designed to offer a double discharge rate than Samsung 22P cells. Because of this, you can expect the skateboard to offer a longer range of skateboarding after a full charge.

Adding to that, the skateboard adopts a smooth braking system where the skateboard accumulates the barking power gradually as soon as you pull the throttle wheel. The skateboard comes with a wireless LCD screen remote control designed to enhance ease of use. The remote control allows you to stay in charge of the speed and even know the status of the battery for better riding experience.


  • Premium-quality bamboo material enhances strength while enhancing a smooth ride.
  • Waterproof design guarantees safety when riding in in wet environments.
  • Remote control lets you control the acceleration and braking system.

9. Meoket Electric Skateboard, Penny Board with Bluetooth Speaker Front Light Remote Controller

Whether you are looking for the best skateboard under $500 for riding to or from school, commuting to work, or moving around campus, you can be sure that the Market Electric Skateboard will be up for such tasks. The skateboard comes when fully assembled which means that you can use it right out of the box.

It comes with a remote control that allows you to control the speed up to 20MPH, cruise, and stay in charge of the braking system. The skateboard is light at only 5.1kgs making it easy for you to carry. It adopts a quick sliding booting which is a feature that requires you to slide gently for it to start.


  • Power saving feature allows the skateboard to power off automatically if you fail to use it for five minutes.
  • Front light enhances safety at night.
  • 7-ply rock hard maple deck features a kick tail and concave shape to enhance better control.
  • PU 73 x 51mm wheels offer a smooth ride.

10. Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus 35’’ Boosted Longboard

Finalizing our review is the Spadger Electric Skateboard. The unit features 85% explosion-proof material designed to enhance safety and improved impact resistance. It includes two superpower motors that enable it to move at speeds of up to 23mph. The 97mm PU wheels help it to cruise smoothly. Further, the built-in 40.mm super magnetic steel enables it to stop immediately after engaging the brakes.


  • A wireless remote control provides for four-speed modes.
  • Built-in LED lamp enhances safety when riding in low-lit areas.
  • Bluetooth Stereo Audio Speaker based on DSP technology for an entertaining experience.
  • Skateboard supports a maximum load of up to 264lbs.
  • How to choose the best electric skateboard

1. Battery capacity/Range

How much distance can the electric skateboard cover after a full charge? This feature is vital if you do not want to get interrupted while commuting. After all, no one wants to get an electric skateboard that will cover half the distance, and require you to recharge its battery so that you can complete the rest of the journey.

So depending on the distance, you want the skateboard to cover after a full charge, be sure to get a skateboard that features a battery with a capacity that will help you glide without the need for recharging.

2. Size and weight

If you want to buy the best skateboard for your needs, then you must consider how portable it is. After all, you do not want to buy a skateboard that is heavy, having in mind that the battery can drain without your expectation. With this in mind, get a skateboard that features a size and weight that you can handle by yourself since it is not all times when you might be lucky to get a helping hand.

3. Type of motor

Electric skateboards can either be equipped with in-wheel hub motors or belt-driven motors. In this case, I recommend that you go with the hub motors wince these operate quietly, they have a more efficient brake system and also allow for kick-pushing.

4. Speed

What is the maximum speed offered by the skateboard you are about to buy? Generally, electric skateboard offers speeds of 15km/hr to 45km/hr. For you to determine the right speed for you, you must consider your expertise in riding the skateboard since you do not want to cause any harm to yourself.

Opt for the lower speed range if you are new to skateboarding, the medium speed level if you consider yourself an expert, and the high-speed level if you are a pro.

5. Capacity

How much weight is supported by the electric skateboard? Sure, we all have different weights, the reason you will want to buy an electric skateboard designed to support your weight. A quick tip to picking the best electric skateboard in regard to the weight is picking one that is designed to hold more lbs than your weight.


Electric skateboards are not only sleek, stylish, and cool to ride on, these types of skateboards help you get to your destination fast and with less hassle when compared to the ordinary skateboards. So, if you have decided to buy one of these, make the best investment by buying the best skateboards under $500 as reviewed above since these have rendered themselves useful to a lot of users who have given a try.

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