Top 10 Best Electric Space Heaters in 2019 Reviews

Electric space heaters are is an easy way to heat the room without causing such negative effects like blackening the room, or smoke or accidental burning.

You can heat the room to the desired extent by setting the temperature as you like. You can take the space heater to any room. Thus, it is easy to warm up any of the rooms in your home. However, for accruing optimal results in terms of reducing power bills as well as comfort and being secure, you need to buy one among the best electric space heaters. We discuss here top 10 of them.

1. Brightown 750W/1500W Electric Heater

Brightown 750W/1500W Electric Heater is listed in ETL.
It comes with features to protect from overheating, and for safety, it gets turned off automatically.

With a ceramic heating element, it operates in thee settings, namely high heat at 1500w, low heat at 750 w and normal cool blow fan.

It is noiseless, and emits quality heat radiation, and is ideal for medium-size rooms. I have a thermostat that enables adjust the temperature as per your personal preference.

Avoid using the appliance in damp locations such as the bathroom. The appliance coms with one year quality guarantee and and comes on 6.2 inches x 7 inches x 9.2 inches x.

2. PELONIS Space Heater

It works on quickly thanks to the ceramic element. It is perfect if you wish to remove the heat in the shortest possible time. You can carry it anywhere and can operate with the remote control.

It runs at 1500w and has two heat settings for all the parts of the room. It is ideal for the room where the constant flow of heat is essential. The small size and compact design make it easy for you to store it.

The ECO setting can make a reduction in power bills easy. This is good for offices, living room and bedrooms and is among best electric space heaters.

The space heater is safe and gets turned off to prevent overheating. Therefore, it is safe even when children are around. The eight-hour time makes the desired heat is radiated all the time of operation.
The space heater comes with a one year warranty.

3. Portable PERSONAL Heater

This space heater come with technology that makes your home warm within three second.

It works fast and can easily warm up the surroundings by adjusting the heater to operate side to side. To make the movement, you need just to press the SWING button. It can heat the whole room fast the whole room.

The space heater has ABS flame-resistance material and comes in inbuilt tip-over switch for safety and preventing overheating. It is important to note that you should not use the heater where there is water, water vapor, etc. as it is in kitchen and bathroom.

It comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry it anywhere. It comes in 1.5 inches x 4.5 inches x 8.3 inches. It’s suitable for office and home,

It comes with a warranty for 2 years customer service for life.
One package comes with portable personal heater, one power cord, one service manual.

4. NEXGADGET Personal Space Heater

You can warm up your room in just three seconds thanks to the long lasting PTC ceramics, high heat efficiency, fast dissipation of heat, It can oscillate up to 90.

It is equipped with three gears; it can make possible natural wind to cool, to warm up and can bring the moderate heat. It has touch which makes it easy to start the appliance.

The adjustable thermostat makes it possible to keep the temperature at a certain level and helps save power. There is no smell or light emitted. This is yet another among best electric space heaters.

Protection – The appliance comes protection form overheat and the anti-tip feature makes I automatically turned off in case of overheating or there’s a tip over.

Can be used for different purposes – You can use it anywhere be it office to warm, in the bathroom to dry clothes, in bd room to provide warmth.

It comes with a good cylindrical design in black colour and looks elegant.

5. Space Heater – 1500W Portable and Adjustable

This mini heater is bet solution when the where is freezing. It is ideal for small rooms as small as 190 sq feet, thanks to its compact and small size. It works so fast that it can warm the room in just a second.

The easy to operate space heater comes inbuilt three modes, namely 1500 w high heat, 750 w low heat and fan-only mode and provides ha efficiently throughout he room.

The PTC technology in the ceramic heater makes it cool down when reaches optimal level and thus prevents overheating unlike in case of resistance wires that keep on emitting heat constantly until only when power is shut down.

The small and compact – measures 7.1 inches width, 6.3 diameter and 9.31 inch in height and weighs 3.1 pounds and has a build-in handle.

The appliance comes with one-year replacement guarantee or refund warranty and you will get round the clock customer support.

6. Multifun ETL Space Heater

ETL compliant. The red LED shows that it is on. Enjoy warms without concern for safety.

It can heat the room in two second thtns to the ceramic heater and legs in angled for efficient heat circulation

The thermostat can adjust the temperature at 41 F to 95 F – optimal temperature.

The space heater comes with easy-to-carry design. You can keep it under the table or desk and will emit warmth.

Safety – The thermostat will stop automatically when temperature reaches 176 F – automatic overhead protection features.

Warranty – it comes with a 90 day return guaranteed and a two-year warranty.

7. Trustech Space Heater

You can use the space heater with eh remote control.
The space heater comes with a thermostat maintains the temperature as the appliance heats the room.

Works on 1500w (high) and 1000w (low) heat mode. The con mode will be n cylindrically on and off to maintain warmth.

The times will fix the time to heat the room and gets turned off when it’s reached optimal level.

It is safe for children – gets switched off on reaching over heat level and a tip over.

8. COMLIFE Space Heater

It can warm up the room within two seconds thanks to the ceramic PTC heating system.

The three working modes include 950 w for high heating, 800 w for moderate heating and 3.5 w for fan only – suitable for winter and summer.

It emits low noise and can oscillate up to 90. Just switch the swing switch.

It can protect you and your loved ones against overheating and tip over.

It is portable – means 50.28 inch x 5.35 inches × 8 .19 inches.

9. Soulcker Portable Space Heater

The three heating modes – 1500w, 750w and fan only mode bring optimal warmth and comfort.

PTC ceramic heating makes the appliance when the room quickly within two seconds.

It gets shut off automatically on reaching a higher level of heat.

You can carry the appliance anywhere you wish easily.

It comes with a friendly customer service round the clock and an 18 months warranty.

10. Trustech 1500W Space Heater

The touch screen interface and thermostat makes it easy to put it into operation and heats the room evenly. It emits infrared radiation to warm the room.

You can adjust the temperature with the thermostat and set it at the desired level using remote control.

It has features to protect from overheat tip over.

The timer can set a time for the heater to get turned off.


That we have discussed the best electric space heaters, it’s time to decide which appliance to buy. If you keep on traveling, need to go from one place to another, it is better to consider one that is small and compact. Such appliances are easy to carry and keep in the room. Also important to consider are the safety features – you can protect yourself the appliance from overheat kinds and pets from accidents. Check out the price as well, and research a little. The more feature the appliance has, the higher the price. You can buy the appliance easily from Amazon.

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