10 Best Electronic Drum Set Under 500 For 2019 Reviews

If you are a beginner battery player, but you press the battery as hard as possible because you do not want to disturb your neighbors, the Best Electronic Drum Set is the best for you. The best electronic drum set is ideal for those who are just beginning to learn to play the drums.

Best electronic drum set today are equipped with a headphone output, among other additions, which allows one to practice while allowing family or neighbors to enjoy their nap or when watching television. That said, the following are the Best Electronic Drum Set under 500 and that you should consider.

1. Alesis Electronic Drum Kit

The performance is a definitive focal point of this drum set, the size is compact enough to fit in a little space of the room, so you don’t draw in a lot of consideration. Even though this drum kit was intended to be as compact as could be expected under the circumstances and may take a gander at first, it is far agreeable and will likely suit the necessities of most players, whether beginner or advanced.


  • Amazing cost to value proportion
  • Sturdy 8 piece set held somewhere around the aluminum rack.
  • Intuitive and helpful module

2. Carlsbro Electronic Drum Set

With its amazing huge gathering of sounds, more drums, cymbals, than your average electronic drum set, you’re given such a significant amount of adaptability in your musical tests. This set has a six-piece electronic drum set with natural-feeling Real Head drum cushions, a fantastic drum module, and a compact, adaptable Stealth-rack. It is to be sure a professional electronic drum kit for any propelled player or even a beginner who is extremely passionate about putting appropriately in suitable kits.


  • A compact estimate is decent for storing
  • A right amount of sound setups
  • Battery-controlled option adds portability.

3. Alesis Surge Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

It good hands when the drum set is made by an organization that specializes in electronic percussion technology. Even better, the organization most developed electronic drum set to date. The kit stands out for its look and feels of a standard acoustic set together with the way that many upgrades and adjustments had been made to guarantee that you get that exact play. Various selective advancements created by the organization make this electronic drum set a cut way over the rest.


  • High-end spending product
  • Easy to switch class
  • Play in peace and calm

4. Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set

The maker is a trustworthy brand for electronic drum sets. They have been around for a significant long time however they are still here today and are as yet known to be a standout amongst the best. In case you’re on spending this drum set won’t baffle you. It has two pedals, four cushions, and three cymbals. It also comes with a greetings cap and kicks drum which you can trade for two sets of two levers. This kit is entirely basic; however, its performance level is high.


  • The most noteworthy quality for a spending electric kit
  • Great for advancing your ability level
  • Has a variety of variations

5. Alesis Seven-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

That is an electronic drum set that would give you the best value for its value. If you need a quality electronic drum set that has all the necessary parts, then this one would fit you best. That is an eight-piece set that has everything you would anticipate that it should have. It also has 50 play-along tracks. The game has a USB port and a jack where you can attach your old technology if you need to utilize it.


  • Authentic feel of an acoustic
  • Drum s and cymbals decrease vibration.
  • Sturdy aluminum rack

6. RockJam Mesh Eight Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Its cushions give you a real existence like understanding. Because of the natural surfaces of its cushions, any feedback is practically quieted, on account of the durable rubber constructed. Its catch can be expertly dialed down or raised according to your playing style or the prerequisite of the track. Their plug and play option gives you a chance to pick your favorite melody on your cell phone, iPhone, mp3 gadget and allows you to plug into the drum set and practice it live. That requires purchasing 1/8-inch cable independently. Try not to worry it won’t cost you a fortune.


  • Tinkering your set-up is a breeze.
  • A wide variety of jack options
  • Full standing set, ideal for practice

7. Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Set

It is a mid-level electronic drum kit which offers considerable blast for your buck. Its double trigger work cushions feature positional detecting technology and give the top of the line trigger technology. To add to this the cushions are capable of grabbing head strokes, edge shots and side stay with sensible bounce back. The hello there cap is a good hey light, its a standout amongst the best on the market because of its authentic feel and technology.


  • Trusted brand name
  • Simplicity of plan
  • Above average performance

8. Roland V-Drums Electronic Drum Set

It is a full-estimate electronic drum kit with recently planned drum cushions and expansive 10-inch cymbals all on a flexible steel rack framework. It’s a great feeling kit that allows you to play in solace without aggravating others. And because it’s from the best-known organization, you can rely on durability and reliability. To add to this, it is excellent for condos because of its peaceful kickstand. Nobody else has to hear your drumming.


  • Super modest electronic drum set
  • The best portability of any kit
  • Great for honing your art in a hurry

9. Alesis Drums All-Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

When you see it in real life, you’ll understand why it’s a smash hit. With its wealth of instructive apparatuses, it is likely the best decision for youthful artists wishing to figure out how to play it. And although this drum set doesn’t have a work catch drum or a right bass drum pedal, it has a set of rubber cushions and a much more intricate bass drum pedal than other electronic brakes in a similar value go. Having this data is all great. However, you are pondering what it is in practice.


  • The compact measure is pleasant for storing
  • A right amount of sound arrangements
  • Battery-fueled option adds portability.

10. BEHRINGER Black and Grey drum set

That is one of the least expensive drum sets from the market. It comes with eight drum cushions, each of those have various sounds beginning from cymbals, catches, and others. Many individuals pick this because of its portability; you can move it up and convey it along with you when you travel. Storing it is also simple because it won’t require an excessive amount of room. You may feel this may seem like a toy because it’s moving up; however, rest assured the sound quality is surprisingly good.


  • Good quality practice set
  • Intended to be tranquil
  • Maintains full capacity
  • Comes with a high drum position of authority

Buying Guide

The choice of the best electronic drum set under 500 should be based on your requirements. If you have experience in drums, you probably already know what to look for. However, if you are starting to choose a set of electric rollers, it may be more difficult.


It is not good to spend a few thousand dollars on a battery if you are a novice drummer. There are two reasons why you should not consume that amount of money at the beginning.

The first is that, at this time, you may want to have a right battery level, but you will not know if you will feel the same way after 6 or 12 months on the road. If you lose interest in playing the drums, you will have spent a lot of money buying an expensive set of batteries that you will never return to.

The second thing for a beginning musician is that you will only improve if you practice. You can train as quickly in a cheaper or used package as you can in a costly model. Therefore, it would be prudent to choose a range of medium-range rollers that do not break the bank.

Additional parts

The only problem with the very Electronic Drum Set is that, in most cases, you will not be able to update parts of them and you will probably have to buy another one once you have finished growing. That’s why we recommend a range of mid-range batteries because you can add them by changing the cymbals and bass batteries. In this way, the set of records you bought can grow with you as your skill levels improve.

Type of battery set

The other option you must do is if you want an electronic drum set. That is exactly your choice, but most people when they begin to learn to play drums do so because they love the primary energy sense when playing an acoustic drum set, and that is how beginners start.

Where to get it

Another factor to remember when choosing the best electronic drum set under 500 is where you should get it. There are no outlets to provide music from where you can buy the best electronic drum set under 500, or if you know what you are looking for, you can get a used toolkit that can save you a lot of money; You have to check that everything is in good condition.


We hope these tips on how to choose the best electronic drum kit under 500 useful and have given you a clearer picture of what to look for when selecting a set of rollers.

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