10 Best Floor Standing Speaker Under 500 For 2019 Reviews

Today, audiophiles are everywhere and they settle for nothing but the best sound set up that they can get. Additionally, quality floor standing speakers can definitely change your sound system. not only are they good looking, drawing focus to a sound system and making it stand out rather than blend in, but they are also known for sounding spectacular.

Floor standing speakers are designed to slot in next to your cabinets and bookcases by taking advantage of the vertical space resulting in a small footprint. Here are some of the best floor standing speakers that you can get at under $500.

Beforehand, let’s take a dive at some of the factors you need to consider before you buy a floor standing speakers.

1. Size

You’re going to need a set of speakers that are big enough to fit your music room. of course, you do not require a set of speakers that are so big. There’re plenty of compact speakers that won’t take a lot of space on your floor.

2. Impedance

Refers to confining the flow of electric current to your speaker. A good speaker should have a rating of 8 ohms. It is worthy to note that speakers with low ratings are expensive and are meant for hardcore audiophiles.

3. Aesthetics

You need to select speakers that match with our aesthetics. Most speakers today are well designed to appeal to audiophiles who are interested in stylish and vintage in vinyl records.

4. Frequency Response

Frequency response is an important factor to consider for all floor standing speakers. If the selected piece cannot handle low, medium or high frequencies, then it’s not going to be useful.

5. Durability

Speakers have a lot of energy pulsing through them and this is going to have an impact on whether or not they’re going to last long.

1. Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex

The Onkyo SkF-4800 is a floor standing monitor that brings full spectrum and energy to your home entertainment. The twin 16 cm woofers of this device provide you with the heft to handle the dynamic, yet classical score. Even at high volumes, the music still sounds full and natural with stunning detail across the audio spectrum. Additionally, the spectrum soft-dome has high-frequency; thus, providing greater definition of audio and levels of detail.


  • Has twin 16 cm cone woofers
  • Has a maximum input power of 130 watts with a Frequency Response of 55Hz-35 kHz
  • Has an impedance of 6 ohms and 2.5 cm soft dome tweeter.
  • Has an equalizer with a fast and accurate response.

2. Polk Audio TSi500 Floor standing Speaker

The Polk TSi500 floor standing speaker is a flagship of the TSi series. The speaker has a 6.5″ drivers which have the power to handle the bass response in a spectacular way paired with a CS20 center for surrounds and PSW series subwoofer and you will have one incredible sounding home theater system. Additionally, the speaker is ideal for impact music and movies.


  • Has a single versatile high-performance
  • Has a frequency response of 28Hz-25kHz
  • Equipped with a 1″ polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome tweeter.
  • Has a recommended amplification of 20-275 watts.
  • Has four 6.5″ diameter bi-laminae organic fiber cone woofers.

3. ELAC Uni-fi UF5 Floorstanding Speaker

With a three-way speaker design, this floor standing speaker is a full range system. It has dedicated drivers with high and mid optimized frequency. Additionally, if you place the tweeter centrally, you get a mid-range vice coil achieves a uniform directivity pattern.


  • A balanced three-way design.
  • Has robust cabinets
  • Customer design concentric driver with a frequency response of 42-25000 Hz
  • High-quality feet and base

4. Elac Debut 2.0 F5.2 Floor standing Speaker

With the new custom drivers and improved customer cabinet design, the F5.2 Elac debut is a foundation of a serious two-channel system with an improved multi-channel set-up. If you add an app-enabled Elac subwoofer, you get a full range system that delivers quality sound at an affordable price.


  • 3-way design
  • Internally braced cabinet
  • New 1″ Soft Dome tweeter with wide roll surround.
  • Has floor spikes
  • Has a triple 51/4 aramid fiber woofers with vented pole piece.

5.Polk Signature Series S55 Floor Standing Speaker

This is the most compact tower speaker in the TSi series. Besides, it is an affordable price and small footprint means they can be used as the front channels in a home theater or as the main speakers in a music system. Additionally, the home theater can pair up with a Tsi100’s for surrounds, PSW series and CS10 subwoofer and you will have a great spectacular sounding system.


  • It’s equipped with a ” silk dynamic Balance Dome tweeter.
  • Has a frequency response of 35-25kHz
  • Equipped with two 5.25 diameter fiber cone woofers.
  • Has a recommended amplification of 20-150 watts.

6. Polk Audio TSi500 High-Performance Tower Speakers

This package includes a high-performance tower with a four 6 1/2 inch drivers. The speaker is tall and stylishly narrow. However, it is heavy built with braced MDF with a beautiful furniture finish. Besides, the transducer components are designed and engineered as other speakers that cost twice this modest speaker. Also, it has small drivers working in conjunction with the narrow baffle geometry to deliver more sound from more driver area than larger speakers.


  • Has a high-performance tower with four 61/2 drivers each
  • Durable with balance process.
  • Has a recommended amplification of 20-150 watts.

7. Klipsch RP-260F Floor standing Speaker

The RP-260F floor standing tower is part of the latest Klipsch’s premier series. Like the predecessors, this speaker does not disappoint. It has solidly built cabinet dual sport of 61/2 woofers for powerful, tight lows and clear Mids. Besides, it has Klipsch’s 1″ horn tweeter for extended, crisps, and highs. The dynamic room filling and moderate size make this speaker a choice for both home theater and music systems in medium to large sized rooms.

  • Dual 6.5″ spun copper cera-metallic cone woofers.
  • An MDF cabinet with a brushed polymer
  • 90*90 hybrid horn

8. Polk Audio TSi300 Floor-standing Tower

The Polk Audio TSi300 floor standing speaker is known for its straightforward, lucid, well-built construction, dominant bass and a fine imaging sound that is accessible to everyone. In addition, it boasts of the stylish look and complements of the flat screen technology with wood green finishes. The floor-standing speaker is built for value and sound quality.


  • It is a single versatile high performing floor-standing speaker.
  • Equipped with a 1″ silk composite Dynamic Balance Dome Tweeter.
  • Has a 5.25″ diameter fiber cone woofers.
  • Has a recommended amplification of 20-150 watts.
  • Frequency response of 35-25kHz

9. Yamaha NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker – Black

Yamaha has a legacy to give you the sound-quality speakers, and the NS-F150 model is no different. At an affordable price, the system has an elegant appearance that blends in with most cabinets. Besides, it is designed with complete detail to add all sounds, making it feel like a theater.


  • Gold plated terminals
  • Hs removable speaker grill
  • Has a piano black mirror finish
  • The speakers are sold differently

10. Klipsch’s RP-6000F Floor standing Speaker (Ebony)

The floor-standing RP-6000F is a revamped Klipsch’s reference premier line. It has a horn loading that maximizes efficiency and increases the details while focusing on high frequencies. In addition, Proprietary Tractrix technology offers the highest frequency in the listening area. Besides, the exclusive linear travel suspension minimizes distortion for enhanced performance. Plus, the speaker has new vented tweeter that helps in reducing standing waves; hence, resulting in enhanced and detailed clarity in high frequency.


  • Has a 1″ Titanium LTS vented tweeter with a hybrid of Tractrix horn
  • Flexible, strong with removable magnetic grill
  • Has a dual binding post for bi-wire

Final Thoughts

Floor-standing speakers’ designs have improved over the past years. Therefore, it is no surprise that they can be integrated with subwoofers to create a dynamic home theater just by a little tweak. However, when shopping for floor-standing speakers ensure you use the buying guide above.

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