10 Best Men’s Suit Under $500 For 2019 Reviews

If there’s something you need to know as man, a classic suit never goes out of style. Today, clothing trends to be more casual. From the simple gray designs to smart-sophisticated tailor made-suits are appropriate for any occasion. However, with the continued trend, cuts and prints are ever changing. Although your job might not require official suit wear, mixing your streetwear with a casual suit is king.

Given the broad selection from different brands, investing in a new suit may seem to be an intimidating prospect. If you’re a low spender, we have good news for you, you don’t need to break the bank on order to look great. In this guide, we discuss the top 10 best suits under $500.

Choosing the best suit depends on several factors. Highlighted below ae some of the factors you can consider when shopping for a suit under $500.

1. Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is critical when buying a suit. There are different materials available including wool, silk, cotton, linen, velvet, cashmere, and blended fabrics. Unless you are completely sure about the fabric, a suit made form 100% wool is the best bet. This is due to its insulating properties. Besides, wool is a natural material; hence, you can breathe well in it.

2. Perfect Fit

Not everyone will fall exactly into a precise clothing size. For clothing, a small difference hardly matters, however, to look great in a suit, perfect fitting is an absolute necessity. If you’re not sure about your measurements, then you need to take one in order to get the right fit.

3. Flexible and Timeless style

When buying a suit, always go for a flexible one with timeless patterns and cuts that can fit any occasion. The primary goal here is to go for something that will fit different levels of formality. In addition, the focus should also be on the shape.

Top 10 Best Suits under $500:

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Slim Fit

The Kenneth Cole Reaction is designed to be a travel smart and a tech savvy suit. With features like social storage pockets, stretch, and finished bottom hems; this is a perfect suit that fits on the go people. Besides, it is a dry clean only suit.


  • The suit if 30% Rayon and 70% Polyester.
  • It’s a dry clean only suit.
  • Pants, Blazer, and vest are sold separately.
  • Button closures.

2. Mage Male Men’s 3-piece Suit

The Mage Male 3-piece suit is ideal for many occasions. In addition, it has an adjustable waist band design that will make you wear your pants more comfortably. Besides, the chest pocket is designed for decoration. When you buy this suit, the two side pockets ae hemmed, however, you can disassemble them if necessary.


  • Features a one-button closure, notch lapel, and single breastfed. Additionally, the suit has Four Button V-neck vest with adjustable back tie.
  • Dry cleaning is recommended for this suit. If necessary, you can low iron before you wear.
  • Ideal for many occasions including weddings, business, graduation parties, daily life among others.

3. Ween Charm Men’s Shawl Lapel

The Ween Charm 3-piece is a slim fit suit. It features an elegant contrast color shawl chapel with a chest pocket for carrying handkerchiefs. Additionally, the suit has a soft should pad for a natural shape with two flap pockets. If you are looking for a one fit it all slim suit, then consider the Ween charm.


  • Has a V-Neck collar with four button closure; each chest pocket and two welt pocket.
  • Designed from premium quality fabric with a flat front design suit pants with elasticated bands.
  • Suitable for many occasions including weddings and business.
  • Has a single breast one button closure with an elegant color contrast shawl lapel.

4. Perry Ellis Men’s Slim fit

Are you looking for a contemporary on the go suit? Well, the Perry Ellis is your best bet. The suit is created in a roomier fit with the material mainly dominated by polyester.


  • Made from 81% Polyester, 17% rayon and 2% Spandex.
  • Dry clean only is recommended for this suit.
  • Has a notch lapel
  • Button closure mechanism
  • It is a stretch slim fit.

5. Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Slim Fit

The Kenneth Cole Reaction is designed to be a travel smart suit. It features a zipper closure and finished bottom hems; this is a perfect suit that fits in all occasions.


  • The suit if 30% Rayon and 70% Polyester.
  • It’s a dry clean only suit.
  • Zipper closures.
  • Has two button front with a notched lapel and side vents

6. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Modern Fit

Tommy Hilfiger Modern fit is a stretch suit that is expertly blended to keep its shape. Additionally, the fibers on this suit are wrinkle resistant and extremely resilient with an added breathability capability making it ideal for all climates all seasons.


  • Dry clean only recommended for the suit.
  • Made from 52% wool, 46% Polyester, and 2% Spandex.
  • Features button closure mechanism.
  • Stretch fabric which is expertly blended to maximize look, feel, durability, and comfortability.
  • 1 welt breast pocket and 13/4 flap pockets

7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s 32 Finished Bottom Suit

Blended to create a unique, yet an eye-catching finished bottom complete suit, the Kenneth Cole Reaction 32” is ideal for most occasion including wedding, business, and daily activities.


  • The suit is designed from 86% Polyester, 12% Rayon, and 2% Spandex
  • Features button closure mechanism
  • Has flat front pants
  • Dry clean only is recommended for this suit.
  • Has a finished bottom complete fit

8. Slavatore Exte Men’s Suit

Salvatore Exte offers a perfect fit, cut and look on suit collection, and this particular design is no exception. The suit has a 2 buttons with a single breasted jacket. In addition, it features a notch lapel.


  • Has a vested modern fit with a 2 button single breasted jacket
  • Has a flat front pant design.
  • Dry clean only recommended.
  • The flat front design come with a drop of 6”

9. Calvin Klein Men’s X-Fit Stretch Suit

Take your office wear to another level with an integrated technology that stretches in all directions and a color that stays true wear after wear. The suit also features an infinite black stretch.


  • The suit is 96% wool and 4% Spandex
  • Dry clean only is recommended
  • Button closure
  • The suit is slim fit

10. Haggar Men’s J. M Premium

With a lasting impression and a sophisticated look that will never disappoint, this men’s design suit features a slim fit design that is perfect for any occasion.


  • Designed from 2% Spandex, 34% Rayon, and 64% Polyester.
  • Dry clean only recommended.
  • Notched lapel.
  • Has flap pockets.
  • Has a center vent

Final Thoughts

With the trends changing and people favoring casual wear, suits can fit in occasion. However, to get the best suit under $500, you need to consider the material, fitting and style. There’ s a suit for every occasion. All you need is to choose the right one.

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