Top 10 Best Mortise Machines in 2020 Reviews

We have a variety of tool that you can use to make a mortise. Each of these machines has their advantages and let downs, but if you intend to make precise mortises that look professional, you need to go for a dedicated mortising machine. Owning a dedicated mortising machine offers you with a variety of benefits. Instead of using a chisel or chisel to make mortise, these machines are specially designed to help you make accurate cuts within a short time.

The machine forces out the waste and squares the cuts efficiently allowing them to pair with your tendons perfectly. This eliminates the guesswork of having to chisel out the mortise to fit. This gives you professionally done projects using minimal efforts. Regardless of the machine you use, it is hard to beat the efficiency, speed, and performance you will get from a mortising machine when it comes to woodworking operation.

Similar to other tools, we have various mortising machines in terms of size, design, power, and portability. This makes it hard for most users to find a model that fits their need perfectly. To assist you to select the best unit, we have included benchtop, and floor standing mortises that suit just about any need. Going through this buying guide will allow you to find a model that enables you to make accurate mortises all the time.

Top 10 Best Mortise Machines Reviews

1. Powermatic 1791310 PM701 0.75HP Bench Mortiser

Powermatic 1791310 PM701 0.75HP Bench Mortiser

The Powermatic PM701 Mortiser is an affordable yet high-performance mortiser designed for professional use. Setting up is simple so you don’t have to worry about wasting a lot of time before you can begin your work. For flexibility, this unit features multi-position hand lever paired with a mortising head.

The machine has a 0.75HP motor that operates up to 1725rpms.this provides the machine with enough torque that is capable of punching smooth and accurate mortises in various woods. There is also a depth adjust feature that stays locked down allowing you to cut your preferred depth while the sliding dovetail enables you to adjust the head travel resistance to match your needs.

What We Liked:

  • Simple set up
  • Powerful motor
  • Accommodates long stock
What We Didn’t Like:

  • Bogs down on hardwoods

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2. Makita 7104L 10.5 Amp Chain Mortiser

Makita 7104L 10.5 Amp Chain Mortiser

The Makita 7104L mortising machine is a perfect choice for timber framing as well as log home industries. This innovative machine helps you cur or notch through holes in thick logs quickly and accurately. We love its ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry from one place to the other. The machine comes with a powerful 10.5 amp motor that has the capability of tackling all job sizes. Besides, this machine comes with externally accessible brushes that make services simple and enjoyable.

The machine is also equipped with a razor sharp cutter chain that allows you to make clean and accurate cuts. This machine also cuts in three positions. To do this you simply need to torque the bar until the plunge is complete. Once this is done you can sweep the bar to the left at full depth. This saves you lots of energy and time. Moreover, this unit has adjustable knob and vise that allows you to attach the logs firmly.

What We Liked:

  • Heavy-duty application
  • Very portable
  • Adjustable knob and vise attaches the log firmly
What We Didn’t Like:

  • The Price is on the higher end.

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3. WMH Tool Group Powermatic 1791264K Model 719T Tilt Table Mortise

WMH Tool Group Powermatic 1791264K Model 719T Tilt Table Mortise

When you purchase the Powermatic 719T, you will not only get mortiser but also an innovative building lab. This machine comes with an oversized wooden table that offers you with plenty of work support. The machine also adjusts to any angle in-between zero and thirty-five degrees. This offers you the needed flexibility when working on various sizes of wood. Additionally, the table also moves to the tight, left, backward and forward on the dovetail ways.

The adjustable linear stops combined with flip down stops also allows for accurate repetition. You will also find a quick adjust clamp that offers decent holding force and swiveling capacity to accommodate angled work pieces. Similar, this innovative machine has a heavy enclosed steel cabinet that offers an abundance of inside storage where you can keep your chisels as well as other accessories.

What We Liked:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Multiple adjustments allow for flexibility
  • Has a movable table that allows for a wide variety of applications
What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not ideal for heavy duty tasks

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4. RIKON Power Tools 34-260 Bench Top X/Y Mortisers

RIKON Power Tools 34-260 Bench Top X/Y Mortisers

The RIKON 34-260 Benchtop X/Y Mortiser enables you to position your work precisely allowing you to make complex cuts thanks to its sliding X-Y axis table. The machine is equipped with Front controls that move the table backward, forward, left or right along the double dovetails ways. Users also find the front clamp pushes that work against the cast iron rear fence great as they help them to hold the logs down for more stability.

The unit is fitted with a powerful motor that will assist you to cut mortises quickly in tough woods without any stalling. In addition, this table features dual dovetails column ways that have adjustable stops for consistent and solid cutting of multiple mortises.

What We Liked:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Provides you with consistent and precise cuts
  • Powerful motor
What We Didn’t Like:

  • Chisels require sharpening on arrival

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5. Festool 574447 Domino 700 XL Joiner Set

Festool 574447 Domino 700 XL Joiner Set

Motionless machines such as hollow chisel mortises tend to occupy a lot of floor space in your shop. They are also expensive and require a lot of effort in setting up as well as maintenance. However, the Festool 574447 Domino 700 XL Joiner Set is made using a revolutionary concept that makes it easy to use. This makes it a perfect solution for professionals looking for a more elegant solution to deal with large-scale joinery.

This tool is fast, accurate and amazingly simple to use. No job is too complicated for this mortise. Thanks to its wider range of thick and long tendons, it is easy to join huge slabs, doors, gates, as well as the construction of sturdy beds and tables.

What We Liked:

  • Versatile for Any Project
  • Faster, More Repeatable Work
  • Very portable
What We Didn’t Like:

  • High price tag

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6. RIKON Power Tools 34-255 Bench Top Mortises

RIKON Power Tools 34-255 Bench Top Mortises

RIKON 34-255 bench top mortise enables you to remove all the guesswork from your woodwork project. With this mortise, you will make accurate and smooth mortise cut without much of a hassle. The machine features table extensions and a powerful motor that allows you to make cuts quickly in tough woods without any stalling. The unit also features Dovetail Column Ways that has adjustable stops to ensure unswerving cutting of multiple mortises. Another excellent feature that comes with this tool is the Gas-filled Stabilizer that assists control upward and downward chisel motion while working on the wood.

Looking at the features that come with this mortise machine, we can recommend it for professionals who are looking for a tool that they can use for a wide variety of projects.

What We Liked:

  • Pairings and possibilities are endless
  • Easy to adjust for more efficiency
  • Multi-position handle allows for increased control
What We Didn’t Like:

  • Clamping system needs improvements

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7. Shop Fox W1671 0.75 HP Heavy-duty mortise

Shop Fox W1671 0.75 HP Heavy-duty mortise

The Shop Fox W1671 is designed to address most of the frustrations that are common on other models on the market. It features additional features that are aimed at improving the efficiency and ease of making multiple mortise cuts. Some of the additional feature that comes with this unit includes 0.5-inch drill chuck, adjustable depth stop, quick setting handle as well as a reliable rack.

When dealing with larger stock, you would need wider depth capacity and extra height. Unlike other models where you will have a lot of trouble adjusting it to fit these requirements, you can take advantage of this unit’s unique swiveling base feature. Additionally, setting up is straightforward and allows for off bench operations as well as other new possibilities that allow you to make custom mortises.

What We Liked:

  • Unique swiveling base for added customization
  • Dual support columns
  • Adjustable depth stop rod allows for more precision
What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cuts are little bit rough

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8. DELTA 14-651 Professional 0.5HP Bench Mortiser

DELTA 14-651 Professional 0.5HP Bench Mortiser

Simple set up and easy to operate, the Delta 14-651 Mortiser will fit the needs of both professional and novice users. This machine comes with rotating mortising head and multi-position hand level that enables you to deal with complex off table project. Thanks to its advanced features, it is possible to punch smooth mortises in a wider range of stock.

Setting up this machine is a breeze. This is facilitated by innovative features including the adjustable rack, large capacity drill chuck as well as pinion fence. You will also get a height attachment feature that will increase the machine’s capacity by 1.75 inches. Similarly, this unit comes with a head that has an adjustable dovetail option that enables you to work on intricate jobs faster. You will also take the advantage of the lever locks down that is long enough to offer that more torque that is needed to mortise especially when dealing with hardwoods.

What We Liked:

  • Rotating Head and Adjustable Height Provide Versatility
  • Powerful Motor ensures Professional Results
  • Sturdy for Tough Jobs
What We Didn’t Like:

  • Difficult to make angled mortises

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9. Woodtek 876775 0.5 HP Hollow Chisel Mortiser

Woodtek 876775 0.5 HP Hollow Chisel Mortiser

The Woodtek 876775 hollow chisel mortise machine is key for various projects including woodworking, furniture, cabinetry, as well as boat building. The superior constructions allow you to have a heavy-duty machine that eliminates sticking chisel and rough mortises. The unit comes with an impressive hold down capacity that enables easy off the bench operations. Moreover, this well-designed base also gives you the flexibility to make custom mortise by providing you with extra depth and height capacity for handling larger stock.

Some of the other advanced features we love about this unit include the pinion plunge stroke; Lever controlled rack and a gas-filled head stabilizer that allows for smooth and precise control. Users also love the adjustable stop rods that make it possible for repetitive mortising.

What We Liked:

  • Long-lasting construction
  • Easy to adjust the depth settings
  • Wide range application
What We Didn’t Like:

  • No swivel base

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10. Grizzly G0645 0.50-HP Mortising Machine

Grizzly G0645 0.50-HP Mortising Machine

Beyond simply working better than other models, the Grizzly G0645 0.50-HP Mortising Machine is engineered to operate in sync, offering you the performance you deserve. This model features Drill square-sided mortises that allow for a wide range of applications. We also love the solid cast iron construction that ensures more performance and durability. The unit also includes a rack and pinion head control mechanism that will slide on an adjustable dovetailed column enabling you to make precision mortises all the time.

This unit also boasts of a pneumatic return strut that simplifies the step and repeat cycle involved in multiple drilling. Besides, we have a extensions block that increases the maximum stock thickness to about six 6 inches while the 0.5HP motor powers enable the machine to power through even the toughest wood.

What We Liked:

  • Creates clean and accurate cuts
  • Budget-friendly
  • Clamps firmly onto workpieces
What We Didn’t Like:

  • Small worktable

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Considerations to make when purchasing The Best Mortise Machines

Whether you are looking for a machine that helps you to mortise single pieces of wood or a more complex a serial-mortiser for crossbeams of a building frame, it is crucial to select the best mortise. Below are some of the factors that should help you in getting the best model.


The construction of the mortise dictates its performance and durability. Go for models that have solid and sturdy construction. For the best results, pick the units constructed sturdy metals such as cast iron or steel.

Mortise base

The base of the mortise also plays a major role in its performance. Some models come with a fixed base while others come with a swiveling base. Although the swiveling base offers more flexibility when cutting angled mortises, you should make sure that it has a base clamp to hold the timber down for accurate cuts.


The horsepower usually denotes the power of the motor. While the model with the highest horsepower tends to have more power, it is often expensive. Additionally, purchasing the model with the highest power doesn’t always mean that you get the best. The rule of the thumb here is to get a model that has decent power to make accurate cuts on both soft and hardwood.


The mortising machines come in different sizes. If you are looking for a fixed mortise to use in a workshop, go for the model with a bigger working space. However, if you shift from one workplace to the other, getting a more compact and lightweight mortiser is a great idea.

The above-listed models are easy to set up and offer you with professional performance. These tools feature rotating mortising heads and multi-position ability that enables you to work on various projects. However, this doesn’t mean that they are completely similar. Going through them will allow you to do an in-depth comparison and choose the tool that fits your needs best. Good luck!

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