Top 10 Best Motorcycle Battery

Those who are new to motorbikes may think the motorcycle batteries are all the same. When you start using them you will realize there is so much difference and choosing the right one makes a big difference in performance. It is crucial to be prepared as you head out to the road. You should carefully check the requirements for each motorcycle you ride to give it adequate battery power every time. When you purchase what fits and suits your motorbike, you will have excellent riding performance and avoid many problems.

The engine is the heart of the bike, but without the right battery, the engine will not work as desired. The best battery provides adequate starting power regardless of the weather conditions. Since there are so many models available in the market, it gets challenging to choose the right product. For that reason, we have put together this guide to help you make the best purchase decision for your motorbike battery.

1. Battery Tender BTL35A480C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Battery Tender BTL35A480C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
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Replaces Yuasa Battery: YIX30L-BS
80% lighter and 5 times longer life than a lead-acid battery
Foam spacers included
Quad terminal configuration for any direction mounting
Dimensions: 6.49 x 3.38 x 5.11 inches
Weight: 3.75 pounds
Voltage: 12V
CCA: 480
Lead-Acid Replacement Range: 26-35(Ah)
Operating temperature: 0 – 140 Degree (Fahrenheit)
Max Charge Rate: 10 Ampere

This Lithium Iron phosphate battery efficiently replaces the AGM, gel, and flooded types. It is excellent for motorcycles, ATV, watercrafts and dirt bikes among others. It is very light and has a longer lifespan compared to the other battery types. You do not have to worry about a snug fit since it comes with foam spacers to fit multiple battery box sizes. The quad terminals make it convenient since it can be installed in any direction in a snap.

Bottom line: it is lightweight and very safe to use.

– Lightweight
– Excellent safety features
– Minimal maintenance required
– Energy reduces over time

2. ThrottleX Batteries MX30L – MOTORCYCLE BATTERY

ThrottleX Batteries MX30L - MOTORCYCLE BATTERY
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Maintenance free
12 months warranty
Heat sealed non-spillage
Dimensions: length-6 5/8, width-5 3/16, height-6 7/8 inches
Weight: 22.5 pounds

The MX30L comes charged and ready to install. A riding enthusiast will love this battery’s performance. The factory activated AGM battery is leakproof and spillproof. It also has vibration resistant so you do not have to worry about damaging the battery due to excessive vibrations. It has an increased service life, durability and performance to quickly power your bike start. The AGM separators are protected by full frame plates hence the increased cranking amps and low discharge rate.

Bottom line: the MX30L exceeds the specifications of your motorcycle’s original battery and is something you will come to appreciate.

– Long service life
– High CCA
– Reliable power

– A bit heavy

3. Yuasa YTZ14S Battery

Yuasa YTZ14S Battery
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Weight: 8.6 pounds
Dimensions: 5.9 by 3.4 by 4.3 inches
Voltage: 12V
Amps: 11.2

Get the best performance for your motorcycle with this maintenance-free battery. It has a sealed design, shipped pre-charged so you simply connect and start riding. It features heavy-duty terminals that can withstand the tear and wear. You will love the low discharge rate that keeps it from losing its charge even when you keep the bike unused for a while. This low discharge is due to the Advanced Lead Calcium Technology. The battery has a remarkably high output, making it compatible with the high output motorbikes.

Bottom line: the battery is affordable, high power output and durable, making it worth the price.

– Affordable
– High output
– Easy to install
– Bulky appearance
– Slightly tall

4. ThrottleX Batteries HDX30L – Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

ThrottleX Batteries HDX30L - Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery
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Fully Charged
CCA: 400
Amps: 28
Dimensions: length-6 5/8, width-5 3/16, height-6 7/8
Weight: 23 pounds
Type: AGM
Non-spillage technology
30-day money back guarantee
18-month replacement warranty

This battery is a replacement for several original Harley Davidson model batteries including Ultra Classic 1997-2016, Tri Glide 2009-2016, Street Glide 2006-2016, Electra Glide 1997-2016, Road King 1997-2016, and Road Glide 1998-2016. It is made in the same manufacturing facility as the original batteries so quality should not be an issue. The AGM battery uses highly porous microfiber separators that absorb the acid completely and makes the battery spill and leak proof.
Bottom line: the Throttle X is a customer favorite that delivers enough power for the Harley Davidson bike family for a confident ride.

– Reliable power
– Assured safety

– Does not last as long as the competition

5. Renegade RG30L-WS CCA Battery

Renegade RG30L-WS CCA Battery
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Weight: 23 pounds
Voltage: 12V
Dimensions: 5 x 6.56 x 6.88 inches
Amps: 30

Just get it out of the box and use it. The battery comes charged and ready to use. It is maintenance-free meaning no acid or water refilling hence no leak or spill. It is time you ride with a reliable and powerful battery that has adequate CCA and longer service life. The battery is constructed with an impact-resistant cover and case and performs well in extreme weather conditions. The AGM construction provides a completely sealed battery that will not leak or corrode hence safe usage no matter in what alignment you install it.

Bottom line: You are assured of increased cranking power and solid construction and will not leak.

– Leak-proof
– Increased CCA
– Not that long lasting

6. Antigravity Batteries AG-801 8-Cell Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery

Antigravity Batteries AG-801 8-Cell Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery
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Dimensions: length-4.25, width-2.25, height-3.75 inches
Type: lithium
CCA: 240
Amps: 9Ah
Waterproof: yes
Warranty: 3 years

This small, compact battery offers extreme power and some serious weight loss on your bike. It can power bikes from 60cc to 1200cc with ease for race usage. This ultra-lightweight motorsports battery can hold its charge for up to a year as long as the bike has no GPS, heated grips, iPods, and ECUs among other parasitic drains. It is a US-made product that comes with 3-year warranty.

Bottom line: the battery packs so much power in a compact size.

– Very small and light
– Excellent weight loss and space-saving capacity

– It is more of an overkill in cranking power

7. Odyssey PC680 Battery

Odyssey PC680 Battery
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Weight: 15.4 pounds
Dimensions: 7.9 by 7.8 by 3.8 inches
Amperage: 18
Voltage: 12
CCA: 170
Warranty:2-year full replacement
Service life: 3-10 years

The Odyssey battery is designed to save you time and money. It has a longer cycle life 70 percent more than the conventional batteries. It delivers up to 400 cycles at 80 percent discharge depth to give you stable high voltage for longer. It recharges in about 4 to 6 hours and has a non-spill design and vibration resistance that protects the battery against impact shock and the mechanical vibrations. It is designed to withstand high temperatures without getting damaged like other batteries.

Bottom line: the battery is durable and is designed to withstand shock, vibrations and extreme temperatures.

– Durable
– Vibration resistant
– Temperature resistant

– Does not hold charge well if not used for several months

8. TPE Lithium Iron Motorcycle Battery

TPE Lithium Iron Motorcycle Battery
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Weight: 3.75 pounds
Dimensions: 8.2 by 7.2 by 4.1 inches
Wattage: 96
Voltage: 12
Charging Voltage: 14.4V – 14.8V
Charging Current: 4A – 15A.
Type: lithium-ion
Temperature stability: -10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Warranty: 2 years

This cylindrical battery has a strong safety performance with a patented mounting design with silicone sleeve and pads. The high-powered lithium-ion battery is lightweight and can store its charge for up to 12 months if not in use. It has double the life of lead acid batteries at about 5 to 8 usage years. It is safe, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. You can install it in any direction and still get the excellent performance.

Bottom line: this lithium-ion battery delivers a high powered stable voltage and is durable compared to the traditional lead-acid batteries.

– Long life
– Safe to use
– lightweight

– Cold starts usually take about 10 revolutions

9. MotoBatt MBHD12H AGM Battery

MotoBatt MBHD12H AGM Battery
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Weight: 23.8 pounds
Voltage: 12V
Dimensions: 7.9 x 6.4 x 5.1 inches
Amperage: 33

The MotoBatt MBHD12H battery comes factory sealed, valve-regulated and is maintenance-free. No more risk of acid spillage when your bike leans on the side. It has easy multiple terminal installations with long terminal connection strength, increased power flow, and excellent durability. Even when you are not using the battery, it barely discharges; you can just start your bike in the next season without battery troubles.

Bottom line: a durable, powerful battery that does not spill or leak.

– Low discharge
– No spill or leak
– durable

– slightly heavy

10. MotoBatt MBTX20U AGM Battery

MotoBatt MBTX20U AGM Battery
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Voltage: 12V
Amperage: 21
Weight: 14.3 pounds
Dimensions: 6.9 x 3.4 x 6.1 inches

Easy to install due to the patented top front and side connection terminal design. It has increased power flow, connection strength, and durability. Get the highest CA and amp hour from the heavy cast positive and negative frame grid. This battery will discharge very slowly when left unused for extended periods.

Bottom line: the heavy-duty battery to power your hungry bike.

– Mount upright or sideways
– Excellent crank
– Reasonably priced
– Poor customer service

Factors to consider


Before you begin your search for the right motorcycle battery, consider what your motorbike requires. This includes the size for a perfect fit and the power requirements like voltage, amperes among others. This will help narrow down the possibilities from many battery options in the market.

Types of batteries

You should be specific about the type of battery you need for your motorcycle. The most popular one is the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). It has a mat that absorbs the electrolytes and is very versatile and has wide applications. It uses a tear resistant glass mat separator to hold the electrolyte in place, therefore, eliminating any leak or spillage. This battery type is maintenance free and has inaccessible cells.

You can also consider buying a gel battery which has a silica-like gel suspension of electrolytes. The gel guarantees no leak since it contains no liquids. Even if it breaks, you have nothing to worry about since there will be no spill. The gel batteries are often mistaken for the AGM. There are some differences in these two technologies. AGM batteries have no charge restrictions like the gel types and have a very low rate of discharge even if left unused for extended periods. The AGM batteries also have higher CCA compared to the gel types.

Conventional acid-filled batteries are also still in use. These types have the lowest CCA and must be recharged before use. They are not sealed and can easily spill the acid. They require regular maintenance and do not have such a long lifespan as the recent developments like AGM.


Take this very seriously. The longer the warranty the better as it shows how confident the manufacturer is with the battery. The extended warranty ensures you get an extensive support from the manufacturer, and in case of any problem, you can get help or a replacement battery.


A battery that takes your time to maintain is not worth buying. Consider a battery that will retain its functionality and quality over the years while not requiring much maintenance.

Power ratings

This technical detail indicates the overall performance of the battery. One with a higher power rating is good but will come at a higher price. The power rating is expressed in volts.


If you still are not sure which one to go with, read through reviews left by other customers. This will help you get the reviews from a user’s perspective and decide which challenges are worth ignoring to gain the advantages of the battery.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

This measures the battery power produced when you start the bike. A battery with a higher CCA produces and sustains a higher power. This is crucial, especially when you take into account the age of your bike and the aftermarket accessories. As a bike age, parts begin to deteriorate therefore require more power from the battery. Aftermarket parts may not be as responsive as the original accessories and may require higher CCA to function optimally.


Choosing the best motorcycle batteries is not a walk in the park. However, with a comprehensive guide like this, your work can be easier. Factors like durability, battery life, size, and compatibility are just a few of the things worth considering when shopping for your next battery. When you do it right, the battery will serve you longer and will perfectly power the motorbike in any weather.

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