Top 10 Best Offset Patio Umbrellas in 2019 Reviews

Having a relaxing place in the sun is something most people would give anything for. With the right offset patio umbrella, you can create the perfect relaxing position in the garden, by the pool or at the deck. When you have a portable, adjustable, and large umbrella, you can have fun in any weather condition.

There are many types and varieties of offset patio umbrellas making it a challenge for some people to choose the right one to purchase. These umbrellas are becoming very popular since they provide large and adjustable shade and offer excellent portability. Here are some of the best types and a guide to buying the best one for your needs.

1. Le Papillon Cantilever Patio Umbrella

Le Papillon Cantilever Patio Umbrella
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Color: Beige
Item weight: 43.3 pounds
Fabric: 100% polyester
Shade area: 10 feet diameter

Experience a relaxing environment under this umbrella no matter the weather condition. It can rotate 3600 and covers a diameter of 10 feet. Since it follows the sun all day, this umbrella provides maximum shade whenever needed. It fits perfectly in the backyard, garden, poolside or the balcony to provide a wonderful outdoor shade.

It has a durable and weather-resistant cantilever construction and is more stable than many market umbrellas and other types. The pole and 8 ribs have a rust-free powder coating to give them excellent durability.

Bottom line: it has a reliable construction and easy to operate

– Easy to operate with the crank system
– 3600 rotation
– Wind vent at the top for free air flow and pressure regulation
– 98% UV protection
– Easy to set up in about ten minutes

– Does not comes with the base weight

2. Abba Cantilever Umbrella

Abba Cantilever Umbrella
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Type: offset umbrella
Base design: cross base
Size: 11 feet
Canopy shape: round
Frame finish: powder coated
Pole material: rust-free aluminum
Air vents: yes

This large umbrella provides adequate shade in multi-positions. It uses a push button to vertical tilt the umbrella fit the height requirements. The crank lift makes it easy to open and close the umbrella for a cooler outdoors environment. The rugged construction makes this cantilever umbrella more durable and suited to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements.

Expect a 98% UV protection when relaxing under this umbrella due to the high-quality polyester fabric that is also resistant to fading.

Bottom line: it seats up to 8 people and can cover a 72-inch rectangular table.

– Easy cranking for opening and closing
– Tilt using the push button option
– The wind vent provides better air flow

– It does not rotate

3. Grand patio Offset Umbrella

Grand patio Offset Umbrella
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Fabric: 22og fade resistant UV protection polyester
Fabric Color: Beige
Frame: rust-free aluminum with brown powder coating
Pole diameter: 2.4 inches
Cantilever diameter: 1.9 inches
Ribs: 8 Aluminum
Opening Mechanism: Crank
Opening angle: Adjustable
Air vent: Yes
Base type: Container Base

The Deluxe Napoli is a super sturdy, stylish design cantilever patio umbrella with all aluminum frame. The 11-foot umbrella provides an excellently large shade with water resistant and UV protection canopy featuring air vents. Once you fill the stand with water or sand the umbrella becomes very stable. The base has wheels for easy movement to the desired position. It opens and closes easily using the crank lift system and the opening angle is adjustable within 90 degrees for safety.

Bottomline: a large, sturdy and stable umbrella with wheels for easy repositioning.

– High-quality construction
– Has an integrated base
– Very versatile and adjustable

– The metal screws on the underside can scratch the deck
– Difficult to find a nice cover

4. PURPLE LEAF Double Top Deluxe Umbrella

PURPLE LEAF Double Top Deluxe Umbrella
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Size: 11 feet
Color: Khaki
Weight: 67 pounds
Adjustment mechanism: hand crank
Frame material: alloy steel

With the Purple Leaf offset umbrella, you are certain to get maximum round shade coverage. Its alloy steel frame gives it a sturdy and durable construction. It has anti-oxidation spray for extended lifetime. It requires little effort to adjust using the hand cranking mechanism, even a child can adjust the umbrella. Expect to use it for long without losing its color due to the fade-resistant and waterproof polyester canopy. It is now possible to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather condition.
Bottomline: Purple Leaf provides the shade, waterproofing, and durability for a relaxing outdoor environment.

– Waterproof and fade resistant polyester fabric
– Double design air vent for heat and wind regulation
– Has 360-degree rotation

– Does not come with a base

5. Ulax Furniture 11 Ft Patio Umbrella

Ulax Furniture 11 Ft Patio Umbrella
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Umbrella Type: Cantilever
Canopy Shade: Round
Canopy Diameter: 11 feet
Fabric Type: Sunbrella® acrylic
Fade-resistance. Standard Grade 4
Frame: brown powder coat finish
Opening Mechanism: Crank

When you get the Ulax Furniture cantilever umbrella, you are sure of a comfortable and reliable shade no matter the weather condition. The 11-inch diameter canopy provides about 95 square feet of shade. It has 7 different tilt positions to follow the sunlight and can rotate the canopy 3600 too. The Sunbrella acrylic fabric is extra thick, waterproof and fade resistant and has an air vent on top for a cooler shade and wind pressure regulation.

Bottom line: it provides a large shade and can adjust to follow the sunlight for all day shade.

– Easy to put together
– Turns 360 degrees

– Requires weights

6. C-Hopetree 8’6 Deluxe Cantilever Patio Umbrella

C-Hopetree 8'6 Deluxe Cantilever Patio Umbrella
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Umbrella Type: Cantilever
Canopy Diameter: 8.5 feet
Fabric: 200 g Olefin
Pole Material: powder coated aluminum
Frame: Brown powder coated finish
Ribs: 8 steel ribs
Opening Mechanism: Crank
Tilt System: Tilt & Lock
Rotation: 3600
Air vent: Yes

The C-Hopetree ensures you have a comfortable and reliable outdoors weather protection any time you want. With a 10 feet elevation, the cantilever umbrella provides adequate shade without a center pole to obstruct movement. The Olefin fabric provides up to 90% UV protection and keeps the space under it cool. The umbrella rotates 360 degrees and can be adjusted using the crank lift mechanism.

Bottomline: Get maximum shade and UV protection to relax in any weather.

– The canopy is mold and mildew resistant
– Provides 98% UV protection
– Has 3600 rotation and 450 tilt for maximum shade
– Easy to open and close using the crank handle
– Free storage cover provided
– Powder coated finish for durability

– Does not come with base weight

7. Ulax Furniture Solar Powered LED Offset Umbrella

Ulax Furniture Solar Powered LED Offset Umbrella
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Umbrella Type: Hanging umbrella
Canopy Shade: Round
Canopy Diameter: 11 feet
Fabric Type: Polyester fabric
Fade-resistance: Standard Grade 4
Frame: powder coated
Opening Mechanism: Crank
Air vent: Yes

Get up to 95 square feet of shade under the 11 feet diameter canopy for a wonderful summer. When nighttime comes, just switch on the solar LED for a glowing enjoyable night. It has heavy-duty tube pole and 8 aluminum ribs with rust-free powder coating for strength and durability. Its canopy fabric is extra thick polyester that is fade resistant and water resistant. It tilts and rotates to copy the sun’s movement all day for maximum shade.

Bottomline: This patio umbrella is constructed for durability and maximum shade.

– Has cool solar LED illumination
– Maximum shade all day with the tilt
– Excellent adjustment mechanism

– No weight for the cross base
– One crank handle for opening, closing, and rotation

8. Sundale Outdoor Offset Umbrella

Sundale Outdoor Offset Umbrella
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Canopy material:180g Polyester
Frame: Aluminum pole and iron ribs
Size: 8.2 feet
Pole thickness: 1.5mm

The outdoors umbrella is made of a strong aluminum pole for maximum stability. It features a 5-position tilt and 3600 rotation to maximize the shade as the sun moves through the day. You do not need to spend your energy moving it, just reposition the canopy and enjoy the shade. It is constructed of a high-quality material that can withstand the elements, even when exposed for extended periods.

Bottomline: The Sundale offset umbrella is what you need for a hot summer month

– Efficient UV and weather protection
– Has anti-fade capabilities
– Easily operated with a crank lift mechanism
– Features a five-position tilt and 3600 rotation to follow the sun
– Has a Velcro strap wrap for protection and storage

– Weights not included

9. Outsunny Offset Patio Umbrella

Outsunny Offset Patio Umbrella
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Color: Wine Red
Overall Dimensions: 10ft x 8ft H
Canopy material: Polyester
Frame: Aluminum and steel

Even though it is fun experiencing the sun, sometimes it is just too much and requires protection from. With this umbrella, you can relax outdoors, no matter the weather. It provides superior protection from UV and the weather. The 10 feet radius combined with the 4-position tilt and 360-degree rotation provides maximum shade all day.

Bottomline: Outsunny is what you need for a relaxing and memorable summer.

– Easy to assemble
– Opens and closes easily using the crank mechanism
– Provides UV protection
– Reliable and durable canopy material and frame

– The weights are not adequate even in moderate winds

10. FARLAN Patio Umbrella

FARLAN Patio Umbrella
Buy now from Amazon Specifications
SIZE: 8 feet height and 9 feet diameter
Operation: crank and push button
Canopy material: 210g polyester
Frame: all iron
Pole type: 1.5-inch diameter, no powder coating

Experience the best of the outdoors without the limitations of the weather. This umbrella will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and keep you dry in wet weather conditions. You no longer need to spend lots of money to get the best quality umbrellas. FARLAND does it all and ensures reliability and durability.

Bottomline: With the FARLAND patio umbrella, you can be sure of a cool outdoors experience no matter the weather.

– Easy to put up and pull down
– Vented canopy to regulate wind pressure and heat
– Easily wrap around with Velcro straps

– Not made of heavy canvas
– Low LED glow

What to Consider When Buying A Patio Umbrella

1. Umbrella Frames

Patio umbrellas are made from one of the three main types of materials, which are aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. Each type has its benefits and demerits hence the need to carefully consider before making a purchase.
– Aluminum: This is the most commonly used material since it durable, lightweight and has a beautiful appearance. It is also economical and corrosion resistant.

– Wood: Wood has a natural appeal, has a sophisticated appearance and fits with many decors. However, it is expensive and not as durable as aluminum. Wood cannot handle extreme weather conditions when left outdoors for extended periods. Wooden poles do not rotate and can only be opened and tilted manually.

– Fiberglass: Fiberglass give outdoors umbrellas the greatest durability and are lightweight, weather resistant and flexible. The flexibility allows it to slightly bend in the wind without breaking. This material is non-corrosive and is the best investment one can make in a patio umbrella.

2. Opening mechanism

Umbrellas can be opened manually, using a pulley system or with a ranking system. Wooden frames are typically operated manually or via a pulley system, but metal ones can be operated using a ranking system.

3. Tilt methods

Patio umbrellas are designed to offer maximum shade no matter the time of day. Using a tilt mechanism, the umbrella can give a significant amount of shade to protect you from the harmful UV rays. They can have either a crank tilt, collar tilt or push-button tilt option. The collar tilt method is the most popular and works without the user leaving his chair. The crank method requires cranking till you get the best position. The push-button method requires a simple push of the button to get the desired tilt position.

4. Shade size

It is crucial that you consider the canopy size when shopping for a new patio umbrella. Once you have decided the amount of shade you need, you can easily pick an umbrella with the right size. Pick an umbrella which is five feet larger than the area you want to cover.

5. Canopy fabric

The umbrella fabric is a major determinant of the final cost. There are five major fabric types used to manufacture patio umbrellas.

– Sunbrella: this US made fabric is fully solution-dyed and does not fade. It provides excellent UV protection.

– Ofelin: this fabric has excellent weather resistance and offers remarkable protection from UV rays.

– SolarVista: made in France, this light-weight fabric is made from acrylic.

– Spun Poly: this fabric offers excellent strength, smooth quality, and durability.

– Coolaroo’s Open Weave: this fabric has excellent UV protection, but still offers free air circulation.

6. Flexibility and shade

It is important that you select an umbrella that offers the maximum shade and has excellent flexibility. The umbrella can be offset or cantilever to cover areas without taking up standing space like the market umbrellas.

7. Umbrella styles

Market: This umbrella style is the most popular and features a single pole with about eight ribs from the center. The edges are clean cut.

Beach: This type has sections with loose flaps all around the fabric edge and can be multicolored.

Cantilever: it has a unique construction that allows the arched construction to stand off center. This allows the umbrella to cover an area with furniture without taking up space among the furniture.

Drape: this type can be a squared-off edge with a flap hanging off each side.

Illuminated: these types have some form of illumination underneath along the structure lines.

Wall mount: if you want a fixed patio umbrella, then these types fit the purpose. They can be mounted on a wall or pole nearby to leave the ground free for movement and furniture.

8. Accessories and features

Umbrella covers: it is important that you purchase an umbrella with a cover. It is essential for storing the umbrella or protecting it from harsh weather.

Lighting: an umbrella with inbuilt lighting is great. It has a wonderful ambiance when night comes. Some have attachment options or battery-operated lights while others have solar LED lighting already installed.

Netting: if you want to use the patio umbrella in an area with insects, then consider purchasing one with a large net that will completely enclose the umbrella especially at night.
Replacement parts: umbrellas are man-made things that break or fail at times. It is crucial that you buy one that has readily available replacement parts.


It pays to consider your health first when planning to buy anything. As summer approaches, the UV exposure benefits us by participating in the synthesis of Vitamin D, however, excessive exposure is harmful to your skin. Finding the right offset patio umbrella will play a significant role in keeping you safe from cancer or premature aging. Try one of the above selections and you will never regret the choice.

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