Top 10 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2019 Reviews

Table tennis game has remained a popular game for over a century now. Today, millions of people continue to enjoy this game as a pastime while others play it professionally. Both the professional and recreational players will benefit from this game. While a professional may play it for monetary benefits it offers, those who play it as a hobby enables them to stay in shape.

As mentioned, not everyone would want to play table tennis professionally, but, there are some of us who aspire to become pros. Regardless of the level, you would want to play this game; it is crucial for you to select a table tennis table that meets your needs.

However, we have various models on the market. While this could be a good thing since you have many models to compare, it may also mean that you will spend a lot of time doing the comparison. To make your buying process smooth, we have reviewed the top ten best table tennis tables available on the market today. Instead of going through hundreds of products, it will be easy for you to compare these best selling products and settle on the most appropriate choice.

Here are our top 10 best table tennis table reviews and buying guide.

1 STIGA Advantage Indoor ping-pong Table

STIGA Advantage Indoor ping-pong Table

STIGA is one of the earliest founded sports brands with over half a decade on the market. Over the years it has been on the market, this brand has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to the production of high-quality ping-pong tables. You can use this competition ready table tennis in your home or office. Setting up this unit is super easy as it comes 95 percent preassembled.

It comes with a unique design where every table half features its separate caster beams. This means that you can separate the two halves when not playing and use them for other uses. For added convenience, you are provided with a 72-inch tournament grade net and post that features a clump style attachment.


  • Safety latch system
  • Quick play assembly
  • Excellent playability


  • Takes long to fold

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2 JOOLA inside 15mm ping pong Table

JOOLA inside 15mm ping pong Table

If you are looking for a ping-pong table that does not only offer you with excellent performance but also looks great, you will love this model. This table tennis table has remained on the top of the list of the best selling ping-pong tables for long and with a reason. One of the reasons why many people prefer it is because of its affordable price. The table also includes all the versatile features that are needed for an exciting table tennis gameplay.

Instead of one long table, this table comes in two separate halves. This design allows you to use it in playback position for solo practice. The two halves come handy especially when you need additional table especially when you have a party.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Converts into playback position for solo practice
  • Smooth and thick playing surface


  • Heavier than other models

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3 STIGA XTR Outdoor Tennis Table

STIGA XTR Outdoor Tennis Table

Sometimes, it can be a pain in the skin to keep rearranging your furniture everytime you want to fit your ping-pong table. Instead of having to go through all this trouble, you can purchase an all-weather table that you can use in the outdoors. This model is designed with weather resistant and durable materials that are rust free, waterproof, and resistant to sun damage. This means you can enjoy an outdoor game all year round without worrying about weather damage.

The assembly time is less than ten minutes. Since it comes 95 percent preassembled, the assembly time is reduced significantly. Moving this table from one place to the other is simple thanks to its 3-inch wheels with locks.


  • All weather ping-pong tables
  • Independent table haves design
  • Easy to fold for storage


  • A bit higher price tag

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4 JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Tennis Table

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Tennis Table

Most standard ping-pong tables are an excellent choice for individuals looking a model they can enjoy a game together with friends and family. However, if you are thinking of going pro, you need something more professional. The JOOLA Rally TL 300 ping-pong table offers you with tournament quality at the comfort of your home/office. This table is approved by the USATT, meaning you can schedule a tournament with your friends on the level ground.

The table also includes professional grade net and stand as well as consistent ball bounce. Similar to other models listed here this table comes in two separate halves allowing for playback mode as well as compact storage and multiuse.


  • Superior surface offers reliable and consistent ball bounce
  • Professional grade
  • Separate halves for compact storage and playback mode


  • No antiglare finish

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5 Kettler Outdoor Tennis Table

Kettler Outdoor Tennis Table

The Kettler aluminum ping pong table top is constructed using a pioneering weather resistant technology to come up with a more durable outdoor table tennis. This table features an Alu-Tec innovation, which is patented warp resistant technology with the ability to control contractions and expansions due to weather changes. The table also features an internal wood composite that facilitates true bounce for superior play.

This table is also foldable to a compact size when not in use. To make the storage much easier, this unit also comes with dual-wheeled casters, which makes it easy to transport What’s more you the two halves design facilitates playback position if the solo practice is your thing.


  • State Of The Art Powder Coating
  • Alu-Tec Climate-Control technology
  • Foldable design


  • Being a professional grade model, we expected better support

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6 DUNLOP Official Tennis Table

DUNLOP Official Tennis Table

DUNLOP Official Table Tennis Table is an excellent choice for both professional and individuals who play ping pong for fun. The fact that this is a model that is easy to find in most table tennis clubs tells you something. This table is designed to offer a fair playing surface for competitors. If you prefer having a professional table rather than a basic table, this is a great pick.

Unlike another professional grade model, you do not have to pay a hefty price for this one. This makes it an excellent choice for people who would want a high quality, professional grade table for practice, friendly games, and hosting tournaments.


  • Easy to sold design for playback and storage
  • Perfect ball bounce
  • Great support


  • Complicated assembly

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7 STIGA Outdoor Tennis Table – Vapor

STIGA Outdoor Tennis Table - Vapor

This outdoor table tennis table brings the perfect combination of top-notch features and impressive performance. If you were one of the individuals who is looking for table tennis table to have enjoyable moments with friends while still improving your game, we would recommend this table. The table is full of convenient features including good balance, sturdy construction, and weather resistance.

It is hard to find another table that beats this table quality regarding weather resistance and portability. Having been engineered with a composite aluminum top, which is warp resistance and a thickness of 6mm, you can trust the table to offer you with an impressive ball bounce. Some of the other awesome features you will get include 90 percent pre-assembly, outdoor net, and anti-tilting for an improved bounce.


  • Stable and durable
  • Variety of advanced features
  • Superior weather resistance


  • The color is too bright

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8 Harvil Outsider Tennis Table

Harvil Outsider Tennis Table

Dazadi, the owner of Harvil brands, is committed to producing products that help friends and family to have an enjoyable time together. The brand produces game equipment as well as other tools that fit hang out spots, game rooms, and patio, filling your home with fun things to do with friends. When coming up with this outdoor ping pong table, the manufacturer combined modern design and innovative craftsmanship to come up with a model that has playful colors and features that meets our ever-changing lifestyle.

As mentioned earlier this is an exclusively outdoor ping-pong table ideal to be set up and enjoyed outside. It comes with a sturdy steel frame and a weatherproof aluminum top. What’s more, this unit comes with lockable wheels that allow you to move it with ease. It is also foldable and has a protective cover to keep it dust free when in storage.


  • Convenient, and Easy to Store
  • Great delivery service
  • Net set included


  • The color fades after long time exposure to sun rays

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9 JOOLA Midsize Compact Tennis Table

JOOLA Midsize Compact Tennis Table

Would you want to have a table tennis table in your apartment but you do not have a lot of free space? Why don’t you consider having this midsized model from JOOLA? This is a custom-made table, which is lesser than the typical models in the market. This saves you a lot of money that you could have used in customizing a dull size model to fit your house. Thanks to its smaller size, this table will fit smaller apartment and still give you the same performance that you can get a full-size model.

Moreover, this table is available in two sturdy halves that you can use for multiple uses. The table also comes assembled, so you do not need to worry about assembly. Besides, the foldable design allows you to save your much-needed space when you are not in the mood for playing.


  • Foldable size
  • Customized size to save space
  • No assembly required


  • Less than the recommended standard size

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10 Milliard Midsize Ping Pong Table

Milliard Midsize Ping Pong Table

As far as space saving table tennis tables go, the Milliard Midsize Ping Pong Table is the cream of the crop. This solid and sturdy table is built to last a very long time. The table features a sturdy steel frame and a composite top that is durable. This offers you with a good surface to play table tennis. Additionally, since people living in apartments don’t have the luxury of space, you can also use the table for basic use inside your room.

Living in a small or crowded apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite game with your friends. Take advantage of this sturdy and aesthetically appealing table that doubles as reading, dining, and table tennis table. When coming up with this table, the manufacturer seems to have considered everything from practicality, design, storage, to fit the needs of people who live in small apartments.


  • Very Portable table tennis set
  • EXTRA Reinforced frame for more support
  • Space saving design


  • Single table, no two halves hence no playback option

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How to purchase the best table tennis tables

For you to get the best table tennis table, you need to have the relevant information on what to look for before you can make your choice. The following tips will assist you to get a model that you can rely on for many years to come.


Table tennis table serves various purposes. Some are made for tournaments while other for recreational purpose. If your primary goal is to get a model you can have friendly games with your family and friends, go for a model that address the needs of both children and adults. However, if you would want to go pro and you need professional grade tennis table go for models approved for tournaments.

Ease of assembly

Purchasing a difficult to assemble table tennis may mean that you will end up spending a whole day doing the assembly. Some you may need to call a professional to do the assembly for you. To avoid these inconveniences, go for models that come preassembled. The best model shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to assemble.

Space available

Do you have a large indoor space or would you want to place it in the outdoor? Remember, if you do not have enough space inside your home and have a patio or a yard where you can place it, go for the outdoor models. However, if you live in a small apartment, you should go for the medium-sized and foldable ping-pong tables.

The playing surface

Ensure that you have purchased a table tennis table with a smooth playing surface. The top should also be made using composite materials preferably water resistant especially if you would want to purchase an outdoor model. Besides, the surface should not be prone to warping and should give good ball bounce.

Final thought

Purchasing a high-quality table tennis table is an excellent move for every homeowner. With this table, you can enjoy quality time together with friends and family. We hope that you will find an appropriate choice in the above list, which will meet your needs. Remember we have included a wide range of product regarding price, construction materials, and size. For this reason, take your time to go through each model before making your decision.

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