Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats in 2019 Reviews

These are radio controlled boats that offer a very different experience that is fun. There are RC boats for everyone to enjoy playing with. It does not matter what your age group or experience level is.

They provide a great experience for the family or for racing with friends. They make a great gift for a kid, but an adult will also enjoy the experience. You just never outgrow these things. Since there are so many of such boats on the market, you can be so confused when shopping. Due to this, you need a good and informative shopping guide like this. Going blind will result in purchasing the wrong boat that will not serve the intended purposes.

1 UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

Venom can achieve a super speed of 15mph blowing all the other boats out of the water. It is capable of extreme turns and auto flips to help you keep it in play even after capsizing. Its four-channel controller operating at 2.4GHz can race multiple boats simultaneously. This electric boat features a water-cooled motor for a reliable operation. Its anti-tilt hull makes the boat very stable. It is stylish, affordable and has excellent speed.

You will love the low battery warning feature to give you time to bring it to shore in time. Do not worry about the battery overcharging or over-discharging; it has an excellent battery safety system. The included extra rechargeable 600mAh battery will double your racing time and fun. Just avoid salt water, and the boat will last a long time.

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2 UDI007 Voyager Remote Control Boat

UDI007 Voyager Remote Control Boat

The Voyager has a sleek design, making it look beautiful even before you put it in the water. It is streamlined and has a compact design for great handling and maneuvering small water bodies. Its 2.4GHZ transmitter can manage the extended operation. The standard marine radio system has extended range and automatic code pairing. You will race without interference and for longer distances. The controller can operate multiple boats simultaneously.

When the battery drains, just charge using the USB charger conveniently via your car charger, power bank or computer. The boat comes with an extra 1500mAh battery to double your racing time and the fun. Each battery can take you 7-9 minutes. Ride it without worry of tilting since it features a powerful anti-tilt hull design to take care of that.

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3 H102 Velocity Remote Control Boat

H102 Velocity Remote Control Boat

Just like its name, the Velocity is a unique boat set apart from the other models. Its large-prop motor pushes the boat to more than 20MPH. From the controller’s LCD you will see the detailed NAV input. It displays both power and signal to help you have maximum fun and be in full control. The capsize recovery mode will flip the boat back on when it capsizes. Not many boats can do that.

You will feel like you are cruising in a real boat when this speedboat is at full speed. The double-hatch design makes it more water resistant, hence improved durability and reduced maintenance. It features an emergency stop to stop the boat dead in its cruise better than other remote control boats.

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4 CSFLY-DeXop Rc Boat

CSFLY-DeXop Rc Boat

This is one durable boat made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. This makes it smooth, and easy to maintain. In case you have to replace a part, it is quite simple. It features a self-righting responsive V Hull with an anti-tilt modular design. This design keeps it stable and reduces resistance so it can move faster.

Its powerful motor can make the boat go at 20 km/h. Experience working with the strong transmitter with random frequencies of 24MHZ, 40MHZ and 49MHZ that makes it go for about 50 meters. Working with the controller is very easy; just turn left, right, forward, backward, and rotate 360 degrees with ease. It features a built-in waterproof switch to protect the hull and internal components and ensure durability and efficiency. The boat uses the included 700mAh rechargeable battery while the remote uses two AA batteries. Do not play with the boat in saltwater, as this will damage the boat.

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5 SZJJX RC Boat 2.4GHz 4 Channels Remote Control Electric Racing Boat

SZJJX RC Boat 2.4GHz 4 Channels Remote Control Electric Racing Boat

Enjoy racing this powerful remote control boat up to 25km/h. Its remote control distance is exceptionally long up to 150 meters for more fun and freedom. If the boat capsizes, do not worry, it can do an automatic flip. The 180-degree turnover action brings it back to the race.

It features a high-performance and durable motor that is protected from the water. It has a wonderful water resistant design and the automatic air-cooling system to protect the boat from overheating. It is easy to switch between the left and right throttle and is convenient for both left and right-handed persons.

With the LCD you can read the direction and other navigation information more intuitively. Another fun part is that with one controller, you can manage multiple boats within the 2.4GHz frequency simultaneously. You will enjoy the ease of operating this boat. A full charge will take you 8 minutes of play, then recharge for 45 minutes.

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6 KingPow Tempo H100 2.4G 4CH Remote Control Boat

KingPow Tempo H100 2.4G 4CH Remote Control Boat

You do not have to be a kid to enjoy this boat. The experience of riding it brings exhilaration and is a way to gain boating skills. It is easy to control in all directions as accurately as desired. The boat can manage a speed of 30km/h and a maximum control distance of 150 meters. This means more fun, even in a large water body like a lake. Its hull is waterproof with an anti-tilt modular design. It is built from the impact-resistant ABS plastic making it durable and easy to maintain.

This boat is recomm3nded for those above 14 years, including adults who love the simple fun activities. When you are through with playing, open the top cover and remove the battery to let the hull dry.

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7 Electric RC Boat Remote Control Boat for Kid

Electric RC Boat Remote Control Boat for Kid

This remote control boat can transmit a strong signal through random id frequencies in 24 MHZ, 40MHZ, and 49MHZ. The remote can manage a range of 50 meters. Its powerful motor can make the boat achieve a speed of 15-20km/h. It is even more fun how it is designed to self-balance for a stable sailing. Using the controller, the boat can move forward, backward, left and right. It uses a rechargeable battery of 4.8V and 700mAH capacity. Just three hours is adequate for charging and do not leave it to charge overnight.

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8 AHAHOO RC Boat 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control Electric Racing Boat

AHAHOO RC Boat 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control Electric Racing Boat

Nothing is as powerful like this remote control boat. It can achieve a speed of 30km/h and a remote control range of 150 meters. This will give you more fun and manage longer sail distances. Its water-cooling system reduces the motor power loss and allows you to ride longer.

The boat can do an automatic 180-degree turnover when it capsizes. Add this to the self-righting function, and you get a stable boat that is fun to play with. Its 390 strong magneto drive provides a reliably strong performance. Even though the default mode is left hand, you can change this as desired.

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9 DeXop RC Boat

DeXop RC Boat

Feel the power of this 370 type racing motor capable of a speed of 24km/h. The propeller is designed for huge thrust but protected from easily being damaged. It has a high capacity battery of 800mAh that can keep you playing longer. It is easy to control and can move back, forward, left and right effortlessly due to the vector-push design.

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10 GoolRC GC001 Remote Control Boat

GoolRC GC001 Remote Control Boat

This boat packs a lot of fun experience for anyone. It can manage 30km/h and run for about 15 minutes before the battery requires a recharge. The 2.4GHZ controller can operate multiple boats simultaneously as long as each is paired correctly. The powerful water-cooled motor operates safely and reliably. The hull design makes the boat easy to control and attain high speeds and stability.

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Remote control boat Buying guide

For a first time buyer of a remote control boat, the joy and lack of knowledge can lead you to buy the wrong boat. It is crucial that you know more about the boats as you do your shopping. Here are some basics to help you along the path.

Types of RC boats

These remote control boats come in different types, shapes, and sizes but the final decision lies with your preference.

Electric Boats

These types are easy to operate and do not make any noise when operating. You will not worry about disturbing anyone around. If you are not mechanically perceptive, they will fit your plan since they require minimal maintenance. The brushless ones are faster than the nitro engines.

The performance, however, depends on how you charge the batteries. For an extended playtime, consider carrying an extra set of batteries. Water and debris can get into the vent holes, therefore, harming the motor. You may be stuck as to what to do when something goes wrong yet the batteries are expensive.

Nitro RC Boats

These types of boats are more complex but give more fun. All you need is add more nitro fuel and the play time can extend as desired. It offers you the real feel of an engine with smoke and the noise. If you are interested in improving your mechanical skills, then this is the boat. They are faster than the brushed motor engines and are more water resistant.

The noise may be fun but can cause you problems with the neighbors. The nitro fuel is not cheap, and the boat requires a higher level of skill to operate and repair. You may not use it indoors due to the fumes emitted.

Sail RC Boats

Sailboats have the least maintenance demand and are fun to race. It is fun to control as it helps hone your boat-handling skills. It is mainly powered by the wind against the sails, so there is no engine to worry about. It offers a relaxing and fulfilling sailing experience for those interested in sailing.

Racing RC Boats

These are the most common RC boat types. Most beginners will love them, and the experienced hobbyists will not pass them by. They are available in electric-powered, petrol-powered, and nitro-powered engines. The electric boats are the most common since they are easy to maintain and are quieter. There are racing sports boats and racing speedboats for different water sizes and skill sets.

RC Scale Boats

These are a smaller scale version of favorite ships. It can be a battleship, destroyer, ocean liner, or combat ship. These types are not designed for speed. They mainly satisfy the realism, appearance, scale, and performance as you play with them.

What to look for

As you shop for the perfect RC boat, you must have a few preferences to consider. There are so many boats on the market, and this can confuse. There are many types, designs and sizes to choose from. Here are some basic parameters to help you in purchasing the right boat.

What you need it for

If your interest is to race, then a sporting boat is your choice. This will allow you to enjoy the speed. They can attain high speeds and are perfectly designed to cut through the water. They have motors or engines just for speed. With the right boat type, you can win every race.

Power system

Boats work on three main power systems, electric from the battery, fuel, and wind for sailboats. Choose the right type based on your preferred power system. Picking the wrong one will cost you a lot. For a hot tournament, a battery-powered boat will let you down. Consider your needs beforehand.

Shape and the design

What you see is crucial, the beauty and design make it aesthetically appealing. It also contributes to the performance on the water. When riding what you love to see, the fun doubles. Choose the color to fit the contest and stand out from the crowd. Pick a sailboat that will control its balance, especially if you are racing someone.

Electronic Speed Controls (ESC)

This part controls the boat’s speed. It specifies the maximum speed at which the boat can work. It is a digital throttle and can be brushed ESC or BL ESC.

Transmitters & Receivers

Consider the boat’s transmitter and receiver. A reliable one will give you a longer range and give you more fun. It should be durable since it is used a lot.


The battery-powered boats require powerful batteries to push them longer. Check if the voltage and battery type are available where you live in case you want a replacement. The rechargeable ones are better since they are cheaper in the long run.

Remote controlled boats are fun to play with and easy to operate. They have minimal frequency interference and recharges easily. The type that requires little or no maintenance will make your life easy. Select a boat that is safe for kids. It is a confusing world out there, especially if you go shopping unprepared. However, these tips will enlighten you to identify the right RC boat clearly.

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