Top 10 Best Remote Control Car for Kids in 2019 Reviews

Top 10 Best Remote Control Car for Kids in 2019 Reviews

Whether you are passionate about model making or want to have fun with your children, electric remote-controlled cars are among the most accessible and easiest to drive to get started. However, the number of models on the market is not designed to make your choice easier. It is essential to consult a purchasing guide such as this one.

Best Remote Control Car for Kids in 2019:

1. DOUBLE E 1:12 RC Cars Monster Truck

This 4WD all-terrain DOUBLE E 1:12 RC Cars Monster Truck has wheel equipped with a long-stroke suspension, which allows it to maintain great stability even in particularly difficult situations. Its body housing all the electrical and electronic part being raised, it allows its operation even in a puddle, not exceeding the height of the tires.

Built at 1:12 scale, it measures 27.5 x 23.5 x 14 cm and weighs about 1.2 kg. Its remote control operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, which makes it possible to run several radio-controlled cars on the same ground without risk of interference, several channels being available in this frequency range. Its range is about 80 meters, which is more than enough because it is not recommended to lose sight of it. Designed ergonomically, it allows easy control, even for a kid of 8 years. The left hand controls the forward / backward direction while the right hand can direct it to the left or right.

This RC car is driven by two brushless motors and is powered by a 4.8 V 700 mAh Ni-Cad battery. Its top speed is not huge, 20 km / h but is, in our humble opinion, more realistic in relation to its size. This model is undoubtedly the best RC car to start.


  • All Terrain :This recreational buggy has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of terrains, be it on the sand of the beach, the grass of the lawn, a terrain strewn with pebbles and so on. It goes without saying that on the floor of the living room or on the pavement of the car park next door, it will be quite comfortable.
  • 4 wheels driving: Each wheel of this buggy actively participates in its propulsion. None remain passive. They are also equipped with a suspension of great efficiency that gives it a perfect stability even on rough tracks.


  • Cadmium-Nickel battery:The accumulator battery that the team is not what is the best nowadays but at the price where this buggy is offered, we can not complain too much.

2. Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car comes with a 2.4G remote control that is equipped with a professional transmitter. This component allows you to access a variety of control parameters of the car and ensures that you can control it from a distance of up to 100 meters. This way, each user can easily control it even if this device is used over a large area. This feature also ensures that the execution price of this product is stable and its steering system very responsive, especially when cornering.

This model is equipped with an impact attenuation system that effectively reduces friction. The presence of such a mechanism limits vibrations so that you can use this device in comfort and safety, without risk of damaging it. To optimize the longevity of its components, the car comes with 4 non-slip and wear-resistant wheels.

This way, you have the choice to use it indoors, but you are also free to use it outdoors according to your needs. In addition, this device offers a speed of up to 50 km/h to allow you to drive in a realistic way using such a type of vehicle.

Looking for a practical and functional rc car, you can find satisfaction by choosing the Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car.


  • Professional transmitter remote control: The remote control of this model is powerful, as it gives you access to a variety of parameters and offers a control distance of up to 100 meters.
  • Shock Mitigation System: This device is offered with a shock attenuation system to reduce friction and vibration of the vehicle during use.
  • Non-slip and resistant wheels: The wheels of this article are not slippery and they are wear-resistant to give you the freedom to use them both inside and outside.


  • Lower ground clearance: This equipment may have difficulty driving in higher grass as its ground clearance is lower than it should be.

3. Hosim Radio Controlled Off-road RC Car

The car uses an independent 4-wheel suspension system. It is suitable for different types of roads and is suitable for the needs of model vehicle racing enthusiasts. It is able to pass over a carpet, grass, mud or tile. The device allows you to choose between 3 different speeds. You will have the freedom to choose between high, medium and slow depending on your needs. This equipment meets the specific needs of each user.

The vehicle is travelling at a speed of 20 km/h. It moves quickly during each race. Its remote control ensures its remote control. It helps you to handle this equipment to perform various types of movements. Thus, the use of this device is comfortable. This component has a range of 50 metres. Such a distance is more than enough for a miniature vehicle.

Its battery is of lithium ion type and it is available in two versions with this model. These elements are rechargeable for freedom of handling without managing annoying wires. In addition, their presence in two units allows you to switch to one if the other exhausts its load for a longer driving time.

In order to have access to the varieties of benefits of a remote-controlled car, you must be aware of its strengths and weaknesses. This is the case of Hosim Radio Controlled Off-road RC Car.


  • Suspension: This equipment uses an independent suspension system on each wheel for use in a stable condition.
  • Different speed options:This equipment offers different speed options, including high, medium and slow speeds to suit a variety of requirements.
  • The remote control:This device uses a remote control for remote control of the car. It has a range of 50 meters for the control to be done correctly on a space located at this level.


  • Not waterproof: It is indicated that this material is not waterproof. Therefore, caution should be exercised when using roads with moisture.

4. KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car is an all-terrain remote-controlled car. You can use it anywhere you want on land or in water, it is always able to drive for about 20 minutes. This gives you a considerably longer game time compared to what some models can offer. Thanks to its drainage system, it is able to adapt to being used in water.

The tires on this vehicle are large and made of non-slip rubber. These components allow you to enjoy a satisfying gaming experience. Indeed, they ensure that you can overcome all obstacles without difficulty. In addition, its 4 wheels are equipped with an independent and differential suspension system to offer you superior handling and control.

This product comes with a 6V 700 mAh rechargeable battery that already comes with a charger. This element is easy to remove when the time comes to recharge it, because you just have to unscrew the 2 compartments where it is located. This article is mainly made of reinforced plastic. It is a resistant and safe material to offer you a considerable longevity and protect you from injuries.

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car is the equipment you can turn to if you are looking for a basic but functional hc car.


  • An off-road car: This is an off-road model that can be used on land, but can also be adapted for use in water thanks to its drainage system.
  • A long play time: the device offers you a considerably long play time that lasts for about twenty minutes to allow you to spend a moment of continuous relaxation.
  • Practical tires: the tires that accompany this article are large and non-slip so that you can face different obstacles and have an experience that allows you to relax better.


  • Less convenient battery charging: Some users would have preferred not to have to remove the battery in order to be able to recharge it.

5. Hapinic Off Road RC Car

The Hapinic Off Road RC Car has a place in our RC car comparison because in addition to being equipped with 2.4HZ technology, it is also ready to run and has been made to last over time. Indeed, it is equipped with hankook tires, a 20 T brushed motor and many spare parts. It is therefore suitable for both children and adults.

This model is recommended from the age of 8, as it allows young children to discover the wonderful world of model making among other things. With its 2.4 GHZ technology, there will be no interference if you are in the presence of people who also operate an RC car. Note that this brand is the reference in RC cars and therefore, be prepared to make a significant investment if you choose the Hapinic Off Road RC Car, because it is quite expensive. Anyway, with this model, you will be the master, because its lights can be lit quickly and easily, at your simple request and in addition, it can run on all types of terrain.

Moreover, this model is ideal for people who are just discovering the world of model making.

Where to buy the best RC car capable of crossing? You will have a better chance of finding your happiness by heading to a renowned brand like Axial, a real reference in the RC world. The Hapinic Off Road RC Car is the ultimate crossing crawler, thanks to its adapted tires, powerful engine and robustness.


  • Ready to drive: No tedious assembly to carry out or DIY to do. The Hapinic Off Road RC Car is directly ready to overcome any obstacles you put in its way, and you won’t have to wait long before you can test your driving skills.
  • Crossing: The power delivered by its 20-tonne brushed engine, the quality of its suspension and its Hankook tires with a foam interior structure are all assets that make this Axial a formidable crossing crawler.
  • Spare parts: They are numerous on the market, and are available on order. You will then be able to maintain, modify and improve your vehicle step by step.


  • Battery and batteries: Unfortunately, they are not delivered with the car. You will need to buy some separately.

6. GPTOYS RC Truck

GPTOYS RC Truck is aready to drive car, equipped with 2.4GHZ technology and it benefits from Fail Safe technology to make it safe and also to protect the property of others.

Being a thermal model, the GPTOYS RC Truck has a combustion engine that runs on nitromethane fuel, but it can still be suitable for children from 12 years old and of course, adults. Unfortunately, to enjoy this RC car, you will need to buy a starter set for a combustion car as well as 12 AA batteries and a charger and once you have these elements in your hands, you can drive the car anywhere. So, upon delivery, you will have in your possession a GPTOYS chassis, a bodywork and the remote control.

Apart from the missing parts, choosing this RC car would be a good and beautiful investment, whether or not you are new to model making, because the GPTOYS RC Truck still has a good quality.

Which RC car to choose from the different models on the market? If you like small fast cars and supercars, then the GPTOYS RC Truck should probably seduce you.


  • Pre-assembled: GPTOYS RC Truck delivers a vehicle ready to drive and fight. This way, you won’t have to hold your child’s (or your own) impatience.
  • 2.4 GHZ technology: Organize races with your friends without interference thanks to this automatic channel selection technology.
  • All-round steering: Thanks to the front and rear steering, the GPTOYS RC Truck will be much more manoeuvrable and have a better crossing capability.


  • Start-up: Some customers had a little trouble starting the car. In this case, it is possible to contact RC clubs or other model making enthusiasts who will undoubtedly be able to give you valuable advice.

7. Lamborghini Veneno Sport Racing RC Car

is an all-terrain electric RC car, but more. Indeed, this car is equipped with 2.4 GHZ technology and can be used by a 12-year-old child. Also note that this monster racing model has full steering, front steering and rear steering, which means it can drive without limits and is very enjoyable for people who like speed in the reduced state.

In the event that you rely on the Lamborghini Veneno Sport Racing RC Car, you will be entitled to a chassis, bodywork and remote control. However, for the car to work properly, you will need to purchase a 7.2V battery, a charger for the battery and 8 cute R6 batteries for the remote control.

In short, the Lamborghini Veneno Sport Racing RC Car would suit monster truck enthusiasts given its nature, but it is essential to acquire the other accessories to make the most of the RC car in question. It is true that this is quite unfortunate and generates additional expenses, however, it is a necessary investment that you will not regret in the future.

The Lamborghini Veneno Sport Racing RC Car deserves to be ranked among the best RC Rock Crawlers on the market. It is distinguished from other models by its all-wheel steering, which offers a definite advantage.


  • Rock Crawler: Obstacles, rocky roads, this Monster loves it. Thanks to its power, 4-wheel drive and steering, nothing can get in its way.
  • All-round steering: Thanks to the front and rear steering, the Lamborghini Veneno Sport Racing RC Car will be much more manoeuvrable and have a better crossing capability.


  • Manual: It would not be of much help in controlling or maintaining the vehicle.

8. VCANNY Remote Control Car

The VCANNY Remote Control Car is suitable for children from 12 years old and is designed to be able to drive anywhere.

In addition, it has everything to please speed lovers, because even with its size, it can travel between 40km/h and 60 km/h and it is very enjoyable especially since, as you know, it can travel everywhere.

If you choose this model, all you need to do is place batteries in its control box to start it, as it is delivered assembled. In addition, it should also be noted that this model is delivered with tuning parts for enthusiasts in this category. In short, this RC car can be suitable for all model-making enthusiasts and even for children who are just beginning to develop this passion. Finally, with its fail safe system, this RC car is protected from various damages related to failures along the way. Similarly, even in the presence of several people using RC cars, you will be at ease thanks to the 2.4 GHZ technology integrated into this car.

You want to have fun with a pro quality RC car but you don’t know which model to start with? The VCANNY Remote Control Car, which is one of the best RC car brands of the moment, will give you the pleasure of a reliable and efficient RC.


  • Already assembled: If with most RCs it is necessary to go through the DIY phase, it has the particularity of being delivered completely assembled. Then all you have to do is take the controls and play.
  • Accessories: Everything you need to operate the car is already included: the remote control, the 7.2 V battery pack, the 7.2 V battery charger, and of course the car (chassis and bodywork).
  • Speed: In standard mode, it can travel at 40 km/h, which is already fun. But to make this VCANNY Remote Control Car the most efficient and fastest, you can replace the engine, transmission and controller. It can then reach 60 km/h.
  • Maintenance: This VCANNY Remote Control Car can be maintained like a real vehicle. It is indeed possible to replace some parts (faulty or not) with others with a higher level of performance.


  • Battery life: The battery lasts between 15 to 30 minutes, which is quite short, according to some users’ opinions.

9. Double E 1/12 RC Rock Crawler Remote Control Truck

With its four-wheel drive and particularly strong tires, you can have fun on any type of terrain. Each of its wheels has its own coil spring shock absorber to ensure great stability in all circumstances, whether on grass, on the beach or on steep and rocky terrain.

It is equipped with a powerful engine cooled by a finned radiator and powered by a 7.4 Volt 1,100 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery. Thus equipped, it is able to reach a top speed of 50 km/h, making you unbeatable during a small competition with friends. With the original battery fully charged, you can run for 15 to 25 minutes depending on whether you drive in grandpa mode or sporty driving.

It comes with an AC adapter, a special charger for Li-Po batteries, a cross key to secure your tires and of course, the remote control emitting on the 2.4 GHz frequency. The latter allows you proportional control of both forward and reverse speeds as well as steering. This allows you to slow down before entering a bend and regain speed once you are in the middle of it, just like a rally pro would do.


  • Powerful:This little car can reach the impressive speed of 50 km / h for such a small size. According to those who had the chance to try it, she would be the best RC car in its class. Its cooled engine will not overheat even if you drive continuously during the 15 to 25 minutes of autonomy that offers its Li-Po battery.
  • 4WD: With its 4-wheel drive and 4 independent suspensions, this car is very efficient on any terrain provided still to run at reduced speed during crossings.
  • Quality wheels: The 61 mm diameter wheels of this remotely operated vehicle not only allow it to roll on many types of terrain but, very elastic, they also allow to effectively dampen shocks.


  • Access to the switch and battery: Every time you want to switch it on or charge your battery, you have to remove the bodywork.

10. SainSmart Jr. Transform Car Robot

This RC car uses a solid 390 magnetic motor. This component is robust and allows this equipment to perform well. Indeed, the vehicle is capable of travelling at a speed equal to 53 km/h. The driving feeling that such a material helps you enjoy is realistic and it drives fast.

The device is waterproof. As a result, he is not afraid of any contact with moisture. But always make sure that the water level does not exceed the lower part of this device to optimize its performance. Its 2.4 GHz remote control is powerful. It helps to remotely control this device and allows you to move it forward, backward, turn left or right according to your needs. You have the choice to use it in a race, the driving is done without worry in the comfort of your chair.

The wheels of this model are suitable for use on different types of terrain. You can use them in the desert, in a place where there are a lot of stones, on muddy ground or on snow. In all cases, it drives in good condition and at a satisfactory pace.

An RC car can have many advantages, but this does not mean that it will be without weakness.


  • A considerable speed: The device drives at a high speed of up to 53 km/h for realistic driving.
  • A waterproof device: The device is not afraid of the slightest contact with moisture so that it will not be easily damaged if you take a road where there may be splashes.
  • Remote control: This equipment uses a powerful 2.4 GHz remote control that allows you to enjoy sensitive control of the vehicle.
  • Compatibility with different types of roads: This model is compatible with different types of roads, including deserts, mud or snow to avoid limiting the path you can take.


  • Complicated counter-ignition: According to some opinions, to switch on this device, it is necessary to remove the component where the battery is located.


These cars can be delivered as a kit or as a ready-to-race model. If you are in a hurry, not very busy or not equipped enough, opt for the latter, otherwise the assembly, far from being a chore, can be very exciting, good moments to spend with your children with the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

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