Top 10 Best Remote Control Car for Kids in 2020 Reviews

If you are planning on getting a remote control car for a kid, this review will help you understand what to look for and give you the best choices to select from. Do you have RC enthusiastic kids or teenagers? These cars will make them so happy, engaged and creative as they play. Buy the right car for their age and watch the glow on their faces grow.

10 Best Remote Control Car for Kids Reviews:

10. AHAHOO RC Car Boat 4WD 6CH Land & Water Amphibious Tank

This double-sided amphibious RC car can perform excellently on land and water with 360-degree spin and flip. The four-wheel independent vibration system helps ease vibrations from affecting the car or its components. It lets the car close to the ground when operating and to powerfully accelerate. The advanced 2.4GHz remote frequency has interference protection so many cars can race together. The remote range is 60M on land and 30M on water. It uses strong and powerful motors to give it the speed of 20 km/h for a thrilling driving experience. It is super shockproof and has a precision waterproof design.

9. Double E RC Rock Crawler Remote Control Truck

Your kid will love the experience of the off-road performance of this car. It is a four-wheel drive and is powered by a powerful dual motor to handle any terrain with ease and stability. It has the large-scale details and gives the kid a realistic driving experience. The high-capacity rechargeable 6V battery provides long life performance. The vehicle has independently installed suspension springs to prevent vibration damage and to protect the electronic parts better.

8. Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control Toy for Toddlers

Your baby deserves the best RC racecar perfect for their age. This car is bright, colorful and is an ideal toy to help children learn and play with electronic toys for the first time. Cartoon R/C can drive forward and reverse and is fast enough for the kids. It features easy two-button control and other fun buttons for the kid. Also, It has a removable race car driver figure that the kid can take out to play with. Adding that, it is perfect for toddlers who are just beginning to play with remote control toys and are easily maneuverable for their age.

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7. EpochAir Remote Control Car

This great RC car has three adjustable gears; floor, wall and off. It can drive perfectly on the floor and sue suction technology to scale walls and glass for a thrilling experience. The remote control has infrared sensors to control the running speed and change the direction. It can make a 3600 rotation while reversing. It is equipped with intelligent, bright head and rear lamps. They turn on depending on the direction and turning. They bring endless fun to kids even after dark.

6. VCANNY 12 Scale Electric Remote Control Truck with High Speed 40km/H 4WD 2.4Ghz

VCANNY RC car off road truck electric high speed vehicle has no problem going through the marshy land, grass, wet mud, sand or any rough terrain. It has a semi-waterproof feature to allow playing in any weather. Get your RC enthusiastic kid this amazingly fast vehicle powered by a powerful brush 540 motors to drive at up to 40 km/h. It has highly responsive steering and throttle, an ergonomic transmitter for superior control. It features S-truck suspension technology for off-road performance, strong and durable, Perfect for specialized operation, like turn, drift, and flip, built for superior handling and control, forward/backward, left/right.

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5. Tobeape RC Car, Wireless Remote Control Off Road RC Toy Car

This car is so powerful from the dual motors and has some serious power torque that makes it easier to complete difficult moves. It can ride on off-road conditions, beach, and camping activities. It has indecently installed suspension springs for more flexibility and shock proofing to protect the electronic parts and the body. The tires are made of eco-friendly TPE material that is elastic, soft and is adjustable based on the road condition. The car has strong body structure to withstand impacts and give you a longer service life.

4. TOZO C2035 RC CARS High-Speed

Get your kid this powerful and long-range RC vehicle for the best driving experience. The 2.4GHz radio control has a range of up to 100 meters. It has a durable and robust construction that makes it perfect for specialized operations. The four wheels have independently installed suspension with high resilience helical spring for an impressive dampening effect and a steadier drive. Everything about his vehicle is impressive, from its construction to performance. The powerful motor can drive it to a speed of 30 mph and above. It as current overload protection, longer service life for the electric plate.

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3. Double E RC Rock Crawler 4WD Remote Control Truck

This four-wheel drive RC vehicle is designed for off-road performance. The front and rear dual motors deliver a strong power torque allowing it to conquer any terrain and remain stable all through. The simulated cool front lights give the kids a realistic driving experience. The 6V 800mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery gives it a long operation time. This RC has independently installed suspension system. The four suspension springs work efficiently to prevent damage from the vibration and to give the kid an excellent driving experience and stability.

2. SZJJX RC Car, 1/12 Scale 4WD High-Speed Vehicle

The car has a heavy-duty construction with metal gear parts for better durability. This gives it high efficiency and longer life compared to plastic gears. It has a shockproof suspension system for handling rough terrains and a highly responsive steering system for quick maneuvering. Each wheel is a helical spring independent suspension for an impressive dampening effect for a steadier drive.

It has a scale of 1:12 off-road four-wheel drive vehicle with LED lights for multi-terrain racing. It can achieve a speed of up to 50 km/h and can drift. You will not get any interference on the 2.4GHz radio control when racing multiple cars together. It can achieve more than 100 meters of remote control distance.

1. INTEY RC Cars Amphibious Remote Control Car, Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

Both kids and adults will love this amphibious all-terrain RC car. It is IP6 waterproof and has rubber tires for floating in water, and to give the best experience on snow or rocks. It has extreme skid resistance making it perfect for rocks, beach, grass, mountain, and camping activities. The four wheels have independently installed suspension springs for a more flexible shock proofing. Either side of the vehicle has anti-collision baffle for maximum protection. It can manage 8-10 km/h on land and 0.8 km/h on water. The 7.2V and 9V battery can power the CR vehicle for 15 continuous minutes of operation.

How to Choose Best Remote Control Car for Kids:

1. Type of vehicle

The market is full of different types of remote controlled cars to choose from. They mostly fall into the categories of trucks, cars, or buggies. They are all referred to as RC cars, but there are differences in the vehicles

  • Cars: these are the fastest with some capable of achieving 100mph. They are best used on a smooth surface like a paved road. These cars handle excellently allowing you to speed around any obstacle.
  • Trucks: these are recommended for off-road experience. They can handle the rough terrains better than RC cars. They are perfect for outdoor use, and some models are even water-resistant.
  • Buggies: these types are best for both worlds. They can be used for on-road and off-road racing. It’s not as fast as cars and cannot climb rocky terrains the way trucks can, but it great as all-purpose vehicles.

2. Price range

It is crucial that you check the price when choosing a remote-controlled car. When shopping for a young kid, it is better to start with a cheaper one since they are prone to breaking toys fast. Adolescent kids may prefer top speeds so consider something durable, and in this case, pricier.

Very young children can do with RC cars at the lower end of the range due to the high-risk breakage. They have fewer features and basic controls. They may not go as fast or handle rough terrains like the more expensive models. The cars ranging from $100 onwards have more features, are sturdier, and have higher speeds. When shopping for kids, consider the medium range prices since they have impressive features, speed, and durability without the need to break the bank.

Power source

The main power sources for RC cars are electric and nitro fuel. The electric cars are powered by a rechargeable battery and are easy to get started with. All you have to do is charge the battery, put in the car and you are good to go. These cars are usually cheaper than the nitro types but are slower and less powerful.

The types that run on nitro fuel are fast and powerful but are more expensive. These cars are designed for the serious RC car enthusiast and require some maintenance. You will have to buy gas and oil for the cars and have an additional maintenance cost. For smaller children, this is not an attractive type of RC car, but for the adolescents who love the noise and power, nitro-fueled cars are the best option.

Remote controls

This is the part that connects your hands wirelessly to the car to control it. It uses radio transmitters to talk to the car. The stick controls are fairly easy for kids to learn using. The pistol grip type allows for more precise control over the car but has a steeper learning curve compared to the easy stick control.

Most advanced remotes are the 2.4GHz pistol grip types. They offer a proportional control over steering and throttle and give an increased range and customization. These features may seem appealing to the adult or teenage user; they may not mean anything to the young children.

Some feature Bluetooth connections for control. This allows you to use a phone or tablet to control your vehicle and opens a world of possibilities. You can stream music, operate the turn signals and even open the vehicle doors. They, however, come at an increased price.


It is important to decide how big the car should be. Its scale tells you its size in relation to the real full-sized car. They typically come in ranges of 1/16 to 1/5. The larger the size, the more expensive the car will be but will have more replaceable parts for easy repairing. Consider where you will store the car when buying it.

Intended use

Before settling on a remote control car, you should be clear on what you want the car for and where you will use it. You may prefer speed over the ability to move over rough terrains.


Consider the age rating of the car before buying it. For example, a two-year-old will not properly manage to use a car rated for a five-year-old. They may not even be interested in the car. The age is usually marked clearly on the package to help you make your purchase decision.


A remote control car made out of durable material may be a bit expensive but will serve your kid for a long time. Cheap material like hard plastic will only give the user a few days or months of use before breaking down. The car should have a solid built to withstand the rough handling by kids.

Speed and safety

The performance of an RC is the most important aspect for the enthusiasts. The performance determines how much fun you will get out of it. The main elements are speed and handling. The speed will depend on the kid’s age since toddlers may not enjoy high-speed cars. This may even be a safety hazard to them and those around the house.

Battery life

The remote control cars spend more time charging than the time you spend using it. Some cars have longer drive times than others depending on the battery. The best battery is that which will ride longer and take the least time recharging.

Modification or upgrade options

You may need to make some upgrade on your RC car after purchase. Find a car that is easy to repair when something goes wrong or breaks. A car that gives you the option to make modifications allows you to customize it to your preferences. These may be too complicated for the child, but are essential for the adult enthusiast.

There are only a few gifts that will thrill your kid when they receive it. A remote control car is almost every kid’s dream, and the more powerful and feature-rich, the better. Consider durability, ease of control and comfort while operating it. A reliable and durable RC car will serve the kid for long.

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