Top 10 Best Scuba Gear Packages in 2019 Reviews

It may be a challenge buying a scuba gear, especially if it is your first time. You need the right information to help in making the right purchasing decision. It is crucial that you buy a comfortable fitting gear that will serve you for years to come without disappointing.

Diving gear is a great investment, so you are better off buying the best within your budget range. It is an equipment that will last for a long time so buying a comfortable and reliable model is crucial. When you spend more on key pieces like the BCDs and regulators, you will feel the difference in performance.
A diving gear is a personal gear, hence the need to carefully select what will work perfectly for you. When you dive, it becomes an extension of you. Get what will fit your body exactly. With so many models on the market, it is important that you try many models before landing at the right one. This guide, however, makes the search shorted since we have selected the best for you to choose from.

1. Cressi R1 BCD

   Cressi R1 BCD
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Weight integrated BCD
Air/Nitrox Leonardo computer console
AC2 compact regulator
Compact Octopus with a hose
Gear up guide regulator bag

The Cressi R1 is considered the best in value. Any beginner will find it fits perfectly and is easy to use. The R1 BCD supports integrated weights leaving you free to enjoy the dive and not deal with setting weight belts. The gear is made of durable and reliable material and ridged padded back.

Bottom line: The R1 BCD is a reliable dive equipment any diver can rely on for a safe diving experience.

– Perfect for travel
– Includes all necessary gear
– Durable material
– Affordable
– Comfortable to use

– May not impress a professional diver

2. Divers Supply Scuba Package

   Divers Supply Scuba Package
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Includes weight integrated buoyancy compensator
Octopus pressure gauge
Hog D3 Sealed 1st Stage/ HOG Classic 2.0 LE Second Stage
Balanced diaphragm
5 Port LP Swivel rotates 360 degrees
Brass pressure gauge to 5000psi
220ft depth gauge with maximum depth indicator
Replaceable CR 2450 Lithium-Ion Battery
Altitude Adjustable
492′ (150 meters) Depth Rating
Audible Alarms
2 Year Limited Warranty
Bluetooth Compatible

This gear has an amazing performance and is easy to use no matter your scuba diving level. Experience a comfortable dive with excellent buoyancy control using the SMU BCD with features found on the more expensive models. The regulator has a 5 port swivel rotates 360 degrees, unlike most swivel regulators.

Get the amazing breathing performance at any depth and easily turn the regulator for maximum airflow. The gear is compact and creates less drag under water and the pressure gauge has a maximum depth indicator to ensure you are safe all the time.

Bottom line: any diver will find this gear amazing and easy to use.

– Slimmer design computer
– 2-year limited warranty
– Bluetooth compatibility
– Backlighting on the console

– Bluetooth interface only in the Pro Plus

3. Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300

   Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300
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Titan scuba regulator
Balanced diaphragm mechanism
Pro HD BCD jacket
Durable ResisteK™ material
Aqualung i300 Computer Air and Nitrox modes
ABS Octopus

Any beginner will love this scuba gear. It is an excellent quality at an affordable price. It presents reliability, durability, and comfort. You get value for your money. It offers a wrap-around jacket and weight integration BCD that is easy to use making it perfect for beginners. The titan scuba regulator makes it easy to breathe consistently with comfort even under tough conditions. The gear also includes the Octopus i300 dive computer and a waterproof regulator bag.

Bottom line: The gear has all that a beginner needs for a fun diving experience.

– Simple mechanism
– Weight integrated BCD
– Consistent performance
– Fade and abrasion resistant
– A bit heavy
– No dive light

4. Cressi Aquaride Blue Pro BCD

   Cressi Aquaride Blue Pro BCD
Buy now from Amazon Specifications

Anti-sand design inflator
Thermoplastic rubber damper
Ultralight MC9 regulator
Aquaride Blue Pro BCD
Cressi Leonardo C2 Dive Computer console

Cressi is one of the great names in scuba diving. The waist length design of the BCD gives it great buoyancy and has a great inflation speed due to the recalibrated design. Its independent waist strap allows you to tighten the strap without constricting your mid-section.

Bottom line: Cressi Aquaride is a scuba gear worth investing in due to its sophistication and reliability.

– Excellent buoyancy
– Ultralight MC9 regulator
– Includes a GupG regulator bag to secure the regulator
– Slightly heavy

5. Cressi Sub Start

Cressi Sub Start
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Cressi Start BCD
Cressi AC2 Regulator Yoke
Cressi Octopus
Cressi Mini 2 Depth
Pressure Gauge Console

The Cressi sub start is designed for those who prefer a compact and easy to pack scuba gear. If you frequently go to your diving expeditions by air, then this gear is perfect. It includes its rolling suitcase for easy handling when traveling. It all weighs just 15 pounds and leaves room for carrying accessories like a mask, snorkel, fins and a wetsuit if you need one.

Bottom line: designed to pack compactly and fit its suitcase for easy traveling.

– Lightweight
– Very controllable
– Portable

– No dive light

6. SEAC Smart BCD Scuba

SEAC Smart BCD Scuba
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Seac Smart BC
Integrated Weight Release System BCD
P-Synchro First Stage and Second Stage Regulator
Seac Analog 2 Gauge Console
5000 PSI Pressure Gauge
Depth Gauge to 260 feet
Nitrox Compatible to 40%
Padded Regulator Bag

This scuba gear is among the most affordable in the market and it does not skimp on quality and performance. The Smart BCD has an integrated weight release system and is made of a tough material. Beginners will love its ease of use.

Bottom line: excellent design and easy for beginners to operate.

– Durable construction
– Excellent performance
– Sturdy and reliable
– Affordable

– May not include gears needed by technical divers

7. Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear Package

Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear Package
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Cressi Travelight BCD
Full Integrated Weight System
Cressi MC9 Compact Regulator
Cressi Leonardo Computer Console
Safe Decompression Calculations
Cressi Padded Regulator Gear Bag

The Cressi scuba gear is designed as a travel BCD with a dry travel weight of just 6lbs. it has adequate padding on the back for increased comfort during use. It can store 20 lbs in the front pockets and10 lbs on the back pockets. Its D-rings are made from lightweight material to keep its overall weight down. Its air cells are designed to inflate outwards to avoid constricting the diver’s body.

Bottom line: a lightweight, high-performance scuba gear worth investing in.

– Lightweight
– Perfect for regular fliers due to its rolling suitcase
– Very controllable
– Comfortable vest
– No dive light

8. Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300

Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300
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i300 Computer Console
QD hose fitting
Calypso/Titan Octopus

The Aqualung Pro i300 features a wrap-around jacket with weight integration for excellent diving performance. The BCD is made of the advanced ResisteK™ material to withstand the harsh water conditions likes’ salt. It works perfectly well and suits the beginner and advanced divers alike.

Bottom line: The Pro i300 is everything a scuba diver dreams of due to its simplicity and excellent performance.


– Consistent performance
– Simple mechanism
– Resistant to abrasion and fading
– Weight integrated BCD


– A bit heavy
– No dive light

9. Seac Nick BC Scuba

Seac Nick BC Scuba
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Seac Nick BC
Mares Instinct 15x Regulator
Mares Prestige Octo
Two Gauge Console
Regulator Bag
Sphere Valve Control System
Integrated Weight System

The SEAC Nick scuba gear is a lightweight equipment with buoyancy compensator and power inflator for efficient performance. It has an ergonomic back pad and an independent waist strap at the back for a comfortable feel after inflation. It is made of a 500 Denier Cordura, a tear, and cut resistant material.

Bottom line: the gear is priced right and performs exceptionally well, making it worth the investment.

– Easy breathing at all depths
– Compact console
– Ergonomic back pad

– Maybe a little heavy

10. ScubaPro Equator BC

ScubaPro Equator BC
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Weight integrated BCD
Rugged 1000 denier nylon BCD
3-Dump Deflation system
MK21 / S560 regulator

This low profile design BCD feels like a backpack on your body and is very comfortable. The 1000 denier nylon gives it excellent durability. It features a neoprene neck roll and padded backpack for great comfort when diving. It is easy to use in any underwater condition and has a reliable MK21 / S560 regulator. Its ergonomic mouthpiece grips safely in the mouth and ensures instant airflow no matter the water temperature and tank pressure.

Bottom line: the gear has all you need to safely and comfortably dive in any water condition.

– Very durable
– Heavy-duty regulator and BCD
– Excellent dive computer
– A bit bulky

Buying guide

There are factors to consider when shopping for a new scuba gear if you are to buy the right model and the best there is on the market.

Level of scuba diving

You should start by identifying your scuba level to guide you in selecting the appropriate gear. These gear are expensive hence the need to have it right before spending your money.


Everyone considers the item price when shopping for most products. Scuba diving gear is no exception. Look for something within your budget range and has the features you seek.


Once you have the models within your budget range, it is time to pick what fits comfortably. This is a major factor when buying a scuba gear and getting it wrong here will result in a waste of your money.


Some of us have preferred brands while others can risk working with newer brands. Big brand names usually command higher prices and are more reliable. However, newer and little-known brands can also satisfy your diving needs just as desired. If you are new to scuba diving gear, it is recommended that you go with the popular brands to be safe.

Priority to your preferences

Everyone has their order of preference when buying a scuba gear or any product.


Every brand and manufacturer offers different lengths of warranty. This represents the confidence level with the product. The longer the warranty, the better. This will cover you in case of a fault in the scuba gear. Other than the length, consider the warranty conditions and understand the details.

What to look for in a Scuba gear


Chose a mask that is right for you. A mask creates an air space that allows your eyes to see clearly underwater. As you go deeper, the nose pockets allow you to equalize the air pressure. Look for a good watertight fit that will completely lock out water. Consider light colored or clear masks for more light.


This is a simple curved tube that lets in the air while floating on the water surface face down. There are however many options on the market that can result in some serious confusion. A snorkel helps you conserve tank air when you are close to the surface. The key features to look for are comfort and ease of use. Consider a compromise between ease of breathing and dry comfort when shopping for the best snorkel. If you do not plan to do lots of snorkeling, then this piece is not as important in your package.


These are the propellers to help the diver move under water like fish. They allow efficient movement through water. What you need are efficiency and comfort. The size and level of stiffness will depend on how strong your leg muscles are. Choose what works well for you. The right pair will prevent muscle fatigue. You can either go for a full foot or open heel fins.

Exposure protection

Scuba suits that fit your foam are made of either spandex or neoprene and in some cases, with a fleece lining. They protect you against the cooling effects of the water. The kind of protection you need will depend on the dive conditions. It keeps the water out to provide insulation against heat loss. Look for something that fits perfectly but does not restrict your movement.


This one of the most complex part of the dive equipment and the most important. It holds your gear in place so that you can carry the tank with little effort. It also floats you to the surface and does so much more. Look for a correct fit depending on the style of diving. It should fit snuggly but does not squeeze your body inflated.


Regulators have been perfected over the years, so it is almost impossible to get a faulty one. A regulator converts the high-pressure tank air to a level you can breathe. It must deliver air to other places like the BC to inflate it for buoyancy. Look for a product with high performance that can deliver high air volumes even under low tank pressure. A comfortable mouthpiece will make your diving experience wonderful.

Dive computers

Dive tables are invaluable tools for safe diving but no one likes working them. For this reason, dive computers are essential to constantly monitor conditions like depth and bottom time to recalculate your decompression status to keep you within safe limits. It monitors your ascent rate, tank pressure, and notifies you when it is safe to fly. Consider a user-friendly dive computer and ease of access to features. Look at the mounting options, their calculation and display options.


Looking for a scuba gear can get overwhelming if you do not have a place to start. It is easier and more convenient to buy a scuba gear than buying individual parts. This can save you the headache of matching the parts, especially if you are new to this. The above guide and the elected scuba gear can make your purchasing decision easier. You will have the confidence that the gear will work perfectly.

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