10 Best Stereo Receivers Under $500 For 2019 Reviews

For the last couple of years, the market for audio receivers has been quite baffling. Many people believe that good sound is worth a lot of money. If you are looking forward putting together a gaming console, brand new set of surround sound speakers or even a widescreen television, you can deny that you will really want that receiver that will sit in its center. The best stereo receiver under $500 may look less exciting when compared to other components of your home theatre.

It is with no doubt that receivers of any kind will take some time getting acquitted with. If you are not an electronic whiz kid, it is quite difficult to understand what is what. Perhaps you had never had such a machine in your house.

Nowadays, audio receivers are mostly associated with luxury and modern interiors. However, this is not always true. You can enjoy the modest audio stereo systems with your budget. This price will allow you to purchase that sturdy model that will arguably fulfill your demands. Here are the most popular of these brands.

1. Yamaha RX-V683BL 7.2

Arguably, it is incredibly hard to beat this receiver when it comes to the receiver under $500. It comes with numerous loaded features. Besides being compatible with the gaming consoles and phones, it has airplay that enables it to work with Apple devices.

Therefore you can easily connect to Deezer music services using your home Wi-Fi network. If this is not enough to make you use this receiver to play shows and music, it will give you the full freedom for multi-room audio so that you can play alternative music in a second room. When compared to the home theatre system, this receiver will perform well for the price. The only downside is that it has only four HDMI ports.


  • Channel 7.2
  • Max output power 145W

2. Sony STRDH590 5.2

This brand has a high dynamic range signal pass through. Therefore with it, you can enjoy the incredible jump in image contrast and brightness it brings. Further, it possesses additional shadow detail and highlights that increase the picture details to life. Additionally, the 4K pass will allow the date to pass through the receiver without any possibility of the image quality being compromised.


  • Dolby Vision and Flexible surround system.
  • Power output 145W.
  • A number of AMP Channels 5.

3. Denon AVR-S540BT Receiver

One of the most unique features of this stereo receiver is that it delivers exceptional brightness and contrast. The wide color gamut has the full ability to impress even the most discerning viewers. With a built-in Bluetooth means that you will never miss your favourite music from your fingertips. You have the freedom to amp your sound from eight devices be it your computer or any smart devices. When you buy this product, it is accompanied by an easy screen setup that walks you through a simple and clear set of instructions.


  • Minimum Impedance Surround 6 ohms.
  • Frequency Bandwidth 20k Hz.
  • Minimum Impedance center 6 ohms.

4. Yamaha R-N303BL Stereo Receiver

Recently it was one of the nominees for the best stereo under 500 award. This brand is really cool since. On the one hand, you will pay very little money for it while it has the same modern features. Compared to other audio receivers in the under 500 dollars category, it is relatively affordable. Besides working with Amazon Alexa, it possesses most of the features of the previous receivers. Although it is not so luxurious, for sure it has an amazing price-quality ratio.


  • Minimum power output 100W.
  • Noise Ratio 64DB.

5. Pioneer Dolby Atmos Ready Audio

The built-in Chrome cast enables the user to use a mobile device to stream their favorite music and audio. Using Chrome cast, you can actually control the audio from anywhere. In that case, you need to use enabled apps running on your personal device be it iPad or iPhone. Moreover, the recent models come with a DTS Play-Fi compatible audio systems that create a multi-room system in your home. Finally, you will always enjoy the limitless flow of music sports and news from TIDAL and Spotify.


  • Amplification type direct energy.
  • Minimum output power 160W.

6. Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier System

Arguably, this is perfect choice you can make for home theatre entertainment. Usually, it comes with a powerful channel speaker, base receiver with an inbuilt subwoofer along with remote control. You can transform your night with your friends and family members into an intense media experience. In that case, the full range stereo sound and extended bass audio output will help you achieve this. Also, some of the most recent models come with Bluetooth setup which is very easy to set up. The Bluetooth setup allows you to stream audio from your device.


  • Peak Power 300W.
  • Impedance 8OOhm.
  • Power 220V.

7. Sherwood RX4508 200W

Usually, this brand is equipped with a technologically advanced feature that makes it a component that fit in any professional grade home while at the same time possessing a simple operation. Away from that, it is compatible with almost every device in the market. As for now, almost every multicomponent home theatres like mobile devices and game consoles can work with it.


  • Maximum power output 270W.
  • Impedance 210V.

8. Sony STRDH190

This Sony model will be more useful to people who are looking for a reliable receiver with numerous features. It not only combines a reasonable price but also a high power output. If you like spending time listening to your favorite music, it will be perfect for you.

Being easy to use means that it is a great option for people who are not familiar with such kind of devices. With this, you can connect up to 4speakers. Also, you can introduce certain adjustments since there are buttons to tweak bass and treble.


  • Minimum power output 100W.

9. Pioneer Bluetooth Audio Component Receiver

Although this model will not meet the standards and demand of audiophiles, it can be of great help to those who are looking for simple and secure multimedia device. Despite the fact that the front side has 15 buttons, it is still presentable. Also, the remote control looks professional.


  • Power Outage 85W.

10. Onkyo TX-8220 2 Channel Stereo Receiver

This device has quite a big display which is not visible on a sunny day. It’s remote looks good and has preset buttons. The wireless technology which it possesses works great more so in medium-sized rooms. Pictures are arguably incredible and even the darkest scenes look vivid and clear.


  • Stereo Power 8ohms.
  • Minimum power output 135W.
  • Connectivity.
  • HDMI.
  • Availability of Non-HDMI Video inputs.
  • Compatibility with audio devices.


Nowadays, the competition is very stiff due to technological advancements. Almost all of the above devices support Bluetooth to connect to your devices wirelessly. And if you purchase the stereo receivers, they will never disappoint. They will always offer an ideal music experience.

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