10 Best Surround Sound System Under $500 For 2019 Reviews

Finding out exactly what would be the top surround sound systems under $500 is something which we wish to make simple for you. Now although you will find lots to pick from only by naming your budget your choice have automatically been narrowed down a little.

There are brands that we all know like sharp, Bose, Sony, Samsung, and more than provide excellent systems with loads of attributes and supply excellent quality sound. The majority of the systems are in the marketplace can transform your normal TV to a very good sounding system.

We’ve read innumerable customer testimonials and have just chosen the top surround audio systems which you are able to find on the market now all while remaining in your budget. So have a look at today’s best-selling and hottest options below.

1. Logitech Z906 5.1

When it comes to committed gambling, audio can create all of the difference. When it is a nostalgia play doom or the current games console gaming, surround audio may take your gaming expertise out of only ordinary to out-of-this-world. The single version with this list to get THX 5.1 certificate (think Star Wars) provides an all-round system which may join to six distinct devices.

From the box, you will get five compact satellite speakers plus a 500-watt powered subwoofer, barely a thing to smirk at once you consider the way the Z906 is a more streamlined system. Additionally, it has support for DTS and 4K video playback: The technology for converting dynamic range.

2. Pyle 3D Wireless Bluetooth WiFi Sound bar Speaker

The Pyle 3D Wireless Bluetooth Wi-Fi Sound bar speaker system makes a luxurious addition to your current home theatre. At below $350, this program may also fall in the budget class, but provided the outstanding sound quality, this gives tremendous price. Be aware you’ll need to buy another A/V receiver, however, without it contained, the cost is really a steal. However, a lot of men and women are pleased to sacrifice area for audio quality.

3. Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater Surround Sound Bar

The Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater Surround Sound Bar is powered with seven Surround sound speakers plus a single subwoofer and it comes with a receiver. With built-in assistance for Chromecast, air play, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a ton of streaming audio services, there is never a lack of approaches to delight in audio on the HT-7800 program.

4. Bose Surround Speakers, Black

When we think about a surround sound home theatre program, a Sound bar is not the very first bit of sound equipment that springs to mind. But, Bose Surround Speakers, is really a great easy-to-use option and its added wireless subwoofer and satellite speakers will be an early look in future surround audio system layout.

5. Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System

Combining outstanding significance and wireless installation, the Enclave Sound CineHome 5.1 is a wonderful alternative that eliminates the need for wires linking each distinct speaker. Another six speaker’s work together to get a total of 14 speaker drivers, providing 360 levels of HD wireless sound.

The Enclave’s 2 Bipole surround speakers comprise 2 full-range drivers on different surfaces of the enclosed speaker, so certainly made to disperse noise throughout a whole room.

6. Pyle 3000 Watt Premium Home Audio Power Amplifier

At under $500, there is definitely more costly if money is no object, there is no lack of alternatives which may range into the tens of thousands, or even thousands of bucks. But for the interest of practicality, we are focusing on “splurge” choices for the everyman.

7. Acoustic Audio AA5171 5.1 Surround Sound

When its big sound you are after, look no farther than Acoustic Audio AA5171 5.1 and you will instantly fall to the immersive sound of the THX-certified speakers. Film soundtracks will appear rich and comprehensive, not as what you’d expect when you are will be the theater. And you’re able to choose the volume all the way up — every individual speaker has been wrapped into a good MDF cabinet to stop vibration.

8. Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Spkrs

Included in the system will be just four 5.1-channel satellite speakers, one center speaker, and only 8″ 200-watt subwoofer. Installation is straightforward and requires only a couple of cable links following wall mounting and you are off to the races without spending a lot.

9. Auna Areal Active 525 Surround Sound Speaker System

The Auna Areal Active 525 manufacturer is very popular for its premium sound hardware, and also their Orientation Theater Bundle provides a pre-matched 6.1 surround audio experience that is truly magnificent, both visually and acoustically. The bits are streamlined, with a minimum footprint that fits well in a little – or darkened room.

However, while the pair could combine in size-wise, particularly with the grills, you might even decide to render them off and allow Auna Areal Active 525 touch spun-copper woofers capture the attention. The five satellite speakers and middle station all comprise this exceptional structure, and this, together with the horn-loaded tweeter, decreases distortion and generates clean sound.

10. Klipsch RP-240D Black Surround Home Speaker

The JBL title can easily be distinguished as a producer of unmatched noise, and that is precisely true for this Cinema 610 surround audio system. The dedicated center speaker provides near-cinematic power and outstanding clarity for dialog and sound effects.

The eight-inch subwoofer simply increases the overall exceptional functionality, particularly once you think it is just putting out 60-watts. Bass feels heavy and punchy with no vibrations. There are practically no setbacks or disturbance.


We have almost come to the conclusion of the post on 10 best surround sound systems. Hopefully, you’ve discovered something interesting with this list but even in the event that you have not, you’re probably more conscious of exactly what to expect and everything to hunt for. If you’re going to continue with your research, then let us just make a little collection of things that you ought to pay attention to when purchasing a surround audio system.

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