10 Best Tower Speaker Under $500 For 2019 Reviews

There is nothing else in this world that heals the soul like music. Music is, therefore, one of the best modes of entertainment all over the world. Having a good LED TV in your house is elegant, but it may be incomplete if you don’t have a compatible sound system, for that reason there is no doubt that you should look for the best tower speaker to experience the best musical sound and also to complete the décor of your house.

Due to many different types of towers speakers in the market, searching for the best one can be a challenging task, but this article describes ten best tower speaker under 500 hence making your search very simple. Read through the article to be able to choose a tower speaker that is most appropriate for you.

1. Dayton audio T652 tower speaker.

Dayton audio T652 is a tower speaker highly preferred for its deep bass and clear sound which is enhanced by the dome tweeter fitted on the speaker. The speaker has a slim profile, but with to an excellent front look hence can sum up the décor of your room though occupying very little space.Due to the bass power and clarity of this tower speaker, it highly recommended to music lovers and also the best sound system for a LED TV when watching movies.

2. Polk audio Tsi300 floorstanding tower speaker.

Polk audio Tsi300 is a floorstanding loudspeaker which can receive amplification of up to 150 watts, other than the loud sound this tower speaker also produces a very clear and luscious sound as it is fitted with dynamic balance dome twitter.Polk audio Tsi300 is an affordable tower speaker, and hence it is a preference for everyone who loves loud and clear sound. Having that it is a floorstanding tower speaker, it highly contributes to the general décor of your house.

3. Rockville TM150B tower speaker.

Rockville TM150B is an elegant home theatre system which is fitted with built-in FM radio, USB playback, SD card playback and Bluetooth of 150-foot range.Rockville TM150B has a built-in amplifier, 10” subwoofers and silk dome tweeters which produce a clear and loud sound.The tower speaker has an RMS power of 250 watts and a peak power of 1000 watts and also fitted with eight band equalizers which helps one adjust the treble and bass to their convenience.

Some of the other key features that makes Rockville TM150B an outstanding tower speaker to consider are the mic inputs which has its volume and echo control, RCA outputs which make it easy to connect with a television and the system is a complete package that includes a pair of speakers, antenna cable, signal cable, remote control and a warranty card.

Rockville TM150B is designed with modern furniture designs with the speakers surrounded by silver plates which makes the tower speaker a great piece of décor in your house.

4. BOSS Audio BM40AMPBT 500 Watt (Per Pair), Bluetooth, Amplified

Boss audio BM40AMPBT is a great tower speaker for music lovers having that it is fitted with two poly cone speakers measuring four inch each and two tweeters measuring an inch each.The tower speaker is compatible with a range of audio output like different mp3 players, smartphones and iPhone. The speakers are fitted with wired remote and also allow Bluetooth streaming to help user control music easily.

5. Rockville TM80B Black Home Theater System Tower Speakers 8

When looking for a complete home theater system then Rockville TM80B is a right choice. The tower speaker is fitted with eight-inch subwoofers, built-in amplifier, built-in FM radio, built-in SD card playback and built-in USB playback.It has an inbuilt eight-band equalizer and a high and low pass crossovers which makes the speaker perform excellently.

The speaker is also fitted with RCA outputs which makes it easier to connect with a television.Rockville TM80B comes in different colors like black, cherry wood colors and white which makes it an incredible music system to use in your house.

6. 2 Rockville DWB80B Dual 8″ Black 1600w Marine Wakeboard Tower Speaker Systems

If you love music, you should consider different types of towers speaker some to fix in your home for indoor music and some in your boat so that you can enjoy music during boat riding.Rockville DWB80B is a wonderful wakeboard tower speaker as it has an adjustable mounting bracket which rotates 360° and also resistant to rust and water.

The tower speaker comes as a pair of eight-inch speaker each and an inch titanium dome tweeter which produces a smooth sound that you will enjoy during boat riding.

7. Pair KICKER 45KM84L 8″ 600 Watt Marine Boat Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Kicker 45KM84L is another outdoor tower speaker that includes an eight-inch marine waterproofs speakers of 600 watts and pair of Rockville MAC80B aluminum wakeboard enclosures.Kicker 45KM84L has an RMS of 300 watts and peak power of 600 watts and a one-inch titanium tweeter. It also has universal mounting clamps made of aluminum to mount the speakers on the boat.

8. Pair Rockville MAC90B 8 Black Aluminum Wakeboard Tower Speaker

This is a aluminum made enclosure for a wakeboard tower speaker, it is made of quality aluminum with an attractive black coating which is fully marinized against all water type conditions. It has a universal mounting clamp and is large enough for an eight-inch speaker.

9. Rockville DWB80B Dual 8″ Black 800 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speaker System

Rockville DWB80B is a powerful wakeboard tower speaker which has an RMS capacity of 400 watts and a peak power capacity of 800 watts and a titanium dome tweeter which makes the sound clear.It has bracelets that are easily adjustable and can rotate up to 360, which are also totally resistant to rust and UV rays and also completely marinized against fresh and salty water environment.

10. Tower speaker home theater system.

Rockville TM150B is a complete home theater system with ten-inch subwoofer, Bluetooth of 70-foot range, USB and SD playbacks and FM radio.The sound system has loud sound and deep bass which can be regulated by the eight band equalizer, it is also fitted with RCA outputs and even mic inputs.

If you love loud music, this is the right choice as it has a peak power capacity of 1000 watts and RMS power of 250 watts which means it is potent.


With no doubt, music is the best mode of entertainment and no single individual who completely hates all types of music. However, the speaker you use can make music to be excellent or boring, and that is why this article describes some of the best ten tower speakers you can consider if you want a clear and appealing sound.

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