Top 10 Best Weather Workstations for Home in 2019 Reviews

Imagine a scenario where you are getting dressed for work or a dinner date. Of course, you would want to appear attractive to your date. However, since weather can change drastically, you can find yourself caught in a thunderstorm!

If you are one of the people who depend on the weatherman to get weather updates, it’s high time you consider having your own home weather station. Luckily, these gadgets are now affordable and easy to use. With a color weather station for your home, you can get real-time update and weather forecast anytime you need them. This will allow you to make important decisions about what to wear outdoor activities to take part in as well as prepare yourself for disaster in case of a storm.

Purchasing the best color weather station for home is not as challenging as many people tend to think. With this guide, your probability of getting the best product increases significantly. We have also included reviews of the best color weather stations for home to ease the process further.

The Best Color Weather Stations for Home

1 Ambient Weather WS-2902 10-in-1 Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station

Ambient Weather WS-2902 10-in-1 Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station

Ambient Weather WS-2902 is a fully featured weather station that combines smart home functionality and LCD. It has two level of wireless connectivity that connects via the RF and router. Besides, an enhanced Wifi connection allows the station to transmit the data wirelessly.

This weather station measures the rainfall, wind speed, humidity, wind direction, UV, and solar radiation. Additionally, this station has an inbuilt console that reads the barometric pressure and temperature.
Get the convenience of having home weather information that transmits real-time condition straight to your laptop, tablet, or Smartphone.


  • Delivers accurate and precise results
  • Stylish design
  • Versatile and easy to use


  • The batteries in the sensor do not charge properly

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2 AcuRite 02064 Wireless Weather Station with PC Connect

AcuRite 02064 Wireless Weather Station with PC Connect

Unlike the regional weather prediction that you see on local weather websites or TV news, this weather station is more precise. This weather station relies on precise sensors that collect organic data in your backyard.

This superb weather station tracks specific weather-related variables. These include changes in humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure. By doing this, it pinpoints accuracy which is more customized for your specific location.

Moreover, this workstation boasts of a PC connect feature that allows you to see the weather information online. You can also monitor the weather information remotely from your Smartphone.


  • PC connect feature allows you to monitor weather online
  • Easy installation
  • Monitor weather remotely using your Smartphone


  • Temperature increase when placed outside for charging

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3 AcuRite 01078M Pro Color Weather Station with Two Displays

AcuRite 01078M Pro Color Weather Station with Two Displays

AcuRite 01078M allows you to plan your day with more confidence. You do not need to rely on the TV news that forecast weather for a large area. With this weather station in your home, it pinpoints the weather more precisely by reading the weather data right from your backyard.

This weather station makes use of impressive self-calibrating technology that brings you a personal forecast of 12-24 hour weather condition. The well-illuminated color display shows all the weather information clearly, making it easy to read.


  • Dual digital displays
  • High precision sensors
  • Large and backlit display
  • Easy mounting and setup


  • A bit more expensive

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4 La Crosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station

La Crosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station

Are you tired of waiting for the local news to get weather updates? This weather station allows you to track the weather at the comfort of your home. With precise sensors, you can now track most weather conditions and plan your day better.

The full-color display indicates the current humidity and temperature. It also has a future forecast that shows whether it could be rainy, sunny, or snowy. Another great feature with this weather station is the self-set atomic time and date that has automatic DST updates.


  • Full-color display
  • Accurate sensors
  • Temperature change alerts


  • You cannot access the information remotely

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5 AcuRite 02077RM Color Weather Station

AcuRite 02077RM Color Weather Station

With the ability of monitoring all the crucial weather elements, pressure, humidity, temperature, rain, this home weather station has all the benefits that you need. This model will allow you to monitor both outdoor and indoor temperature and record daily low and high record.

It is equipped with intelli-time clock and calendar that are preprogrammed with the correct time and date. Moreover, the illuminated color display has three different lighting settings. This will allow you to read all the information you need at a glance. Also, this weather station boasts of a moon phase feature that tracks the lunar cycle.


  • Intelli-Time Clock and Date
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Illuminated Color Display with Auto-dimming Backlight
  • Very affordable


  • Does not measure wind direction and speed?

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6 AcuRite 02081 Home Weather Station with Jumbo Display and Atomic Clock

AcuRite 02081 Home Weather Station with Jumbo Display and Atomic Clock

AcuRite 02081 combines the latest technology in weather predictions with localized weather observation effects. This allows it to provide a more accurate weather predictions customized for your exact location.

This unit features the patented self-calibrating weather forecast technology. The technology uses a unique algorithm that analyzes the changes in temperature and pressure for 14 days to determine your latitude. Moreover, the self-calibrating forecasting technology makes this weather station extremely accurate and simple to use.


  • Accurate Temperature Sensor Data
  • Jumbo Color Display Screen
  • Atomic clock technology ensures split-second accuracy


  • No internet connection

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7 La Crosse Technology 308-1412S Color LCD Wireless Weather Station

La Crosse Technology 308-1412S Color LCD Wireless Weather Station

This reliable and detailed weather station is affordable. This makes it a great choice for individuals who are operating with a limited budget. This weather station will allow you plan your day well and let you know what to wear in that particular day.

It has a large LCD display with color forecast icons that includes Sunny, cloudy, partly sunny, rainy, and stormy. This device has a USB charging port on the back. This means that you can depend on it even if there is a power outage.


  • Adjustable Backlight
  • Temperature alerts
  • Sensor signal strength indicator
  • Humidity trend indicators


  • Charging cord not included

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8 Ambient Weather WS-2801 Advanced Wireless Color Forecast Station

Ambient Weather WS-2801 Advanced Wireless Color Forecast Station

Ambient weather is a home to various premium products designed to meet the customer needs. Its line of the weather workstations is a popular choice because of unique features and premium designs. The Ambient Weather WS-2801 is one of the best products that live to uphold the manufacturer legacy.

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a day-to-day weather station. It tracks both the outdoor and indoor temperature accurately. This unit is also equipped with sensors that monitor the humidity and barometric pressure. It is also equipped with an atomic clock that adjusts automatically for daylight saving.

You do not need to wait for prime news to help you plan your day. This affordable option offers you with more precise results than the local weather prediction websites.


  • Large LCD screen results in accurate easy to read data
  • Easy to install
  • Available at a reasonable price


  • The power adapter cable is short

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9 Houzetek Indoor Outdoor Color Forecast Station

Houzetek Indoor Outdoor Color Forecast Station

Houzetek engineers its products to satisfy the needs of most people. This is a perfect weather station f for home. A stylish accessory will blend well with contemporary décor. It incorporates all functions allowing you to have detailed weather information.

The weather station features both weather and humidity forecast. It also records the max/min values. Some of the other features included in this gadget include dual alarm clock, low battery indicator, temperature alerts and easy to read display.

Besides the USB, charging port allows you to monitor weather all the time. With this versatile unit, you can prepare for bad weather at events while still preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.


  • Indoor humidity and temperature forecast display
  • Wireless outdoor sensor provides an accurate forecast of weather conditions
  • Has a power bank that can charge your mobile phone


  • Doesn’t have the barometric pressure readings

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10 Ambient Weather WS-8600 Weather Station Clock

Ambient Weather WS-8600 Weather Station Clock

This is another high-end weather station from the ambient weather. This unit boasts of a handy atomic engine that boosts its precision in giving real-time updates and forecasts. We love the high contrast ambient backlighting that makes it stunning and stylish.

You can place the wireless sensors almost anywhere to measure temperature remotely. For convenience, you can add up to three remote sensors to monitor different locations or rooms in your home.

Another feature that makes this unit to stand out is the refined PMVA display. This display changes color with the outdoor temperature. Additionally, you can select from the 256 colors, allowing you to match your style and décor.


  • Stunning, High Contrast Brilliant Display
  • Have 256 colors allowing you to customize it to suit your décor
  • Extremely Convenient
  • Data is well placed for easy reading


  • The screen is a little small. However, this doesn’t affect its performance.

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What to Look for in the Best Color Weather Stations for Home

When looking for a technological device such as a color weather station you need to know what to look for. Although most people go for the popular brands, it doesn’t mean that they have picked the most appropriate choice. Other people go for the cutest design only to realize that they do not serve them well. Below are some of the features that you should look at.


Here you need to look at the metrics that your weather station measures. Before selecting, you need to determine why you need it in the first place. Would you want to monitor the temperature in your home? Do you want to monitor the humidity to prevent growth of mold or do you want a device that forecasts weather? Answering these questions will help you to purchase something that meets your needs.


Before making the purchase, you should look at the functionality of the weather station. Will it measure both indoor and outdoor weather conditions? This is the first thing to look at. Choosing model that estimates both the indoor and outdoor data will serve you better. Additionally, you should look at what people are saying about its functionality. You can do this by checking the customer reviews.


Color weather stations are available in various designs and sizes. However, most of these devices work well, choose a model that you can work with easily. Some of the things to look at when looking at the design include the screen size and display. Make sure that the screen is large and easy to read. The display should also have a backlight to make it easy to read. Besides, the buttons should be intuitive yet easy to operate.


Of course, you wouldn’t want to purchase something that fall apart after only a few week of use. To get good value for your money pick a model that is gives you a reliable service. Make sure additionally, it should have quality components that are easy to maintain.


Generally, the price of a weather station is determined by the features and technology included. Some of the models that gives you basic reading will cost a few bucks. However, models that are more precise may cost a few hundred bucks. Here you need to consider your convenience. For instance, models with Wifi connectivity allow you to monitor the weather station remotely from your mobile phone. This is great for people who travel long distance for work as you can be prepared. For example, if there is a storm coming, you can arrive home earlier to avoid being caught in it.

Extra features

Before making the purchasing decision, you should also look at the extra features that come with the unit. Model with most features tends to cost more. However, do you need all these features? It would make no sense to waste your money on features you will never use. Besides, you should make sure that the gadget has a money back guarantee. As you probably know, electrical gadgets are not predictable. Getting a model with a guarantee will protect your investment.


If you are conscious of the status of your home or would want to plan outdoor activity, choosing any of the listed weather station is great. The models we have reviewed boasts of advanced features that make them convenient to use. They are also durable, easy to install, and affordable. Additionally, these units are engineered to bring you accurate real-time weather updates and forecasts. Go through the models, compare the features and pick the one that suits your needs best.

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