Top 10 Best Wire Stripping Machines in 2020 Reviews

The wire stripping machine makes it easier and faster to get rid of the plastic/rubber insulation on wires. Today, there are a wide range of wire stripping machines, which make it challenging to get the best pick.

There are a number of features that you will need to check when buying the wire-stripping machine. For example, you have to check for the wire range, which needs to range from 1.5mm to 25mm in most cases.

Secondly, you also need to consider the cutting speed. The machines with higher speed are more reliable as they carry out the task in few minutes. You also need to check out for the ease of use, construction, and cost. With these in mind, you will definitely get a classic stripping machine. Here are some of the top-rated wire-stripping machines for you.

10 Best Wire Stripping Machines in 2020 Reviews;

1. CO-Z Electric Wire-Stripping Automatic Machine

The durability of the stripping machine is a vital consideration to check when buying the machine. This is a quality machine that has been built using the aluminum alloy; hence last for years as it withstands the rigorous environment. Apart from this, the machine is ergonomic as it features the movable rollers and blades. In addition to this, it is widely compatible as it can work with all sizes. It works relatively faster as it can strip up to 50 feet every minute. This makes it more reliable and convenient.

2. BEAMNOVA Wire-Stripping Manual Machine

Here is a versatile striping machine, which is suitable for feeding panels and screws and scraping copper. The machine provides an adjustable wire range from about 3mm to 25mm, making it ideal for the work. With up to three mounting methods, you can choose to clamp it on the bench corner or hold by the vise. Alternatively, you can mount by bolting down on the bench. Besides this, it has a non-slip interface that fits all drills. This is one of the best wire-stripping machines you can rely on for top-notch service.

3. PENSON & CO Electric Wire-Stripping Automatic Motorized Machine

The PENSON & CO stripping machine is very reliable and convenient machine that delivers excellent results. This machine features the single-phase 1/4HP motors. This is able to run off of any wall outlet; hence reliable. Secondly, the machine provides precise and accurate cutting as you can easily adjust to suit every cutting. Other than this, it is a user-friendly machine with a stripping speed of 60 feet per minute.

4. Happybuy Stripping-Machine for Cable Wire

Do you want to easily recycle all the copper wire? With this powerful machine, you can now easily recycle the copper wire and get to benefit from the pure and non-insulated copper wire. The machine also provides a stripping range of 1.5mm to 25mm. Other than this, it has adjustable blades and rollers, which makes it smooth and excellent for all cables despite the shapes. It features one channel that is suitable for cutting the wheels plus stripping the scrap-copper wire. Additionally, it is also appropriate for getting rid of the plastic/rubber insulator on undamaged scrap.

5. BestEquip Stripping Machine

Here is a powerful and effective electric operated stripping machine that is highly versatile. The machine is recommended for getting off the insulation found on undamaged scrap wire. Second, to this, the machine is durable and portable. It has been designed from lightweight aluminum material to ensure that it lasts for years. When working, you just need to mount it on the workstation or bench. The speed is suitable for quick stripping as it can strip within a range of 55 to 60 feet per minute.

6. BLUEROCK Tools Model Wire Stripping Machine, MWS-808PMO

When you need to strip faster and effective, you have to consider the speed of the stripping machine. With this ergonomic and powerful machine, you are assured of a cutting speed of up to 75 feet per minute. It also provides you with up to nine channels for cutters for excellent cutting. The machine is easily adjustable since it has nine cutting blades. It is very accurate and precise when cutting, which ensures that it, delivers the best results.

7. Steel Dragon Stripping Tools Wire Machine, WRA20

Are you looking forward to investing in a stripping machine? For the best machine, which is safe and effective, this is the best pick. The machine features emergency stop button, which allows you to stop it in case of an emergency. Other than this, it provides you with four cutting channels and blades to allow for easy adjustment. The versatile machine is ideal for different kinds of round cables and sheath flat cables. Due to this, it suits different fields for top-notch services. The machine can easily be mounted on the bench to offer quality services. The metallic construction makes it rust-proof and durable.

8. BLUEROCK Stripinator Stripping Machine, MWS-808D

This is another top rated and convenient stripping machine that you can now rely on for quality service. The machine provides very precise and accurate cutting as you can select and adjust it. It features a total of nine cutting channels and blades. Besides this, it also features the spring-loaded mechanism on top. Due to this, you can adjust the tension of the cutters based on the jacket or wire size. This implies that it is ideal for different tasks; hence a versatile machine. In addition to this, it features the manual hand crank. This makes it a great machine that you can easily operate to achieve the intended results. It has been built to last for years and with the drill shaft, it suits the continuous and medium/smaller wire sizes.

9. Automatic Copper Electric Stripping Machine by Strippers

The lightweight machines are always reliable as you can use them anywhere. This is one lightweight and portable machine that will make the stripping easier. Apart from this, the machine is very powerful as it has a voltage of about 110V and power output of 0.18kw. This makes it perfect for different tasks. The wire range for the machine ranges from 1.5mm to 25mm. With this, it assures the users of more reliable cuttings. The affordable machine is one of the best wire-stripping machines to try out.

10. Goplus Wire Stripping Electric Powered Machine

Irrespective of the shape of the cable you wish to cut, this is a reliable machine that provides a smooth and good cut. This is due to the fact that it features movable rollers and blade for quality cutting. Secondly, the stripping machine is ergonomic as it can be drill driven or operated by hand crank. The energy saving machine is versatile as it can be used for recycling copper wire. Apart from this, it is perfect for getting rid of the insulation on undamaged wires.


These are some of the ultimate wire stripping machines you will find reliable and durable. They are very efficient as they provide accurate and precise cuttings. The machines are also lightweight and portable, which fit for use in different places. Additionally, they have been constructed using the best quality of metal to offer years of service. The pocket-friendly machines are also highly versatile and compatible. This implies that you can use them for carrying out different wire stripping tasks. They are the ideal picks that you can’t afford to miss.

10 Best Wire Stripping Machines Table;

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