Top 10 Cheap Christmas Trees in 2019 Reviews

When we think of decorating for Christmas we envision it standing in our homes with shining lights and sparkling decorations. We wait for the right time to pull everything out so we can get to work making this vision a reality.

Now that you have envisioned what you want your home to look and feel like during the holidays, its time to pick a tree that you know will have the emotion you want as you check off all the other tasks on your list. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose what tree is best for you.

Here are the top 10 Christmas trees of 2018:

1. Best Choice Products

This Spruce tree will look realistic wherever you decide to use it. Standing 7.5 feet tall and 1346 tips the tree will be full and lush as you decorate it for your home. As it is made from PVC you wont have to worry about small mishaps. The steel base will keep this tree sturdy as you crowd around it as a family on Christmas morning.

2. Senji

The Senji tree has made some improvements this year to make it an even better choice. The beauty of this tree shine through with the artificial sow and pine cones on the branches. The base is made with a new stronger material so that it more durable. The tree comes in both a 6 foot and a 7 foot size. With 3 easy parts to assemble you will have your tree set up, and have all the branches aligned in minutes leaving it ready for your decorations.

3. Balsam Hill

Standing 6.5 feet tall, with 2144 branches of beautifully laid out grey, green and blue-green needles this tree will set its self apart from the rest. With 700 soft lit lights strung around it you will be sure to feel the peace and love of the season while sitting in front of the warm glowing lights. It comes with the stand and a nice storage bag to make set up and clean up even easier.

4. The Finest

With 1000 tips to fill out the 6 foot body of this tree, it will look full and fluffy and ready to be decorated. It has a very strong metal stand to keep it from tipping or moving so there will be no worry of that. It comes in a nice bold pine green colour to liven up your living space and the ease of storing this tree couldn’t be simpler.

5. Oncor

An Eco friendly artificial 6 foot Christmas tree that comes in three sizes. For those who are Eco friendly this is a perfect option as all the branches are used from recycled PVC instead of new materials. The base of this Eco friendly tree is painted on both sides, as well as all the wire branches, protecting it from rust for 30 years. It comes in 2 easy parts to take apart to store after the season. Even the Oncor boxes are made from strong recycled cardboard. This is the only manufacture that uses super glue instead of plain white glue on their branches to ensure they wont fall off.

6. Brylanehome

Looking for something a little different then the average? What about a Christmas tree that is delivered flat, then pops into place when opened. What if it was elegantly decorated with incredible ribbons, bows, 350 twinkling lights and even ornaments. This tree is far lighter than most, sitting at only 11.75 pounds, compared to other trees that range from 25 pounds and up. This tree couldn’t be easier. It is known to take less than 5 minutes to set this up, leaving more time for egg nog and holiday cheer.

7. King Of Christmas

Do you live in a small space or apartment? This tree comes in several different sizes, however the smallest size is 4.7 feet. This tree will stand proud and beautify any space big or small with its branches reaching 36 inches, frosted with snow. With high hanging hinges the branches will easily fall into place so you can fluff them or arrange them as you like. The weight being under 16 pounds is easy to set up and store for anyone.

8. Homegear Deluxe

Christmas can get expensive, there are always costs we don’t count on as we count down the days. Here is the perfect tree for those looking to save some money. The dark green PVC pine needles spread across 700 tips are similar to a real tree, ready for you to add your lights and decorations. Being under 10 pounds, this tree is easy to move around, set up, and take down for storage.

9. Bocca

Do you want to go bigger and better this Christmas? This 8 foot artificial tree holds 1000 tips which have been spread out amongst each 6 centimetre branch. The base is a pure iron stand that supports all 8 feet of this tree with comfort. The bottom width is 45 inches and the tree weighs 16.5 pounds. The strong iron wont rust inside or outside due to the finish of the base so you can use it to brighten the inside or outside of your festive home.

10. Goplus

The Goplus Christmas tree is pre lit with 550 sparkling lights which are ready to bright up any space. Setting up this tree couldn’t be easier. It comes in 4 pieces so assembly and storage are simpler than ever. It is so simple that when you assemble the tree and put the four pieces together they will atomically fall into place, using the Auto Spread design. The base is made from solid metal and will keep the tree stable through the holiday season.


Christmas can be such a stressful time. With these top 10 trees of 2018 you will be able to browse through and find the right fit for you and your family. It couldn’t be easier as you can now order online and save the time and hassle from fighting crowds to choose your tree at the local department store.

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