10 Cheap Zero Turn Mowers in 2019 Reviews

The zero turn mowers are increasingly becoming popular due to their great efficiency and maneuverability. With the right one, you can mow your lawn in half the time compared to the traditional lawn mowers. The push mowers put a lot of physical demand on the user and are not very reliable for long-term use.

The latest zero turn mowers make this task easier. They have great features for a premium cut in minimal time. So what are zero turn mowers? This is a lawn-mowing machine with a zero turn radius for an instant turn. It offers excellent maneuverability in tight spaces and does not leave any grass uncut. They are riding mowers that ensure you do not miss even the smallest speck of grass as you cut. Since there are so many options on the market, this guide will help you find the right one to purchase.

1. Ariens Zoom 42 – Zero Turn Lawn Mower

A good and powerful lawn mower can save your labor and time. But, there are many lawn mowers in the market. It might be confusing for you to choose the best one. This Ariens’ lawn mower is packed with great features.

All its features are discussed below to provide you with more information about it.


  • 1. Ease of use: The mower is really easy to use. Anybody can drive it. The radius of this mower is also good. The mower can cut grass in the forward and reverse direction. The cutting width of this mower is 42 inches.
  • 2. Powerful Engine: This Ariens’ mower has a powerful engine with Kohler fuel tank ( Twin cylinder ). It has an electric start and the mower can be run at 6 miles/ hour, in the forward direction.
  • 3. Cost effective: This lawn mower has a reasonable price. Among the cheap zero turn mowers, it is a good choice.


  • No Mulch Kit: This lawn mower has no mulch kit. If you want to mulch, you have to buy a mulch kit.

2. Poulan Pro P46ZX (46) – Zero Turn Riding Mower

If you are searching for a sturdy lawn mower, then your search is over. This ‘Poulan pro’ is an excellent mower for the outdoor use. It has a strong body and a comfortable back seat. All the features of this mower are given below to provide you with more information about it.


  • 1. Perfect Mowing: This mower cuts the grass within a brief time. It can cut perfectly. Controlling the mower is also easy. So, just drive it and it will cut all the grass without any hiccups.
  • 2. Longevity: The mower comes with a 10 year warranty. So, the mower is guaranteed to last long.
  • 3. Powerful Engine: The Hp Briggs engine (22 HP) is a powerful engine for a lawn mower. It gives the mower the power and strength to cut all the grass perfectly.


  • 1. The deck is weak: The deck of the mower is weak. It could have been better.
  • 2. No Headlights: The Mower has no headlights. So, if you want to use it at the night time, you have to install it yourself.

3. Ariens’ Zero Turn Mower 726 cc (52)

A mower with a good engine is always good. It can run faster and it can do the job in a short time.

This Ariens’ mower has all those good features. If you choose this mower, you won’t be disappointed.

All the features of this mower are discussed below to provide you with more information about it.


  • 1. A Tough Mower: This mower’s build quality is tough. The deck is built with steel (10 gauge). This will enable you to control the mower with perfect balance.
  • 2. Powerful Engine: The engine of this mower is really powerful. The Kawasaki twin engine ( Fr -V ) has a great strength. It can cut the grass smoothly.


  • 1. No mulch kit included: The mower doesn’t mulch.You have to buy a mulch kit, if you want to mulch.

4. Swisher ZTR2454CL – Zero Turn Mower (24 HP 54 inches)

If you want to cut the grass on your lawn within a brief time, then you should choose this ‘Swisher’ mower. This is an advanced mower with superior controls. It can make your job (mowing) super easy.

All the features of this mower are discussed below to help you to know more about this mower.


  • 1. Advanced Control: The Hydro gear and the Ogura clutch is really good to control the mower. The mower has a response control which is rapid. This is an advanced control setting and it makes the job of mowing, really easy.
  • 2. Robust Engine: The Briggs and Stratton Engine (24 hp) gives this mower an incredible power. The eight gallon fuel capacity make this mower almost unstoppable. With the comfortable driving seat and electric start, this mower can cut grass easily.
  • 3. Mulching: The mower has Gator (three) mulching blades. The blades can make short pieces of the grass and it does the mulching perfectly. Not only this, it has a cup holder and an hour meter to check the mowing time.


    <li>Not a commercial mower: This mower is only for residential use. You shouldn’t buy it as a commercial mower.

5. Husqvarna Z254 (54 inches) – Zero Turn Riding Mower

This Husqvarna mower is equipped with modern technology. The mower is designed to cut every type of grass, with perfection. If you want a mower which is expert in mowing, then you can surely choose this one.

It has some great features. All of its features are discussed below to provide you with more information about this mower.


  • 1. Powerful engine: The mower has Kohler engine ( 26 hp). This engine is powerful and it gives smooth start ups. The mower has maximum speed of 6.5 mile/hour speed. All of these make the mower a powerful grass slicer.
  • 2. Advanced brake system: This mower has patent pending brake system. This brake system can get activated or deactivated, automatically. This automatic activation depends on the moving of the steering levers.
  • 3. Superior grass cutting: The mower cuts the grass excellently. It mows with the air induction technology. It draws air from the top and from the bottom of the deck. So, it cuts the grass perfectly.


  • 1. No headlight: The mower has no headlight. The mower may not be good for the night use.
  • 2. No mulch kit: To mulch your lawn, you have to buy a mulch kit.

6. Husqvarna Z242F – Fab Deck Mower (42 inches)

A mower with a good control system and a strong structure, is always great. If you are looking for such a mower, then you can choose this Husqvarna mower.

This mower can make your mowing job easy. It has some great features. All of its top features are discussed below to provide you with more information about it.


  • 1. Strong Deck: The mower’s deck is made with 42 inch steel (fabricated). The mower also has a high back seat (18 inches) for comfortable driving. This make the mower more balanced.
  • 2. Kohler Engine: The kohler confidant engine makes this mower a powerful grass cutter. The engine is 747 cc and it’s 23 Hp. This is good for a smooth mowing. Moreover, the hydro static transmission (E.Z.T) make the mower, easy to control.


  • No Push Button to Start: The mower has no push button. To start the mower, you have to use the key.

7. Husqvarna Z254 (21.5 hp) – Zero Turn Mower

A perfect mower can make your mowing job easy. This Husqvarna mower has a good engine and a great mower deck. You can choose this mower to make your lawn beautiful.

This mower has some great features. All of its features are discussed below.


  • 1. A Good Deck Lift System: The deck lift system is given within the reach of the driver. It’s spring assisted and it’s really convenient for the driver to control.
  • 2. Powerful engine with electric clutch: The Kawasaki engine (21.5 hp) is a powerful engine. The electric clutch is given for the quick engagement of the blades. The engine with the electric clutch make it a perfect mower.
  • 3. Reasonably Priced: This mower is a good option among all the cheap zero turn mowers. The mower is reasonably priced and it does its work perfectly.


  • No headlights: The mower has no headlights. If you want to use the mower at night, then you have to install the headlights yourself.

8. Husqvarna Mz61 ( 61 inches) – Zero turn riding Mower

For long hours of mowing, you need a comfortable and powerful mower. There are many such mowers in the market. It might be confusing for you to choose the best mower.

This Husqvarna mower can be a wise choice. This mower has a comfortable driving seat and a powerful engine.

All the features of this mower are discussed below to provide you with more information about it.


  • 1. Robust Engine: The Briggs engine (27 HP) is a powerful engine. It can be started easily. The powerful engine also make the mowing job easier and faster.
  • 2. Strong Structure: The 54 inches deck is made with 11 gauge steel (fabricated). This give the deck a strong structure. The comfortable high back seat is good for hours of mowing.
  • 3. Mulching: If you want to mulch your lawn, you can do it with this mower. But, for this you have to buy a mulching kit and bagger.


  • Quality is not so good: The mower’s quality could have been better. It’s an average mower.

9. Ariens Apex 60 Lawn Tractor – Zero Turn Radius

With a good engine and great cutting blades, this tractor is a perfect mower. It has a good control system and it comes with (5 years) warranty on its frame.

The sturdy structure of this mower is a perfect choice for any domestic mowing job.

All of its features are discussed below to help you to know more about this Ariens’ mower.


  • 1. Powerful Engine: The Kohler Hp pro engine ( 7000 series) makes this lawn tractor a powerful mower. If you use it, it will take shorter time to cut the grass of your lawn.
  • 2. Easy to control: This mower has hydro gear transmission. This is good for controlling the mower.
  • 3. Perfect Mowing: The mower has three blades and a strong structure. The mower can move forward at 8 miles/hour and it can go reverse at 4 miles/hour. It has 5 gallon fuel tank and 725 cc engine. When you drive this mower (on the padded seat), you can feel the smooth cutting of the grass. It’s really comfortable to drive.


  • No Headlights: The mower has no headlights. If you want to use this mower at night, you have to buy them yourself.

10. Husqvarna Mz61 (61 inches) – Zero Turn Riding Mower

A good mower comes with all the excellent features. This Husqvarna mower has some amazing features. These features make this mower the best one. The Mower has great safety measures and a powerful engine. Moreover, it has a comfortable back seat, good grips, large wheels and many more features.

All the features of this mower are discussed below to help you to know more about this mower.


  • 1. Roll over protection system: This is a great system to protect you. The mower is made with supreme safety measures. If the mower is accidentally rolled over, this system can protect you.
  • 2. Convenient to operate: With the 61 inches cutting deck, this mower is truly convenient to use. The deck lifting system is within the driver’s reach. The high back seat and the 11 gauge steel structure (for the cutting), make any type of grass cutting, an easy job.
  • 3. Robust Engine: This mower is built with Kawasaki (24 hp) engine. This engine enables the mower to run faster. As the engine runs faster, so the task of mowing takes lesser time. Moreover, the mower has a comfortable seat and you can feel almost no vibration (while driving).


  • 1. Mulching kit not included: The mower has no mulching kit. So, if you want to mulch, you have to buy a separate mulching it.
  • 2. No headlights: If you want use this mower at night, then you have to install the headlights yourself.

Buying Guide of Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers are synonymous for their efficiency and maneuverability. They are recommended for hilly regions with at most 15-degree slopes. Anything steeper than this will cause it to loose wheel traction and speed control resulting in a slip or roll over.

1. Types of zero turn mowers

Depending on the purpose and range of use, these mowers can be in three categories as shown below.

  • Residential zero turn mowers: These types are the best for homeowners. They serve the person who needs to mow weekly. Their cutting deck size depends on the area of your property, a longer yard require a large cutting deck size.

    They are excellent for mowing less than 2 acres per week. They are available at different speeds and functionality to suit every need. These mowers are less pricey than the rest of the types.

  • Entry level commercial zero turn mowers: As a first timer with a need to cut a small piece of lawn, you can try this type. It has less expensive material but also has steel material and stamped decks. These types are twice as fast as many tractors. People use it for household lawn mowing.
  • Commercial zero turn mowers: For a high-grade mowing performance and daily use, a commercial mower is the best type to purchase. They can finish the work faster to save time. It suits a professional landscaper who has many lawns to work on. They have a sturdier body and durable construction. It is quite expensive, but there are cheaper models on the market.

Factors to Consider

  • Deck size: A mower with sufficient deck size will allow you to cut large areas of grass in fewer passes. This presents efficiency of time and money. Mowers with large deck sizes are more maneuverable and excellent for tight turning radius. A deck size of at least sixty inches is preferable. This helps you cut trees and other obstacles along the way. As you shop around for the next zero turn mowers, consider the largest deck size possible to make your work easier.

    Different manufacturers design products with varying cutting deck sizes. A lawn measuring 05-1 acre requires a mower of 42-45 inch deck for best and fast performance. For 2 to three acres, the best mower should have a deck size of 48-58 inches. Anything above 4 acres requires more than a 60-inch of cutting deck. For a very sloppy lawn, consider a small cutting deck for improved maneuverability.

  • Engine power and size: Different categories of mowers have different engine capacities with the most powerful ones available in the commercial category. With a powerful engine, you can cut grass and other obstacles with ease. However, if your mower has limited power, you may encounter challenges when cutting thick grass.

    Apart from the engine power, adequate horsepower is crucial for the best performance. A mower with a higher horsepower will cut grass on the hilly and uneven ground more easily.

    A lawn mower with adequate HP will deliver superior performance. For a small residential lawn area, 16hp to 18hp would be excellent. For medium-sized lawns, look for 20-22hp. Commercial-grade lawns will need a machine with more than 25hp.

  • Ease of control: It is no easy task purchasing the best zero turn mowers. It is crucial that you know about its controlling system before making the purchase. Once you find the right controlling system, then other features can follow.

    Zero turn mowers are traditionally controlled with a dual lever system. Leveling the two gears will allow you to operate the mower in a straight line. To make it easier to control the mowers, the modern models are equipped with ergonomic joysticks that make mowing fun. You can control the mower without stress and experience the improved maneuverability.

  • Fuel options: The fuel options can easily confuse you when buying your next zero turn mowers. Mowers have four fuel options: gasoline, diesel, flex-fuel, and propane. Choose the best fuel type that will serve you conveniently. Choose that which will lower your operational cost in fuel type and availability. Some recent models have Electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine to help save up to 25% of the fuel.
  • Residential vs. commercial mowers: It is crucial that you separate these two types of mowers when shopping. The commercial types are more durable and feature powerful engines. They also cost more than the residential types. The commercial mowers have full lubrication pressure and cast-iron cylinder. They are mainly built for heavy-duty commercial use.

    The residential mowers, on the other hand, costs lower. Their engines and pumps are less robust compared to the commercial types. These types are effective for home use and infrequent user.

  • Location of discharge: Before settling on a zero turn mower, it is prudent that you consider where the clippings are discharged. There are two types; the rear and side discharge mowers.

    Side discharge provides a smaller outlet for creating an easier vacuum process. The rear discharge has become popular in the recent past as its mechanism advances. The rear type is best suited for cutting grass in rough situations like in ditches.

  • Comfort level: Some lawn mowers have high seats while others have small bucket-style seats. Ensure you check how comfortable the seat is in relation to your body size.
  • Blades: The number of blades integrated into the cutting deck is crucial for the efficiency and fineness of the cutting. For a flat and even lawn surface, a 2-blade system is just fine. If you are to cut lawns with thick grass and several obstacles to overcome, consider a machine with three to four blades.
  • Transmission type: For a smooth riding experience, the best machine should have a hydrostatic transmission. However, if the task requires lots of speed changes and extra maneuvering, an automatic transmission is recommended, as it is easier and faster to use.
  • Wheel drive: When mowing over sloped areas less than 150, a rear wheel drive is much better than front-wheel drive. A mower with a taller rear wheel will provide greater traction that is excellent for mowing hilly lawns.


There are so many zero turn mowers on the market making it a challenge choosing the right one. For hilly lawns, consider the self-propelled machines. The features that make each machine usable for your situation are crucial aspects to look for and compare before making a purchase. A machine that maneuvers smoothly and is comfortable to work with will make your task fun.

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