Top 10 Best Popular Female Actor In 2015

The list of the of the top sexiest Hollywood actresses consists of famous celebrities who are talented individuals who has successfully completed their transitioning to real movies stars with wonderful careers. These beautiful actresses have had blockbuster movies with top actors and film maker s in Hollywood, making a list of ten Popular actresses is not an easy task. Most of the actresses in Hollywood are beautiful and sexy thus having a hard task in determining the best top ten female artist. The list below includes the Popular actors based on their hotness as well as their male fan base. The list runs from the number ten most popular actress running down to the Top 10 Best Popular Female Actor.

10. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of the hottest Hollywood actress and has excellent acting skills. She is sexy model coming from South Africa. Charlize is thirty-seven years of age but she looks sexy and gorgeous as ever. She was the first South African actress to win an Oscar for her film Monster. She has also featured in other films including the Italian Job as well as the Mighty Joe Young.

9. Olivia wilde

Olivia wilde

Olivia is one of the most gorgeous and sexy Hollywood actress . She has featured in a number of television shows as well as a number of commercial movies. Her last name Wilde come from her favourite author Oscar Wilde who was her role model. Olivia also featured in the PETA as the first in the sexiest celebrities in 2010. Her most popular movies that she featured in includes the Change –Up, In time and the Tron Legacy.

8. Jennifer Conelly

Jennifer Conelly

In this review, she would feature among the top three sexiest actresses but due to her age she is ranked eight. She is 41 years of age. Regardless her age Jessica is still hot and sexy as ever. She started her acting career while she was still young and have featured in many movies that includes Requiem for a dream, once Upon a time in America as well as Blood Diamond. She has also featured in many magazines as the most beautiful woman and model. Jessica also won an Oscar for her supporting role in A Beautiful Mind movie.

7. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Most men adore and treasure Scarlett for her sexy slender neck. Most people also love her eyes. For this reason, she has a large male fan base. In 1994. She is also a singer and a model .Her career started when she was a young girl Scarlet is twenty-seven years of age and is considered as one of the hottest actress in Hollywood. She has appeared in the top list of the hottest and Popular women in various magazines. She has also been nominated four times for the golden globes. She has also featured in various movies that include the Avengers, The Iron Man, The Prestige, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

6. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

She is thirty-one years of age and is among the hottest Hollywood actresses. She is many times portrayed as sex symbols. She has made the list of the hottest actresses of Hollywood in many popular magazines. She has as well featured in many notable movies that include the Machete, the Fantastic Four and the sin city. She has also featured in Tv shows such as the Dark Angel.

5. Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Every man must know or have heard of Megan Fox. She is super cute and sexy woman admired by every man. She became a worldwide sensation when the Transformers movie was released. She is also considered as a sex symbol. She is one of the hottest and sexy female actress and her most noted films includes the Transformers 2 and Jennifer’s Body. She is twenty-six years of age.

4. Anna Hathway

Anna Hathway

Anna Jacqueline is a worldwide known American actress. Anna is sexy as well as beautiful. Many people describe her as charismatic and loved by all. In her career, she has featured in many movies as well as Tv series ever since her debut as a professional actress in 1999. She has featured in films that includes the Mial Thermopolis and the princess Dairies as well as Get real. Apart from these movies, Anna has continued to produce hits, which has made her won many accolades and awards. She got an Academy Award nomination for the best Actress for the movie Rachael Getting Married. She has also won an Emmy award because of her voice over the performance for the Simpsons and the best supporting actress golden globe award, the academy award screen actresses guild award for her role in movie Les Miserables. She also won the BAFTA awards.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

The fact that she seems prone to falling to public events does not make her any less sexy than she is. She is always gorgeous and many people admire her sexy eyes and her gorgeous body. Her role as Katniss in the hunger games and her role as the main character in Silver lining Playbook as well as Winter bone portray her as a pretty and beautiful individual.

2. Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook

She is a beautiful and a television personality, an actor as well as a experienced model from America. As a model she has worked on various advertisement campaigns for popular companies including the Walker’s crips, Foster’s Lager, Bravissiomo, Renault Megane and Piz Buin. She has also appeared on various women magazine covers and was the top on the FHM’s 100 Popular women in the world. The list was compiled in 2006 where she was the top. Other editions including the 2008 she was ranked number 34, in 2009 edition she was in 67th position while in 2010 she was in 7th place.

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Everything about this woman seems beautiful. First, she is the sexiest Hollywood actress in this review. Her badass attitude, sexy body, and big juicy lips have helped her to be one of the most desired woman in the world. She is also caring, generous, and loving because of her generous contribution to the world. Angelina works according to the demand of the director and has the guts to be naked if the scripts demand her to do so.

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