Top 10 Best Popular Male Singers In 2015

These days singing has become one of the most passions for everyone. It would be true to say that, socially it has become a manner of life for most people and especially for youngsters in the world we are living in. it is also a good way of expressing what you feel for someone. Singing competitions are usually held for them to give the best top career opportunities to the breathtaking voices as well as the whole exposure to the singers making the world like their great voices. The music industry has become a changing world of failures and successes that do provide stiff competition among male singers. The recent past, let’s say last year, there were only a few male singers who stepped into the music industry. They rocked and also made a place into the Top 10 Best popular male singers. Below is a list and a description of the top 10 best popular male singers.

10. Eric Bellinger

Eric Bellinger

He could be considered as the most focused in the year 2013 and also among the top 10 best popular male singer who has worked with a lot of people well-known individuals in his undertakings and made his way to a definitive achievement. With the addition in fame this artist and musician keeps on being honored with fans with the arrival of his most recent music. Continuous hits had urged him to dispatch his remarkable collection “The Rebirth”, that would be accessible in stores by 11 February not long from now. “Conceived II Sing vol.3” and “Same Ol’ (with R&b veteran Jon B as the group member)”are his acclaimed hits for the most recent year. On the off chance that you have once begun to “Hear” Eric Bellinger you are left with no alternative however to “Listen” as he requested.

9. Jordan Bratton

Jordan Bratton

The stunning musician who can be viewed as an intense contender of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake to make them agonized over their vocation work is Jordan Bratton. His voice has its own style and one of a kind approach to take individuals thoughts. His most recent collection “They Grey Area” is a big hit in music industry that has expanded his interest and fan emulating exponentially. It would be defended to call his voice the “voice of today”. He has the ability to make individuals dance with his music. He without a doubt has something that took him to the following level of achievement and obviously among the top 10 best popular male singer.

8. Eminem


The singer who had figured out how to win the hearts of numerous music lovers is Eminem. He is among the top 10 best popular male singer making him a multi-gifted vocalist who sung best and hit tunes consecutive. He is viewed as the best expressive rappers ever existed. He can rap all the issues whether they are hilarious or genuine. He has a tremendous fan following in all his related fields as music, acting or delivering. He has such an extraordinary rebound in the music business that he appears to go from quality to quality at each venture in his profession. He is required to be the conspicuous artist and heading maker in the upcoming years also.

7. Drake


One of the incredible Canadian rappers is Aubrey Drake Graham well known as Drake can’t be left out in the top 10 best popular male singer. This youthful skilled vocalist has gotten the applause of big singing stars as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj by meeting expectations in coordinated effort to them. He began to increase fame with his part he played in TV arrangement Degrassi and in the year 2010 the arrival of his best collection “Thank me later” place him in this top 10’s board. After that hit he never have had an opportunity to think back and give the guard hits, for example, “Take Care” consistently that bound him to be the most needed star.

6. Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is a remarkable vocalist and also lover of the dance floor who is once in a while free from any embarrassment every time. This young artist has accomplished the extraordinary fame and a large number of supporters online because of his unparalleled singing capacities and moving qualities. He can shake the dance floor through the moves that can’t even be replicated by the big dance specialists. He was granted with his first Grammy Award in 2011 and Platinum Award for the best ever single collection “Kiss Kiss”. He is to be sure the among the top 10 best popular male singer, sentimental and delicate celebrity.

5. Maklemore


This astounding artist has without a doubt the genuine vocal control that can create the intimate romance and energy in music lovers. He is a popular rapper who picked up a big introduction to music industry after his most celebrated hit “Thrift Shop”. He has made his own particular music business to achieve the top by giving the most well known exhibitions with a percentage of the incredible stars on the planet and has got numerous fans around the globe. His distinctive style and eccentric picture has helped him pick up the celebrity.

4. Pitbull


Also known as Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull is an eminent rapper and a great business person. He has the gigantic fan following on Facebook and also on twitter. The primary purpose behind such an extraordinary prominence is the way he shows on the stage. This multi-capable artist has an impression because of his designs and remarkable songs. He has constantly worked as a team with the best stars as Akon, Lil Wayne, Kesha, Ne-Yo, Shakira, Nayer and others. He generally has had the Spanish impact in his songs that let his work dependably to be hit. “Feel this moment” was his most recent hit in 2013. He is well known for his brilliant lyrics.

3. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has been in the music industry since his teenage years and had constantly been enhancing until he made it to the top 10 best popular male singer too. He has picked up general accomplishment by having number of fans and offering out stadiums. All his performance collections were the timeless hits. His ubiquity diagram keeps on increasing with his each new discharge so totally advocates that the man has ability. He is a sublime performer who has worked in numerous heading parts and in addition in co-featuring parts in hit movies. He has won numerous awards in his singing field.

2. David Guetta

David Guetta

He is the popular and the top music producer of France which has made him among the top 10 best popular male singer. He began to unfold the notoriety in the big music industry in 2009 and as has advanced in a big manner that makes the world to concede his ability. His collection “when loves takes over” was his first excellent achievement. After that he gave two all the more big hits popular as “sexy bitch” and getting over you”. He has more than 43 million devotees on facebook and in excess of 10 million followers on twitter. He is the holder of Jack Back records for releasing the electronic music. His performance and also consolidated exhibitions have been a big hit over recent years. He has worked with numerous incredible stars on the planet and has gotten to be most needed vocalist and producer in USA.

1. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is one among the top 10 best popular male singer. He has ensured triumphs and high posting for the upcoming new years. He is a legend with incomparable moving, delivering, singing and composing capacities. It would not be right to say that he has a standout amongst the most “warm” voices in the music business. Billionaire was his first hit and after that each collection he dispatched and each melody he sang turn into an awesome hit. “Just the way you are”, “Marry You” and “Grenade” are his remarkable hits.

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