Top 10 Boxing Fighters in 2015

Boxing is a fight game in which two people fit in to place in a contest of speed, strength, endurance, reflexes and will by chuck punches with hands gloved against each other. Unprofessional boxing is commonwealth and Olympic sport and it is a normal standard in most of the big international sports. It is the famous as well as historical games of all times. Boxers are the vision players of each boxing enthusiastic individual. There are some great boxing fighters of all time that large numbers of people love. Just have a list of ten boxers of all time.

10. Willie Pep

Willie-Pep (Top 10 Boxing Fighters)

Willie pep is the best boxer. This boxer had a boxing age from the year 1940 to 1966 and contains a record of 229 wins, 65 knockout wins. In his career, he lost eleven matches. Willie was the featherweight champion for the first time in the world. He has been considered as the best boxer at that time.

9. Henry Armstrong


Henry contains a boxing period from the year 1931 to 1945. He wins 150 matches out of thousand matches. This boxer lost twenty one matches. Henry was the only person to get the titles of three world championship division. His profession began on the losing end but slowly he started winning. This boxer had twenty seven consecutive wins and these victories were in knockouts that shows the greatness of this boxer in the boxing field.

8. Rocky Marcino


Rocky had a boxing time from the year 1948 to 1955. He is the hardest punchers, has argue to fame of being the champion of heavy weight. He contains a record of forty nine wins, forty three were knockout and there are no losses in his profession. He has been a best one in his field clearly in his time. The ranking of rocky is low due to his competitors were not so strong like Robinson or Muhammad.

7. Julio Cesar Chavez


Julio Cesar contains a boxing age from the year 1980 to 2005. He contains a history that talks for him. This boxer contains a record of ten year without any loss in the match. He was regarded as a tough boxer who entertains people always with his boxing skill. This boxer got himself the reward of the best fighter of Mexico.

6. Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is considered as most powerful boxer. The boxing age of this boxer starts from 1985 to 2005. Mike has been a great boxer in his time. He was regarded as an unbeatable fighter and also knocked all the opponents. He contains a record of fifty wins, forty four knockout wins as well as lost six matches. He is the most talked one of all the time. He had a exciting spark in them.

5. Jack Demsey


Jack is surely the most famous boxer of America still now. He is popular for setting the best purse history as well as attendance. This boxer had first million fights in the profession. He was the entertaining and brutal boxer. Jack was a wild boxer by having a record of sixty six wins, fifty one knockouts wins and lost six matches.

4. Jack Johnson


Johnson contains a boxing history from 1897 to 1945. He is considered as the first heavy weight champion. He was the best boxer and not beat by anyone for above ten years. This boxer used a technique by humiliate the opposite fighter through not permitting them knockout hence that jack can continuously beat the opponent in the ring. The presses always abuse and discredit this boxer and still he was unbeaten. For over ten years, this amazing boxer was hated and he is popular African American. But this boxer contains a record of seventy three wins, lost thirteen matches and forty knockout wins.

3. Sugar Ray Robinson


Robinson contains a boxing period from the year 1940 to 1965. Most of the people think Robinson as the best pound. He also had a great record of one seventy three wins, hundred and nine knockout wins and lost six matches. He was the best boxer; contain a great power in the punch to beat the opponent out.

2. Mohammad Ali


He had boxing time from 1960 to 1981, in all aspects he was the best one. Mohammad Ali is exciting, outspoken and an undefeated champion and was the great entertainer. This marvelous boxer had a record of fifty six wins, thirty seven knock out wins, lost only five matches. Ali was also a boxer promoter more willingly than simply a boxer.

1. Joe Louis


Joe Louis is the man beat the Hitler. He is called as the brown bomber, known as an American icon. Louis contains a record of sixty six wins, fifty two knockout wins and lost three matches. He was a bright star for definite with a best record. Joe was a national hero and a symbol of pride in America. At the time of world war, he was simply a boxer and the fights had political, social and international importance. He is the best favorite of all times.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Many Pacquiao


Every year the main boxing headline is whether this is last year Floyd Mayweather and Many Pacquiao. Rumours also heat up. The social media conflict between these two people has heated up. But boxing lovers have turn indifferent with the conflict of words that not brings regarding any action. In prediction for next year without a boxer, Mayweather, Pacquiao great fight, the rest is a list of fighter lovers must be viewing in the year 2015. These fighters could be possible opponents for the top two greats in the sports or a boxer who brings lot of excitement than the fresh season of sport of thrones. Not each boxing lovers will accept with the boxers list that is designed, therefore feel free give your torches.

Boxing sports have become famous in the online group. There are different types of knockout games that are found which can be played without any charge. It has become the famous options when compared to other games. There are many variations of sports in this area that are found will surely fulfill the choosy gamers.

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