Top 10 Most Popular Rappers In The World

The best thing about rap music industry is that there is always a new fresh and exciting things coming in the industry on a daily bases. This is why it is very hard for the rap culture to be outdated. Another thing that make the rap music exciting is because both the young and elderly can get entertainment from this music. This is the reason why the likes of biggie and Tupac will never fade away. In rap music there a lot of new rap artist who have gained popularity in the last few couple of years. This list will start from the tenth most popular rapper going all the way to the most rapper in the industry.

10. Ice Cube

Ice Cube

Cube parlayed parlayed his fame as a male rapper into a series of important roles on the silver screen. Not just did he break boundaries up the domain of male rap, he additionally demonstrated that you don’t need to be a rail-thin model to make it in the films. Today, thanks to Cube’s in-your-face look, its not abnormal to see male performers of all shapes and sizes in both comedic and dramatic parts.

9. 50 Cent

50 Cent

Another male rapper turned film starling, 50 Cent’s sizzling bod and imposing voice demonstrated that there’s still room in the undeniably cognizant male rap positions for a little fabulousness and sex bid. In spite of the fact that he can certainly “rhyme on a dime five times,” as he likes to say, his smooth murmurs and coos make it hard to overlook that you’re listening to a hot dude.

8. Macklemore


He’s the most hot male rapper on the scene, however he’s not only one more pretty face. The individuals who look past this hip-bounce chanteur’s sultry style will discover complex rhymes that address the trials and disagreements of being a male rapper in the 21st century. Keep your eyes on this one- -and not only on the grounds that he’s not difficult to look at!

7. Nas


His introduction collection, Illmatic, is still viewed as one of the best rap collections ever recorded by a man. Remarkably, the collection was made with a group of very nearly all male coconspirators, including Q-Tip, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and fellow male rapper AZ. (By one means or another, in spite of all the testosterone in the room, it didn’t even end up seeming like the score to a dick-flick.) Nas was hot enough- -both on the mic and in that cute face of his- -that even female craftsmen paid heed: he wedded singer Kelis in 2005.

6. Jay-Z


Born on 4thdecember 1969 in New York City. Till date he has been honored walloping fourteen Grammy Awards. He is been hitched to singer Beyoncé Knowles. In My Lifetime, the Blueprint, the Black Album, Kingdom Come, American Gangster and Watch the Throne are the name of some of his collection that has been released.

5. Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre modified the rulebook for the occasionally sexist session of rap. While male rappers picked up expanding conspicuousness in the ’90s, Dre demonstrated that their aptitudes weren’t simply an oddity demonstration; not just would he be able to flow on the mic, Dre likewise felt comfortable around the “lab” as well as anybody. His star force may have blurred throughout the years, however young male producers still look up to Dre as an inspiration.

4. Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco

The likes of Lupe Fiasco, comes just once in a couple of decades. The man is so significant and ndependent, that he certainly merits a rank of his own. At the point when Lupe began with rapping, he didn’t generally take a getting a kick out of the chance to instilling irreverence or the gangsta lifestyle into his music. When he turned into an Internet phenomenon, he was spotted by Fort Minor and afterward Jay-Z. The last offered him a spot in his Roc-A-Fella record mark. Be that as it may Lupe had enough popularity and cash at that point, so he began his own brand, first and fifteenth Entertainment, turning down Jay-Z’s offer. He then made his first solo collection “Food and Liquor”, which provided for him his shot to easy street.

3. The Notorious B.i.g

The Notorious B.i.g

A true American original,, Biggie also known as Biggie Smalls also known as Frank White was one of the few greats of theindustry. Wallace’sdebut collection Ready to Die is credited for expanding New York’s perceivability in the East Coast hip bounce scene amid times when specialists from the west totally ruled the class. Some may say that he wasn’t flawless, yet his exceptional capacity to rhyme and his astounding stream with verses were simply mysterious. His blending with words was so great, you could very nearly call him an abstract virtuoso. A standout amongst the most gifted storytellers, Biggie was simple and pure perfection. His most celebrated collection, Life after Death was discharged 15 days after he was lethally shot and killed in 1997.

2. Eminem


Is a standout amongst the most well known rappers ever to step foot in the realm of rap music. He features in the list of popular 10 rappers due to his astounding blending feeling of verses and music. In a sort ruled by African-Americans, Eminem is most likely the main white rapper that tasted crazy achievement and has fans mobbing him all over he goes. His verses dependably contain examples from genuine which makes it less demanding for fans and the normal man to identify with him. His melodies are regularly condemned for their savage substance, however there is dependably a shrouded message that is unmistakable for the individuals who need to see it. The man has won 13 Grammy Awards, and is the main rapper in history to won an Academy for ‘Best Original Song’ for ‘Lose Yourself’ from the movie 8

1. Tupac Shakur A.K.A as 2pac

Tupac Shakur A.K.A as 2pac

Shakur is not simply a name or an artist, he is the reason rapping and hip-hop got to became main stream. His music is a trip of his life and thoughts. Practically every big name in the rap business today has a Shakur in him/her some place. Hailed as a prophet, God and a pioneer his presence will stay in the hearts of millions around the globe. Known as a standout amongst the most persuasive rappers, his verses are as of now inspiring a large number of potential Mcs’ around the globe. His heart twisting melodies portrayed his inward battles, as well as the predicament of those whom the world had overlooked. In spite of the fact that his untimely demise was really grievous and baffling, his songs and all the great work that he has done will always remain in the hearts of rap enthusiasts.

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