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10 Most Interesting Things To Do in Myanmar (Burma)

Formerly known as Burma, this country is the home to the rich culture, historical art and architects and has very well preserved age old heritage. After ages of rise and fall of several empires and dictatorships of various military groups, this land is finally flourishing and attracting travelers to discover Myanmar, which means the Golden Land. The country has something for everyone from beaches to hill stations to holy temples; every place of this land will enlighten your soul and soothe your eyes in a completely different way. So, avoiding any further delay, let’s find out what are the best things to do in Myanmar (Burma).

10. Bike Trip to Mandalay

If you are a motorhead then, simply rent a bike and take a self-guided trip of Mandalay and its outskirts like Pyin Oo Lwin. This will boost your trip to Myanmar to a different level. The bike trip will enrich you with memories and experiences that will surely satisfy wanderlust trait.

9. Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall, Mandalay

To the east of Mandalay is the summer getaway town for the British colonial times known as Pyin Oo Lwin which has series of waterfalls and Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall is one of the. Dive into its crystal clear water and enjoy your escape into nature. The sight of the earthen pagoda and the abandoned bridge will soothe your eyes.

8. Myeik Archipelago Island

Hop into a boat or a cruise from the tropical port town of Myeik or Mergui and reach the beautiful and unexplored white beach with the tropical reefs island in the north. Enjoy the relaxing view of the natural splendidness and may also encounter some local sea gypsies known as Moken. You may enjoy various water sports activities like, scuba diving, snorkel, etc.

7. Sadan Cave, Hpa An

Close to the Thai border and home of Karst Mountain, Hpa An will pour happiness to an adventurers soul with the majestic Sadan Cave is filled with Buddha’s, drawings and pagodas. Take a walk or trek of the mountain and head back in a boat through the paddy fields. You need to take off your shoes before entering into the cave. Do be careful from the bats which might fly due sudden intervention into the cave. You can book a nearby lodge which offers elegant teak wood cottages.

6. Aythaya Winery, Inle Lake

Established in 1999, the German run winery in the hillside near Inle Lake. Though unusual in Myanmar, but it produces surprisingly amazing wine to taste. You can enjoy the view of the vineyard from the balconies of any of the nearby boutique hotels with a glass of wine in your hand.

5. Inle Lake

After a fulfilling long ride in the motor boat to the silk weavers, silversmiths and pagodas in the Indein and the several days of travelling and trekking, one would love to retire to a nice hotel either on the stilts or in Nyaungshwe which is the nearby town and access the delicious international and local dishes of the restaurants. The trip to Inle Lake will definitely crack open the childishness in any tourist.

4. Yangon

Take a walking tour of the unapologetically chaotic, slightly smelly and a heritage to the beautiful colonial buildings. No trip of Myanmar is complete without a visit to the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. This symbol of pride of Myanmar can be noticed from most of the roof tops. This golden icon has four entrances surrounded to it.

Also, do visit the famous Yangon Drugs Elimination Museum at Yangon which is dedicated to show their war against the usage of drugs to people of their nation and also to the travelers. The facts and the things kept in the museum are not just soul wrenchingly disturbing but also sometimes funny and it is very interesting to see how the country is fighting together for a good cause.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

The mystical ride over Bagan or Inle Lake is not for the people who have height phobia or are on a strict budget as these hot air balloon rides doesn’t come cheap.

One can also enjoy the colorful festival where the gigantic hot air balloons compete with each other. This festival takes place once a year in November on the outside fields of Shan (capital of Taunggyi), where people drink, sing and dance to celebrate the event.

2. Bagan

Stupa climbing to visiting to the lesser known temples of the town to soothing your eyes with the views of sunrise and sunset will make your trip an unbeatable one. The sunrise can be enjoyed during your bus ride from either Inle Lake or Yangon. Though, there are various tours available but since navigating temples with the help of the map is not a difficult task therefore, renting a bike and taking a tour of the town is the best way to explore and experience its rich culture.

1. Kalaw, Shan State

One’s trip shall remain incomplete without taking a trek to the hill station of the Shan State named Kalaw which is just a few minutes from the Inle Lake. The treks are relatively affordable and the organizers, who arrange the treks, will arrange your stay in local homes and you will be served local home cooked foods. Far away from the chaotic towns and pagodas, this trek will show you the greener and a different side of the country, with which you will surely fall in love with. Depending on your choice of trekking duration, this trek may take approximately, two days to a week’s time to complete.


With the majestic landscape features, ancient temples and pagodas, beaches and the variety of sport activities to offer as informed above, after ages, Myanmar is currently the new tourist attraction spot. There is a lot more unexplored and abandoned in this land of rich culture and heritage. So, the next time, when you will want to satisfy your wanderlust soul, do consider heading to the south-east Asia and land and explore Myanmar.